Wednesday, May 29, 2013

being busy is really not me!

I'm sooooo tired today.
Got so many things to be taken care of at the office.
Since I was on leave workstation got all crowded with forms dat needed to be update.
Tak menang tangan mak jemah okeyh!  T__T
From morning till evening, I was working on those forms.
Plus, my inventory file is not in perfect condition at all!
So, me and my besties were busy updating everything to make it perfect. ~well, at least.  -__-
Busy is not my thingy. Pliss bear in mind dat I'm a lazy bum. ~nanges!
But because I have just have to. >__<

So there we were feeling studious and looking productive for a day.
Tomorrow? Dat will be another different story.
Wise men say, 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. kih kih kih
Tapi I boleh rasa yang I akan rajin jugak tomorrow like I was today.
Sebab, banyak lagi yang belum settle.
Well, like I said...I won't be at ease to have my unpaid leave with unfinished business in my hand. ~mata keatas!
So, yeah! Another busy day will definitely come to my way. ~pengsan!
And because of dat, I could only cook 2 dishes today.
Coz my industrious 'o' meter have gone down to its lowest point. T__T

 lately ni I selalu snap my dishes using my cheap handphone. sorry lah coz da pic is all blurry. my cybershot is out of battery and dari sehari ke sehari asyik lupa aje nak give it a charge. so, apa yang ada aje lah ye. ^__^

 I actually hope dat Husbeast would just ask me to make him some super simple menu. like...ikan bilis asam ke. tapi pakwe I tu sebok nak I masakkan dia sotong kering sambal. nak rebus bagi empuk je dah makan jam uooollsss! tapi dah orang nak sangat khenn...masak lah jugak. I paired it with green peas + sliced carrot in sauteed dried shrimp. as long as he's happy.

Psst! Does anyone want to help me with my neverending inventory list?
I'm getting sick of it. ~pffftt! $#@&%!

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