Friday, May 31, 2013

baking gone bad! the afternoon...during our office and my other 2 besties were baking!!!
You could say dat it's our first time. hak hak hak
It should be da four of us, tapi yang sorang tu (Bella) got some emergency matters and need to take a half day leave.
Dah la si Bella ni yang paling handal in baking
Tinggal lah da three of us yang memang tak tau apa2 ni.
Memang berpeluh2 we all dibuatnya.
Terpaksa lah masing2 buat2 terer. kih kih kih

 it's Oreo CheeseCake! and these were some of da ingredient dat we used in our cake.

 oreo tu kena buang semua creme dia. sebab we all semua tengah diet (mata keatas!) takde sapa yang sanggup nak habiskan creme dia ni.

 si Mimi tukang hancurkan biskut2 oreo tu.

 si Linda tukang pukul batter.

 I tukang gaul aje. asal ada yang nak kena gaul, I cepat2 offer diri. sebab I memang tak pandai bakar cake. ~play safe gitu.

 and then setting la apa yang patut. we all memang takde proper baking equipment. cake tin ni je lah yang memang betul2 menampakkan we all ni macam professional. itu pun sebab benda ni Bella yang punya. ~pitam!

 and dis is how it looks before we put it into the oven.

 and dis is how it looks when we baked it.

 since we need to get back to the office, so tak sempat lah nak potong bagai. coz it need to be chilled in the fridge for like...4hrs. fridge office we all lah jadi mangsa.

 we all pun balik lah opis dengan girangnya. but nak tau tak uollssss! sebenarnya our cake was not cook inside. mentah lagi okeyh! so...terpaksa la I bawak balik untuk bakar kali ke dua sampai masak. pernah ke uollsss buat cake macam tu? tak pernah kan? tapi we all buat. ha ha ha hampeh!

so, dis is how it looks like just now. the outcome? tomorrow lah yek. coz it need to be chilled overnight. (cake tu bantat) kah kah kah. for 1st timer...I ok aje. but yeah...we failed. next time nak qadak balik. ~nanges!

Because I'm not a baker, and dis is my 1st time doing an entry about baking...I know it's plain and boring.
But guys, I really don't know how to flower my words.
Tengok gambar aje lah guys, lagi best dpd baca apa yang I tulis tu semua. ha ha ha.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

being busy is really not me!

I'm sooooo tired today.
Got so many things to be taken care of at the office.
Since I was on leave workstation got all crowded with forms dat needed to be update.
Tak menang tangan mak jemah okeyh!  T__T
From morning till evening, I was working on those forms.
Plus, my inventory file is not in perfect condition at all!
So, me and my besties were busy updating everything to make it perfect. ~well, at least.  -__-
Busy is not my thingy. Pliss bear in mind dat I'm a lazy bum. ~nanges!
But because I have just have to. >__<

So there we were feeling studious and looking productive for a day.
Tomorrow? Dat will be another different story.
Wise men say, 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. kih kih kih
Tapi I boleh rasa yang I akan rajin jugak tomorrow like I was today.
Sebab, banyak lagi yang belum settle.
Well, like I said...I won't be at ease to have my unpaid leave with unfinished business in my hand. ~mata keatas!
So, yeah! Another busy day will definitely come to my way. ~pengsan!
And because of dat, I could only cook 2 dishes today.
Coz my industrious 'o' meter have gone down to its lowest point. T__T

 lately ni I selalu snap my dishes using my cheap handphone. sorry lah coz da pic is all blurry. my cybershot is out of battery and dari sehari ke sehari asyik lupa aje nak give it a charge. so, apa yang ada aje lah ye. ^__^

 I actually hope dat Husbeast would just ask me to make him some super simple menu. like...ikan bilis asam ke. tapi pakwe I tu sebok nak I masakkan dia sotong kering sambal. nak rebus bagi empuk je dah makan jam uooollsss! tapi dah orang nak sangat khenn...masak lah jugak. I paired it with green peas + sliced carrot in sauteed dried shrimp. as long as he's happy.

Psst! Does anyone want to help me with my neverending inventory list?
I'm getting sick of it. ~pffftt! $#@&%!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

when I'm home

Petang tadi I dah buat entry kan?
Tapi malam ni I nak buat entry lagi lah, nak qadak my absence of 2-days ago. 
Kan dah kata, kalau I duduk rumah for sure I ada banyak time to update and visit you guys oftenly.
Be patient lah ye...tak lama lagi dah. 
Like I said, lebam mata you guys nanti nak hadam my blog. kih kih kih.
Dat'll be in 3 days from now. I tak sabar okeyh! ~pitam!

Today nothing special dat I did to excite my leave day.
I malas, and basically everything pun in its good condition.
Ada takde just menyapu, mengemas (itu pun a lil bit here and there aje) and memasak.
Cooking is a must in my life diary kot, so...yeah...dat is routine.
Tapi lunch I makan nasi dengan lauk ayam merah semalam aje okeyh!
Coz Young-Lady was all about plain rice, fried egg and ketchup.
I didn't have da sedulity to cook something fancy for myself.
Lauk semalam pun dah okey, plus...I'm on diet y'all. hak hak hak.
Diet but still having rice? tsk tsk tsk.  -__-

 I modified my ayam masak merah semalam. yesterday I used entirely fresh red chillies. it was ok, but I don't really like it. so, tadi I tumis guna cili kering blended like I always did. baru puas! those raw veges tu was like ulam coz I terlalu malas nak masak sayur. ~hadeh!

But for our dinner, I've something special for Husbeast.
I tak pernah masak daging bakar before, but I always have dis dish for breakfast when one of my best mate brought us to her fave Kelantanese eatery.
Mek tu memang suka nasi kerabu, kadang makan nasi putih dengan lauk hati lembu aje.
Weird? At first memang we thought she's a weirdo. ha ha ha.
But now...naaaaaa, dat's normal to us.
So tonight, it's a meat business. 

our dinner dishes. tomato salad, thin-sliced fried potato, grill black pepper steak and fried kailan in oyster sauce.

 I used dis recipe. senang aje pun, it's just dat I never did it before. but my 1st attemp didn't look dat good as it supposed to. it looks a bit dry but da taste was awesome! definitely gonna be Husbeast's favorite since he enjoyed it so much.

Tomorrow, it'll be working day again.
Dinner will never be as early as we had today...of course.
And everything is gonna be among da simplest dat I have in my 'lightning-fast recipe' list. 
But as long as it's home-cook, somebody will always gives a thumbs-up to me.
Yeah, who else if not my one and only Husbeast. ~aiyaiyaiyaiayaiiii!

Full House - again...

Yesterday I was 'half-day' from office.
Today, I need to take a leave to look after Young-Lady.
Since her nanny need to go to hospital for some health check-up,
I'll be her nanny for da day. ~da coolest one. ha ha ha.
Da last 2-days dat I'm not writing is because my parents and siblings were here to accompany me and Young-Lady.
Yeah, Husbeast was out of town again...need to be in KL at Monday.
So, he took off on Sunday evening.
Because my house was filled with all those luvly peeps, I'm having a hard time to find my lappy. kih kih kih.
Chatting with each other was da most fun thing at dat moment.

 when my family is around, dis is how da look in my room. why? because Young-Lady love to have everyone in one room. she's all about cartoon. everything yg dia tgk mesti dia nak share with people dat she loves. hu hu hu. but they arrived like 10 minutes to 12am on Sunday. so, Young-Lady tak larat tunggu dah. 

as I was taking a half-day yesterday, I cooked them lunch. ayam masak merah with stir fried mixed-veges. In large potion since we had so many people in da house. 

they went back to Kluang after Maghrib yesterday. Tiba2 I rasa sunyi aje in my house. missed all about it already. T__T

and there she was, alone again watching TV from her favorite movie choices. It's ok girl, Ummi will be your best companion for ever!

Well, it feels good to be able to update an entry in daytime.
Couldn't wait for my unpaid leave days to arrive.
It's just in few days excited!!! ~yipppiiiee!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

wish was granted!

From da second we got home yesterday till she got up dis morning, Young-Lady was demanding her movie treat.
We're going crazy with her non-stop questioning of when will we bring her to see 'her' movie.
Because we couldn't stand da long-suffering of giving her da same answer over and over again...
We decided to just go for it today.
After Zohor we went straight to Jusco Bukit Indah.
And thank god, it's not dat hard for us to find a parking space.
So off we go, and queueing we did.
But it's worth it because 'EPIC' is really an awesome cartoon to be watched.
Young-Lady was thrilled, I was excited, and Husbeast was happy coz he knew he won't be answering anything from his princess after dis.
Yeah, cartoon really is not his thingy.
If only he could grown US up dat fast...he would probably makes us watch Star Trek instead of EPIC.
Dat's why we love him too much -because he always respect da majority. ~aaa...duhh???!!!

 look at these people. they're swarming da cinema like bees!

 while waiting for her dad to collect da tickets.

 pop-corn is compulsory!

 thx parents, I'm having fun! Epic is really my favorite! (for da time being) T__T

 here some ugly faces for you guys. have fun giggling!  ^__*

Friday, May 24, 2013

da 'not so lucky' story

Ouh wow! Hari ni semua tempat pun penuh dgn kereta khenn?
We all ni kununnye nak lah berjalan kesana kemari.
Ingat nak shopping sikit, then layan Young-Lady with her movie treat, after dat nak top-up our kitchen needs pulak.
So, after solat Jumaat we all pun start la ukur jalan.
As we're on our way, my MIL call...tanya tak balik sana ke?
Since hari ni cuti, they want to meet their granddotter yang becok tu.
Sebab malas nak berpusing2...we all singgah lah dulu.
Alhamdulillah, sampai aje terus disuruh makan.
We all apa lagi, memang takde malu2nye kalau bab makan ni. hi hi hi
Masuk rumah aje semua dah tersedia, tinggal duduk and senduk wutever yang patut. 
Buatkan I rasa kalau hari2 singgah pun no problem. ~melampau! -__-

After lunch we all duduk borak2 topic anak beranak.
Macam2 story keluar, daripada bab kenduri kawen sampai lah ke bab asal usul Husbeast.
Quite a topic aite? 
They want to search back their long lost relatives yang masih ada di Kerinci, Indonesia.
And my FIL was da most excited in spinning da yarn about da whole thing.
Yeah...he really wants to find his siblings yang masih ada.
I memanglah tak pernah jumpa their 'distant relatives' tu.
But I guess it all started when Husbeast having fun meeting my 'distant relatives' from Medan, Indonesia at my cousin's wedding.
Bila 'Atuk Surip' bersungguh2 invite him to visit them at Medan...lagi lah seronok Husbeast rasa.
I ok aje...and happy of course he could blend in very well with all my family members of all ages.

pakwe I berselera dapat makan masakan mak dia.

Young-Lady pulak I suapkan nasi sambil main game dgn atok.

 after dat barulah turn I pulak menjamu selera. lauk simple sangat but we all makan bertambah2.

one snap before we head out to our destination. I wish I could include all of em, but obviously...I have a short hand. hu hu hu.

Dah puas makan and borak, we all terus ke Jusco Bukit Indah.
We planned to watch a movie and shop for our groceries afterward.
Tapi, sesak sungguh sampaikan we need to queue quite long just to get to da parking area.
Husbeast tak berapa nak sabar so he turned da wheels to da city.
To City Square we go, tapi hampa...berpusing2 cari parking masih juga tak jumpa.
I guess it's not our luck today to watch a movie.
So we decided to go to Jusco Taman U ajelah to do da stock-up thingy.
Sedih okeyh! Next time lah nampaknye.  T__T

biasanya kalau we shop for groceries memang pakwe I ni lah yg paling beriya2. sausage and nugget is a must thing to go in da cart. tapi makannya jarang. sudahnya nanti I mesti masak jadi lauk just before the expiry. tapi bila time malas, memang seronok ada semua tu. hu hu

ikan kering, ikan masin, pekasam...semua ni favourite Husbeast. I memang tak makan, cuma tau masak aje sebab pakcik ni suka. bila masak, memang bising lah Young-Lady sejam dua coz she couldn't stand da smell. just look at her in dis pic. kih kih kih.

 lepas shopping we had our dinner at where else kalau bukan Johnny's. pakcik tu memang takde tempat lain.  !__! husband really doesn't have a skill in snapping pictures. it's either plain...or blur. ~sob! sob!

 so we made him do da gwiyomi thingy. NO COMPROMISE! hak hak hak ~serious buruk!

and then it's time to go home. but belum pun sampai car park lagi Young-Lady dah tuntut her movie treat tomorrow. dat would be another story ye princess. now, it's time for your Ummi to sort all da groceries, clean da chicken, clean da fish and etc-etc. it's gonna take da whole night. pheeewwww!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

welcome to my life

Yesterday we went to bed really early.
Padahal ada macam2 story I nak share with all of you.
Since I was at home all da time khenn.
Budget nak citer la how good I felt since I did da major cleaning around da house.
Kata demam? Well...pliss don't point those fingers at me.
I didn't ask for da doctor to be so kind to me.
Eventho demam dah ok, I'm not dat innocent to come to work and burn my second day MC okeyh. kih kih kih.

My morning yesterday was all about wifey-thingy.
Got up really early to make some breakfast for Husbeast before he went to work.
Tidy up everything, mopping, dusting, cleaning, vacuming, cooking...
Pendek kata I did everything except blogging. ~pheeewww!
Sangat puas hati when I look around my house yesterday.
It was spring-clean and suddenly I felt like my house was gem-free.
But dat'll be only for like half an hour.
Bila Young-Lady bangun aje, all my hard work of 3hours was destroyed by her in just 15mins. ~arrrggghhh!!!

 semalam Husbeast jadi mat saleh. pagi2 dah pulun pasta. I made olio pasta. minus prawn, minus parsley and minus butter. It shud be drenched in olive oil tapi sebab I masak guna minyak sawit aje, tak gamak nak letak minyak banyak2. but the outcome were pretty much like the regular italian olio pasta.

I'm not kidding y'all, just 15mins aje everything went back to 'normal'. (-__-)
Nak marah sangat pun, budak lagi.
But yeah, I made her spruce everything with me later on.
Kalau tak disuruh memang takkan buat la cik kak tu.
Kena jegil2 sikit bijik mata kat dia baru gerak.
But because she asked for a very simple lunch, I wasn't dat harsh on her.
Ummi dia pun boleh tahan...nak senang manjang. hak hak hak
But I enjoyed my private time alone with her a lot. We had fun!
And with dis super fun kinda mum...I bet she had fun too. ~mata keatas!

Young-Lady with her simple lunch. kali ni nak kentang goreng aje. no other side dishes or else she will put aside da whole thing. so it's better for me to serve wut she wants daripada nanti tak makan langsung. lunch pun dalam bilik while watching her princessy movie collection. ~pitam

 and I made ayam goreng cili padi for our dinner yesterday. dis was da last thing in my freezer. since last week we all semua bertandang ke KL, barang dapur memang tak ber'top-up' langsung. dis week nak kena terjah pasar jugak to fill up our kitchen needs.

And today, my kitchen is totally out of goods so I dapatlah cuti.
Like I said, it's quite hard for Husbeast to adapt his palate with 'lauk kedai'.
Because of dat lah you guys selalu nampak Pizza Hut when I'm not cooking.
But today, it's not pizza. It's sumthing yang dah lama beno we all tak makan.
Like always, bila makan tapau food mesti kat bilik.
Young-Lady tak payah cakaplah, makan dari corner hujung sana sampai hujung sini. ~nanges!
Lepas makan terus landing, and then one pakcik ni pulak will bising2 kata perut dia dah buncit. ~duhh??!!  T__T
Ummi jugak yang paling siuman. ~pengsan!

he bought us McDonalds. It's been a very long time we all dah tak pekena McD ni. I ordered for double cheese burger. kelaut semua diet. @!&%*#!

 budak jakun jarang2 dapat Happy-Meal. toys will be her first interest lah time tu. nugget and fries semua dia lupa.

 after dinner semua jadi zombie. they couldn't stand to be away from their gadget even for 5seconds. I aje lah yang still old-fashioned. tengok tv, cari drama yg best2 pastu melalak sorang2 bila ada scene sedih. both of them nanti akan tengok aje I melalak with a plain feeling. diorang concern tgk I melalak? jangan berangan lah. T__T 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

quickie from da sickie

Ahhchooo! Err..sorry, I've been doing a lot of dat since yesterday.

Yeah, I caught a slight cold.
Clearly, it's nothing serious but having a runny-nose is soooo annoying.  T__T
Especially when suddenly you ran out of tissue paper and you desperately needed to blow. ~pfftt!
To make things worst, my throat was starting to itch when I woke up dis morning.
It's a bad combo, damn it.
Have I mentioned I don't like snot? hu hu hu

I was so surprised coz the other two are doing just fine.
But, yeah I'm happy with dat or else I'll be likely need to babysit da two of em while having a fever myself. ~sigh!
Usually, I'll be 'da last man standing'.
But da 'super-hot spring time' in KL really smacked me down.
I seriously have a love-hate relationship with Malaysian weather currently.
It's baking out there! ~fuuuhhh!

despite having a habit of smooching me all over my face, she's still doing fine till now. hopefully it'll stay dat way. ~love to examine my face. weirdo!

Husbeast was being so concerned dis morning.
Suggested dat I should go seek a doctor for a check-up.
"If you feel lousy, you should probably rest. A day off is not going to kill your job."
Well, I must say he's worth listening to.
Coz I got 2-days MC to treat myself from all these runny and itchy situation.
Glad? Ouh shut up! Who won't be? hik hik hik.
But seriously, with da snivel keep bothering me I couldn't help to wish there was a medicine dat can help me get well IMMEDIATELY! >__<

our dinner today. like I told ya, I'm a lazy bum. it'll become even more worst when I'm sick. so dis quick n easy dishes are so in my cooking list. I made fried anchovies with sauteed onion in tamarind juice and chicken + sausages in thick chilli gravy.

 though my nose is just so plain irritating, I still need to cook for our dinner. otherwise, my night would be nothing but miserable. sumone would probably ask me to cook for a bowl of maggie mee in da middle of da night to tame down his whistling stomach. ~sigh! 

Ahhchooo! Gotta get another tissue. ~LOLZ!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

my cousin's wedding

Alamak! Lamanya I tinggal blog I ni.
Tak perasan rupanya my last entry was 6 days ago. tsk tsk tsk
Well, orang nak cuti tanpa gaji tak lama lagi khenn.
Busy menghabiskan tugas2 office so It won't be troublesome to my colleague nanti.
I won't be at peace kalau asyik dok terpikir file itu tak settle, file yang ini still pending, file di sinun tak lengkap.
So, It's better for me to get it done before I start bercuti.
I senang hati, they all pun taklah dok pening sana sini.
It's a win-win situation. ~like!

Last weekend pulak I busy with my big family event.
Bukan I punya event, it's my cousin's wedding.
But since I ni rapat with all my aunts, uncles and cousins...sama2 busy lah jadinya.
Plus, Husbeast rajin jugak tumpang rumah MakUda I ni time dia ada class dulu.
And dis is our favorite overnight-port kalau we all pergi bercuti ke luar Malaysia.
Kalau tak stay nanti, tuan rumah boleh merajuk okeyh!
Adik Ayah I ni memang dah banyak bantu we all...kalau tak attend kenduri cousin I tu memang tak patut. 


-on our way to Bandar Kinrara-

-arrived at my MakUda's house at BK-


-da Wedding Ceremony day-

 -at Dewan Perdana Felda, KL-

-our family members-


-after da NewlyWed change their uniform-

Itu lah aje yang I mampu buat for dis entry.
Nak bercerita, I tak berapa rajin. huk huk huk
Hope da sequence of these pics will tell you guys everything.
Dulu I dah pernah promote kedai MakUda and PakUda I ni.
Ni I promote lagi lah to you guys.
Kalau senang2 datang lah ke Bin Nurdin di Shah Alam.
Ada pelbagai kelengkapan haji & umrah plus fesyen2 muslimah yang terkini.
Whoever yang selalu tengok TV Al-Hijrah and dengar radio IKIM mesti familiar dgn Bin Nurdin sebab selalu keluar iklan.
Setiap hari Khamis ada kelas mengaji and ceramah agama dekat tingkat atas premis Bin Nurdin ni.
Sila lah datang untuk memeriahkan lagi majlis. 

  since MakUda I dah pencen, dia memang selalu lah ada kat kedai. kalau tak sebelum ni cousin2 I aje yang run Bin Nurdin tu. semua barangan adalah sangat berkualiti. memang tak rugi shopping kat situ. ^__^