Wednesday, May 8, 2013

attention seeker!

When da man in da house is busy again with his workload,
Young-Lady became so spoiled seeking for her daddy's attention.
Shout at everything, whine at a lot of thing and sulk at almost anything.
Won't even let her daddy working in da next room.
Da PC will be hers, da lappy will be hers, da iPad will be hers, and our phone will be hers as well.
Long story short, every single thing will be hers.
So, da man in da house will put aside everything just to pay attention to dis one lil' spoiled princess.
And when she's getting sleepy, I will put her to bed and sleep along with dat lil' lady.
While we both having a good nite rest, da man in da house need to resist his sleepy eyes to get his job done.

Suddenly, I'm sooooo proud to be his wife.

Sabar ye yang, nanti Ummi buatkan coffee.

 she always got to choose to be whose daughter. sumtimes she's a daddy's girl, and sumtimes I would be her favorite. but then again, she's our everything and all.


ashra said...

anak manja ni ya =) penyeri kan...

CeqGu said...

senyummm meleret cikgu baca entry ni