Tuesday, May 21, 2013

quickie from da sickie

Ahhchooo! Err..sorry, I've been doing a lot of dat since yesterday.

Yeah, I caught a slight cold.
Clearly, it's nothing serious but having a runny-nose is soooo annoying.  T__T
Especially when suddenly you ran out of tissue paper and you desperately needed to blow. ~pfftt!
To make things worst, my throat was starting to itch when I woke up dis morning.
It's a bad combo, damn it.
Have I mentioned I don't like snot? hu hu hu

I was so surprised coz the other two are doing just fine.
But, yeah I'm happy with dat or else I'll be likely need to babysit da two of em while having a fever myself. ~sigh!
Usually, I'll be 'da last man standing'.
But da 'super-hot spring time' in KL really smacked me down.
I seriously have a love-hate relationship with Malaysian weather currently.
It's baking out there! ~fuuuhhh!

despite having a habit of smooching me all over my face, she's still doing fine till now. hopefully it'll stay dat way. ~love to examine my face. weirdo!

Husbeast was being so concerned dis morning.
Suggested dat I should go seek a doctor for a check-up.
"If you feel lousy, you should probably rest. A day off is not going to kill your job."
Well, I must say he's worth listening to.
Coz I got 2-days MC to treat myself from all these runny and itchy situation.
Glad? Ouh shut up! Who won't be? hik hik hik.
But seriously, with da snivel keep bothering me I couldn't help to wish there was a medicine dat can help me get well IMMEDIATELY! >__<

our dinner today. like I told ya, I'm a lazy bum. it'll become even more worst when I'm sick. so dis quick n easy dishes are so in my cooking list. I made fried anchovies with sauteed onion in tamarind juice and chicken + sausages in thick chilli gravy.

 though my nose is just so plain irritating, I still need to cook for our dinner. otherwise, my night would be nothing but miserable. sumone would probably ask me to cook for a bowl of maggie mee in da middle of da night to tame down his whistling stomach. ~sigh! 

Ahhchooo! Gotta get another tissue. ~LOLZ!!!


ummiross said...

Sedap apa lauk simple macam tu RR. Ummi pun suka ikan bilis goreng dengan bawang tu,makan dengan nasi panas2, pergh!!,sedap!

Kesuma Angsana said...

siannyer get well soon yer... menu tu mmg sedap even simple !

IndaMarya said...

syoknya young lady dok examine muka mamanya...check ada jerawat tak? he he.

harnidahussin said...

Get well soon dear...
rehat cukup2...