Thursday, May 23, 2013

welcome to my life

Yesterday we went to bed really early.
Padahal ada macam2 story I nak share with all of you.
Since I was at home all da time khenn.
Budget nak citer la how good I felt since I did da major cleaning around da house.
Kata demam? Well...pliss don't point those fingers at me.
I didn't ask for da doctor to be so kind to me.
Eventho demam dah ok, I'm not dat innocent to come to work and burn my second day MC okeyh. kih kih kih.

My morning yesterday was all about wifey-thingy.
Got up really early to make some breakfast for Husbeast before he went to work.
Tidy up everything, mopping, dusting, cleaning, vacuming, cooking...
Pendek kata I did everything except blogging. ~pheeewww!
Sangat puas hati when I look around my house yesterday.
It was spring-clean and suddenly I felt like my house was gem-free.
But dat'll be only for like half an hour.
Bila Young-Lady bangun aje, all my hard work of 3hours was destroyed by her in just 15mins. ~arrrggghhh!!!

 semalam Husbeast jadi mat saleh. pagi2 dah pulun pasta. I made olio pasta. minus prawn, minus parsley and minus butter. It shud be drenched in olive oil tapi sebab I masak guna minyak sawit aje, tak gamak nak letak minyak banyak2. but the outcome were pretty much like the regular italian olio pasta.

I'm not kidding y'all, just 15mins aje everything went back to 'normal'. (-__-)
Nak marah sangat pun, budak lagi.
But yeah, I made her spruce everything with me later on.
Kalau tak disuruh memang takkan buat la cik kak tu.
Kena jegil2 sikit bijik mata kat dia baru gerak.
But because she asked for a very simple lunch, I wasn't dat harsh on her.
Ummi dia pun boleh tahan...nak senang manjang. hak hak hak
But I enjoyed my private time alone with her a lot. We had fun!
And with dis super fun kinda mum...I bet she had fun too. ~mata keatas!

Young-Lady with her simple lunch. kali ni nak kentang goreng aje. no other side dishes or else she will put aside da whole thing. so it's better for me to serve wut she wants daripada nanti tak makan langsung. lunch pun dalam bilik while watching her princessy movie collection. ~pitam

 and I made ayam goreng cili padi for our dinner yesterday. dis was da last thing in my freezer. since last week we all semua bertandang ke KL, barang dapur memang tak ber'top-up' langsung. dis week nak kena terjah pasar jugak to fill up our kitchen needs.

And today, my kitchen is totally out of goods so I dapatlah cuti.
Like I said, it's quite hard for Husbeast to adapt his palate with 'lauk kedai'.
Because of dat lah you guys selalu nampak Pizza Hut when I'm not cooking.
But today, it's not pizza. It's sumthing yang dah lama beno we all tak makan.
Like always, bila makan tapau food mesti kat bilik.
Young-Lady tak payah cakaplah, makan dari corner hujung sana sampai hujung sini. ~nanges!
Lepas makan terus landing, and then one pakcik ni pulak will bising2 kata perut dia dah buncit. ~duhh??!!  T__T
Ummi jugak yang paling siuman. ~pengsan!

he bought us McDonalds. It's been a very long time we all dah tak pekena McD ni. I ordered for double cheese burger. kelaut semua diet. @!&%*#!

 budak jakun jarang2 dapat Happy-Meal. toys will be her first interest lah time tu. nugget and fries semua dia lupa.

 after dinner semua jadi zombie. they couldn't stand to be away from their gadget even for 5seconds. I aje lah yang still old-fashioned. tengok tv, cari drama yg best2 pastu melalak sorang2 bila ada scene sedih. both of them nanti akan tengok aje I melalak with a plain feeling. diorang concern tgk I melalak? jangan berangan lah. T__T 


IndaMarya said...
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IndaMarya said...
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IndaMarya said...

true scenes in the life of a housewife..he he.seronok kan jadi fulltime housewife sekali sekala? lpas tu sibuk balik...arrrgggghhh..

IndaMarya said...

sorry redrose, dnt know wats wrong with my PC, send sekali keluar 3 kali.I dah delete.he he

wanie amerie said...

Amboi2,ank dgn bapak sama naik tu..hehe..