Tuesday, May 28, 2013

when I'm home

Petang tadi I dah buat entry kan?
Tapi malam ni I nak buat entry lagi lah, nak qadak my absence of 2-days ago. 
Kan dah kata, kalau I duduk rumah for sure I ada banyak time to update and visit you guys oftenly.
Be patient lah ye...tak lama lagi dah. 
Like I said, lebam mata you guys nanti nak hadam my blog. kih kih kih.
Dat'll be in 3 days from now. I tak sabar okeyh! ~pitam!

Today nothing special dat I did to excite my leave day.
I malas, and basically everything pun in its good condition.
Ada takde just menyapu, mengemas (itu pun a lil bit here and there aje) and memasak.
Cooking is a must in my life diary kot, so...yeah...dat is routine.
Tapi lunch I makan nasi dengan lauk ayam merah semalam aje okeyh!
Coz Young-Lady was all about plain rice, fried egg and ketchup.
I didn't have da sedulity to cook something fancy for myself.
Lauk semalam pun dah okey, plus...I'm on diet y'all. hak hak hak.
Diet but still having rice? tsk tsk tsk.  -__-

 I modified my ayam masak merah semalam. yesterday I used entirely fresh red chillies. it was ok, but I don't really like it. so, tadi I tumis guna cili kering blended like I always did. baru puas! those raw veges tu was like ulam coz I terlalu malas nak masak sayur. ~hadeh!

But for our dinner, I've something special for Husbeast.
I tak pernah masak daging bakar before, but I always have dis dish for breakfast when one of my best mate brought us to her fave Kelantanese eatery.
Mek tu memang suka nasi kerabu, kadang makan nasi putih dengan lauk hati lembu aje.
Weird? At first memang we thought she's a weirdo. ha ha ha.
But now...naaaaaa, dat's normal to us.
So tonight, it's a meat business. 

our dinner dishes. tomato salad, thin-sliced fried potato, grill black pepper steak and fried kailan in oyster sauce.

 I used dis recipe. senang aje pun, it's just dat I never did it before. but my 1st attemp didn't look dat good as it supposed to. it looks a bit dry but da taste was awesome! definitely gonna be Husbeast's favorite since he enjoyed it so much.

Tomorrow, it'll be working day again.
Dinner will never be as early as we had today...of course.
And everything is gonna be among da simplest dat I have in my 'lightning-fast recipe' list. 
But as long as it's home-cook, somebody will always gives a thumbs-up to me.
Yeah, who else if not my one and only Husbeast. ~aiyaiyaiyaiayaiiii!

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