Thursday, April 18, 2013

It was our day ke sayang? ~Haih!

Today is our 4th Anni Day...but dis year, nothing special about it.
Our day was just like any other day.
No super special treats, no lovey dovey behaviour and no hip hip hooray kinda celebration.
Everything was soooo normal, plus tiring and quite full of sighing.
Husbeast was scheduled to Singapore with some of his colleague due to some work thingy.
Came back home like very late in da evening.
While I need to take another leave and busy looking after Young-Lady whois sick (minor flu and fever attack) on and off since last Monday.

Dull huh? I bet it was.
However to celebrate in our daughter's uncomfy won't make us happy afterall.
So, Anni Day could wait. ~pliss come back again next year! -__-
But her fever definitely need to go away as soon as possible.
Kalau tak... Mak Jemah pitam. hu hu hu
Ummi will always pray for your good health my dear.
Hopefully, tonight you can really sleep well and soundly.

Anyhow, Husbeast did surprise us with dinner tonight.
As I was about to prepare everything in da kitchen, he told me not to cook.
Apa lagi, It's our delivery nite lah for sure.
Glad indeed coz finally I got to take a deep breath and do nothing.
Basically, we just wait for da food to arrive and's time to eat!
So, it is 'do nothing' aite? hak hak hak
Anni Day mini celebration at least!
Even minus da french romantic candles and some high-class cuisine.
It was still a big hit for us all. ~thx sayang!
We love you.

 treat for my drowsy princess. this is her breakfast, her lunch, and her snack for today. no rice! ~sedih I.  T__T

 I mandikan cik kak ni berkali2 jugakla just to reduce her high body temp. sampai dia tanya was she really dat stink to my nose. ~alolololo...syian anak Ummi.

 yeah, I know. we and Pizza Hut are inseparable. wut to do, it's like da food dat our dotter can definitely eat a lot.

 bonding time after meal. makan pun kat bilik uoolllsss! lepas makan, clean everything, wash our hands dekat toilet...then terus bermalas2an watcing tv. malas kan we all? kih kih kih. ~abaikan la da messy looking room tu. I dah tak larat!  T__T

Tak sangka it's been 4 years we've been together.
But I do aware dat we've got a long way to go.
And I hope we can survive anything like we did in da past.
May Allah will always blessed us in any way. ~insha Allah.


Aety Hassan said...

In Shaa Allah.. moga kekal ke akhir hayat.. ^_^

JaSSNaNi said...

semoga terus kekal bahagia sampai akhir hayat.. aminnn...
psstt.. sedap pizza..

wanie amerie said...

Happy Anibersary..moga bahagia smp ke syurga..
sian,young ladies x sihat yer..