Friday, May 10, 2013


Omaigod! You guys, dis is da happiest day for me.
Well, for dis month I supposed.
Today, my 3 months unpaid leave has been approved.
Setelah 2 bulan lebih she defer my application, akhirnya my boss mengalah and agreed to approve it.
Sebab I dah settlekan every documentation dat is under my supervision from A to Z...
She need to say yes jugak lah. ~Wohhooo!!! 
It's an unpaid leave you guys, she couldn't say no to dat forever.
Cuma dia suruh I tukar my reason from personal matter to health prob to make it a bit more formal. ~weird!!!

About dis whole unpaid leave thingy...I've been through a lot of arbitration process. 
There were times yang I rasa I don't need it anymore.
But when I decided not to, Husbeast will always persuade me to think about it...AGAIN!
Yeah, he really want me to go for it.
Bila I tanya kenapa dia nak sangat I bercuti ni, he will answer me with da same reason over and over again.
So, I jadi malas nak tanya lebih2 coz he really got no other reason.

 we talked about dis at da beginning of dis year lagi. tapi I macam berbelah bagi. kalau ikut pakcik tu lagi lah, dia nak I apply for a year! no thx, nanti I nak shopping camne? ~nanges!

The chronicles of my unpaid leave was actually started when I transferred to my current unit.
It was quite a challenge for me to adapt with da working environment yang 'all work and no play'.
It really affect my daily work motivation.
Bila orang2 yang I harapkan untuk memberi I tunjuk ajar in da work field yang sangat asing ni boleh pulak cuti bersalin.
I was like...WUT? WHY NOW?? BOTH OF THEM? ~serentak pulak tu. T__T
Yes, there are 2 person yang I selalu jadikan rujukan until now. ~pengsan.

When I had to do sumthing, I will always ask to know how.
But when they're not around, yang ada tu tak mampu nak show me da complete procedure.
The answer dat I got will always be, 'saya tak sure la', 'entah ek', 'alamak! saya tak pernah tau pun benda2 tu'.
I was so stressed but in order to get my job done, I need to do sumthing.
So, I came to work on weekend just to study on those piling up files to understand everything.
Penat? tak payah cakap lah. Pening? rasa nak pecah kepala I time tu.

Now, I have mastered my work like a Sifu. Kah kah kah
No really, I go from zero to hero in less than a year.
Kalau sebelum ni my boss always have a thought yang I ni tak boleh diharap (I rasa lah), now...It's different.
Ask me everything about my work, I could answer them without referring on da specific file.
Ask me when, I could answer them da specific month. ~specific date tak ingat lah ye. ha ha ha.
Ask me anything about THEIR WORK, I could answer some straight away.
Tapi bukan lah semua, SOME aje. ~mata keatas! 

So, Yes! Husbeast is right.
I deserve to reward myself with a damn good uninterrupted long leave.
A quality breaks to get me ready for da next battle. ~bring it on! 
It feels good coz when it's time for me to come back to work again, at least I know dat I could do things in just a snap!
Well, maybe with 2 or 3 snaps for some crucial + tricky  matters. -__-
As an additional reason, cuti I pun dah tak berapa banyak.
Sebab tu lah I amik cuti sampai raya terus. Hik hik hik ~aptb!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, wow! Tiga bulan chuti?
Just relax, gonchsng kaki, makan sini sana....have fun go out with hubby. Begitu la.

Love the pic of you.....macham bintang filem.....
Baik pun you da booked, kalau tidak nak hantar applivation form dan resume, ha ha ha.
Just joke joke, ya.
Have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

IndaMarya said...

adoi tengok gambar you tidur susah datang (ikut Uncle Lee he he )a flawless face, cantik..yg lain tk mau comment.nk comment pasai cantik saja ha ha.happy mother's day dear.

ashra said...

wahh..coti panjang ya..
yup..stop,and smell the roses =p ..merehatkan diri...menghilangkan stress keje =)