Saturday, May 25, 2013

wish was granted!

From da second we got home yesterday till she got up dis morning, Young-Lady was demanding her movie treat.
We're going crazy with her non-stop questioning of when will we bring her to see 'her' movie.
Because we couldn't stand da long-suffering of giving her da same answer over and over again...
We decided to just go for it today.
After Zohor we went straight to Jusco Bukit Indah.
And thank god, it's not dat hard for us to find a parking space.
So off we go, and queueing we did.
But it's worth it because 'EPIC' is really an awesome cartoon to be watched.
Young-Lady was thrilled, I was excited, and Husbeast was happy coz he knew he won't be answering anything from his princess after dis.
Yeah, cartoon really is not his thingy.
If only he could grown US up dat fast...he would probably makes us watch Star Trek instead of EPIC.
Dat's why we love him too much -because he always respect da majority. ~aaa...duhh???!!!

 look at these people. they're swarming da cinema like bees!

 while waiting for her dad to collect da tickets.

 pop-corn is compulsory!

 thx parents, I'm having fun! Epic is really my favorite! (for da time being) T__T

 here some ugly faces for you guys. have fun giggling!  ^__*


wanie amerie said...

Layan je lah permintaan si comel tu..hehe..mcm best je citer epic..harus terjah jgk ni :)

Chekgu Anitt said...

cite ni best..jom terjah ramai2..hehe

Noura Jumiran said...

best tak?