Monday, April 22, 2013

yesterday was my birthday!

It's my birthday yesterday!!!
Looks like...ummm...I'm getting old. huk huk huk
Yeah well...dat's ok.
Coz Husbeast is still 3 years ahead of me.
So, at least I feel young whenever I'm with him. ~aci tak? hi hi
But just like our Anni-day 3 days before, nothing special on my birthday.
Why? because since Friday Husbeast has reminded me 'no gift!'
(I dah tuntut dulu before we went to Hong Kong)  ^__^

It's not my fault okeyh. 
A week before we flew to HK, he told me dat he had my damn early birthday gift with him.
Whether I want to hold it till my Birth Day (which was yesterday) or I could just claim it now (at dat very moment).
I did ask him whether it's useful for me during our trip to HK.
And he said yes, Like...yes with a capital Y E S and a very big exclamation mark at the end.
Yeah right! Like I could wait khenn?
Of coz lah I mintak time tu jugak.  T__T

Basically, they wished me right on 12 am on Sunday, we hugged, we kissed, and then we went to sleep.
And yesterday morning when I woke up...I didn't really wait for anything.
Coz I knew nothing would happen. Hak hak hak.  T__T
So...yeah...I survived my 'special day without present'. ~wohhhoo!
But when you love your partner sincerely, you couldn't just do nothing on your other half special day aite?
He's been plotting everything with my siblings since friday.
So, adalah jugak closed event of a very simple birthday feast with a super gojes looking cake. ~tanjat gegirl!  ^__^

my closed event was attended by my siblings aje. tu pun my brother couldn't come. so he texted me through LINE. 

he's da one yang pecahkan rahsia about da planned by Husbeast for my birthday. ngade okeyh, suka buat I teruja. ~mata ke atas!

 these two girls pun dtg dgn muka innocent and bawak dua bakul besar to do laundry at my place like they usually do on weekend. so, I didn't even smell anything weird around me.

 I really think dis is da prettiest cake I've ever had my whole life of 31 years (31? ERK!). It was even prettier than our wedding cake okeyh! and he bought dis from one of his ex-schoolmate. love it so much sayang. dat's very sweet of you to do all this for me. siap berlakon like nothing happen lagi. ~pitam!

 a gift from my two sisters. smell really fresh and nice. now I have one more scent in line to play with in a week. hak hak hak.

dis was his early birthday gift yg I cakap tu. he knew me and some of my interest in life. tapi tak semua yang dia tau. certain things aje. (guys will always be guys kot -__- ). since I love to take pictures everywhere I go, he gave me dis to replace my worn out tiny Panasonic Lumix. now I got two cameras dat I bring along with me whenever we out to sumwhere. ~tak mampu nak bagi DSLR la tu. kih kih

And today, one of my besties dah book awal2 for me to have lunch with her.
Kira macam paksa tak rela jugak la.
She too was acting like nothing, cuma mintak I temankan dia aje kononnya.
As we entered Pizza Hut, I pun cubit la dia. 
Yeah... me and Pizza Hut... duhhh! 
Malas nak elaborate panjang2, coz who knew me well memang lah akan jamu tekak I dengan Pizza Hut ni.
Not my fault! I inherited it from my parents. I mean...It's in my blood! T__T 

dis girl tersangat la generous to treat me with some delicious meals for lunch. dah la cun, generous lagi, kind-hearted plak tu. nasib baik da kawen. hik hik hik.

kalau uollss belanja iollss dengan Pizza Hut every day in a row for a week pun I don't mind tau. punya lah suka dengan pizza ni. so if my mum win (like did she ever lost? duhh!) with her choice of place to celebrate anything...I memang la takkan bantah. hu hu hu

yeah...I know. my failed attempt on GWIYOMI. please...go ahead, shut your eyes. I know rite. like...pencemaran suasana.  T__T
pinggan makcik tu dah kosong lama dah...tapi pinggan I penuh manjang. nak kurus konon. pipi pun dah macam hamster. adoooiii! I can't wait for da fasting month. ~alasan betul! thx a lot Safura for da very nice treat. hugs and kisses!

Ouh yeah! D'ya guys wanna know sumthing?
I had quite a big few of Fareeda Scarf collection.
And half of 'em I dah tak pakai lagi and duduk terperuk dalam laci.
Husbeast pernah suruh I jual balik as preloved, tapi I sayang! 
I once told Husbeast dat da scarf I'm wearing in the above pic is one my favorite.
He asked me why...and I said...because of its color combination.
But dat was like a very long time ago masa I mula2 head over heels dengan Fareeda Scarfs ni. ~about a year and a half of time.
I tak sangka pulak he really put dat in mind sampaikan order cake from her fren pun used da color combination of my favorite scarf.
Ambik port jugak rupanya eventhough muka memang macam takde perasaan. ~totally!
Look closely, could you see da resemblance? hak hak hak.

And thx for everything, I could never ask for more. ~mmuuaacchhss!


Ratu Hatiku said...

Hepi belated besday. May God bless u and hepi family ever.. Amin

CaDLyNN said...

Happy birthday

Fiza Rahman said...

Happy belated birthday. Best nya dpt surprise Birthday party ☺☺

Azmatun Ismail said...

Selamat hari lahir semoga berbahagia selamanya ...cantik kek tu :)

harnidahussin said...

happy belated birthday to u :)
semoga diberkati, di rahmati Allah selalu..