Wednesday, May 1, 2013

our awesome Labour Day

It's Labour Day today...wohhoooo!
Well, any day dat doesn't require me to go to work is always ohsem.
So dat wut really makes today is so 'wohhooo' to me.
I got up really early in da morning (as usual) tapi rasa happy manjang.
I did all my house chore with a smiley face.
Done with everything, baru lah I masak breakfast for those two.
Da two are usually wake up at 9 to 10 am bila hari cuti.
So it's better for me to settle everything unmolested. hu hu hu

Breakfast today was sumthing yang Husbeast once jakun to eat.
He didn't like dis kind of pasta, coz it looks weird to his eyes.
We all ni orang kampung tulen, kadang memang ada some food yang buatkan we all menganga je tengok.
Dis is one of em...but to Husbeast lah.
To me pasta bentuk apa pun I boleh telan, just don't think about it dat much lah kan.
Bila I fried da pasta like mee goreng, baru lah pakcik tu lalu makan.
Dah kata kan, orang kampung memang gitu la kekdahnya. T__T

 I made fried rotini for our breakfast today. it's a whole wheat kind so it really made us full till evening.

fried it with some sausages and fresh green peas. takde lah fresh yang macam baru petik tu. but it looks fresh la sebab I baru beli. hu hu hu

Around noon we went out to Jusco Bukit Indah.
Husbeast need to survey on sumthing coz last night his hunting were heading to nothing.
Had our lunch at Johnny's and hang around till 5.30 pm.
We didn't shop sangat pun, just for few things yang betul2 in Husbeast need to have list.
And some princessy items for Young-Lady. ~mata keatas!
I beli dekat Daiso aje...murah sikit.  (murah sangat actually)
Da one dat she asked for in Jusco mall worth way too expensive! ~my opinion lah.
I boleh dapat da similar thing at Daiso for just RM5 each. keh keh keh

Young-Lady was super happy coz she finally got wut she wants. -__-

 and dis man is always happy coz he too always got wut he wants without too much objection from his wife. nak makan dekat Johnny's sehari 15 kali pun I tak kisah. (eventho I dah rasa jemu ya amat!!!) ~pitam!

 eat all dat you guys want. I don't mind. as long as it can make you guys happy just go ahead. dun worry about me, coz I'll be okay no matter wut. ~seriously.

 dat teriyaki dish dah jadi favorite meal Young-Lady okeyh! Husbeast biasalah...kalau tak nasi goreng belacan, it'll be beehoon tomyam. dua beranak ni memang balik2 itu ajelah. T__T

We all tapau 6pcs of Big Apple donut and went straight home. 
While I'm writing dis, Husbeast was out for his weekly futsal game.
No dinner made by me coz we're still full from our late lunch at Johnny's.
And dat is why I could update for an entry today.
Yaaaayyyy!!! Hopefully I'll be back on track with at least one entry in every two days. hak hak hak. ~pengsan!
Well, yeah! Nothing much happened today...semuanya biasa2 aje.
But da togetherness tu lah yang buatkan everything about today is so priceless. 
I'm wishing da same thing goes to all of you. ~hugs and kisses!

 finally she got her own tiara and magic wand. selama ni dok mintak from Disney Princess Collection I buat tak nampak aje. bila I terpandang those thing kat Daiso tadi, I didn't think twice to grab it. seronok tak terkata cik kak tu.

and now, I'm officially da princess in da house. and dis princess wanna watch some YouTube videos of my favorite. pliss, shoo..shoo..


:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

sedap nyer!!!!!

CeqGu said...

hurmm cik adik sorang ni dia masak apa pun akak tengok nampak sangat la sodap

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. bestnya. makanan sedap. your girl nampak cute dan manis rupanya. hehehe. dah bape tahun dia?

Kesuma Angsana said...

cuti2 sambil makan2 mmg best sgt lah !

ashra said...

chumelllll nye diaaaa....