Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Give me sign! a-a-a hint! ANYTHING?!

Hi there all.
Sorry for another episode of long mute.
I'm not feeling too well at the end of last week + dis few days.
Was trying out my antibody by ran through da rain for da past few days to get to da park lot after work.
Well, looks like I need to agree dat I'm not as strong as I used to be. ~me? STRONG? Puhleeeaasseee!  T__T

Haaaaiiihhhh...2 days MC seems not enuff.
I need more time to spend at home.
Not because of da fever though, it was long gone like yesterday's evening. hak hak hak
But because my doc gave me 2 days mc, bulls**t la to be so damn honest and go to work today, telling everybody dat I'm ok.
Ouhhh...I just did? Yeah pffftt!!...wutever. 
Take it like an additional recovery day from da man in da green mask. ~I'm loving it.  ^__^

You guys, I don't know where else to turn to. 
I really wish to be da lucky ones to get paid for doing wut I love.
Am I beginning to hate my job? 
Not to be rude but I don't really ALL!
You know wut, I don't mind being great in everything. 
Multi tasking is very good indeed, but not as awesome as da pronunciation itself.
At least, I know I'm not da kinda girl dat fit for this. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm really good at my job.
Like...damn good! I'm not bragging, you can ask my colleagues on how good I am. ~to those who can lah. T__T
I could finish everything a few days before da dateline.
I could 'accept' different jobs from different bosses dat has the same date line. ~I hate dis one da most, aarrgghhh!
I could answer right away when the bosses ask me about 'our stuffs' in quite a snap.
Well...sometimes maybe in 2 or 3 snaps I suppose, but dat's not da point.
Da point is, if I'm so good at wut I do, why am I so unhappy?

I wanna be a great employee, I do...dat's for sure...everybody does!
But wut I can say about my current job is, MISERABLE! 
Soooo Much dat it consumes my whole life.
And in a tough job market the idea of quitting is too risky. ~duhh!
I have reached da point dat I can barely make myself come to work without sighing along da way.
And when I'm there, I couldn't stop myself from counting hours to get back home. ~pathetic isn't it? 

I did perform Istikharah like thrice, but in the end...I always wanted to apply an unpaid leave so bad.
Is dat a sign? A sign dat I should just go for it?
I won't apply it till year as persuaded by Husbeast. ~he and his crazy opinion. bla! bla! bla!
I should just give it a shot like a month or two aite?
It might be good for me, I might learn sumthing in da meantime.
who knows? hak hak hak
Please...anyone...opinion needed. ~hoping!

looks like Tinkerbell's magic dust didn't work on me. ~sigh! sigh! 


Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum dear. janganlah bersedih ok. setiap apa yang terjadi ni ada hikmahnya :)

IndaMarya said...

just take a few days off to calm lots of thinking , praying and deciding.insyaAllah after that things will work out for you.

Ummu Syifa said...

isi borang merah je kak...
isk..isk..x sanggup aku lihat kau tersiksa begini....huuhu
or next year, tukar unit phullleasseee...ok!


ashra said...

mudahan sudah sembuh sepenuh nya ya....