Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Full House - again...

Yesterday I was 'half-day' from office.
Today, I need to take a leave to look after Young-Lady.
Since her nanny need to go to hospital for some health check-up,
I'll be her nanny for da day. ~da coolest one. ha ha ha.
Da last 2-days dat I'm not writing is because my parents and siblings were here to accompany me and Young-Lady.
Yeah, Husbeast was out of town again...need to be in KL at Monday.
So, he took off on Sunday evening.
Because my house was filled with all those luvly peeps, I'm having a hard time to find my lappy. kih kih kih.
Chatting with each other was da most fun thing at dat moment.

 when my family is around, dis is how da look in my room. why? because Young-Lady love to have everyone in one room. she's all about cartoon. everything yg dia tgk mesti dia nak share with people dat she loves. hu hu hu. but they arrived like 10 minutes to 12am on Sunday. so, Young-Lady tak larat tunggu dah. 

as I was taking a half-day yesterday, I cooked them lunch. ayam masak merah with stir fried mixed-veges. In large potion since we had so many people in da house. 

they went back to Kluang after Maghrib yesterday. Tiba2 I rasa sunyi aje in my house. missed all about it already. T__T

and there she was, alone again watching TV from her favorite movie choices. It's ok girl, Ummi will be your best companion for ever!

Well, it feels good to be able to update an entry in daytime.
Couldn't wait for my unpaid leave days to arrive.
It's just in few days excited!!! ~yipppiiiee!


Ratu Hatiku said...

Bestnya bila family dtg umh...
Sedap plak ayam msak merah tu.. :P

IndaMarya said...

young lady sure gets the best attention ever kan ? he he