Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brain Freeze! ~my wordless everyday. T__T

Errrr... I know dat some of you been waiting for the Hong Kong itinerary yang I promise nak buat once I finish all the entry about my trip tu khenn?
Well, I'm truly very sorry coz I couldn't find any time to make it done.
Husbeast tengah busy with his final exam of his final year.
So, bila pakcik tu busy...I pun dengan tak semena2 akan jadi busy jugak.
Why? I pun tak tau lah.
Maybe because I need to handle things a whole lot more than I usually do kot.

Ye lah, If usually we will take turn in looking after Young-Lady while the other do something dat he/she needs to do.
Bila musim final exam aje, I will look after Young-Lady while doing everything in da house.
Sumtimes macam sia2 aje kalau I mengemas time2 macam ni.
Coz she'll be scattered everything all over again coz there's no one behind yang akan jegil mata kat dia.
Takpelah, as an understanding wife (sangaaattt! ~mata ke atas) I selalunya akan jadi sumone yang tersangatlah synonim with a statement of..."it's ok. I'll take care of it." ~pengsan!
So guys, I'm really sorry to disappoint you all for da time being.
I ganti dengan pics of my activities last two weeks and last week ok?

Some just ordinary lunch at Johnny's (Husbeast memang takde tempat lain) and The Ledang (ni pun sama. T__T )
And some are from our family movie night out.
We all tengok The Croods, memang best okeyh! ~seriously!
You guys need to watch's fun!
Kids will love it, you'll love it, even your partner who have a plain kind of emotion pun will definitely love it.
I know okeyh...coz my Husbeast is one of 'em. hik hik hik.

Johnny's Lunch Out.

Family Movie Night

Brunch @ The Ledang 

Weekend Treat - Kluang


Azmatun Ismail said...

cantiknya halaman rumah tu kemas dan terjaga seronok anak2 bermain

wanie amerie said...

wah..kena tgk ni the croods tu..

Ratu Hatiku said...

Seronoknya main buai tu.. :)

Fiza Rahman said...

Cantiknya laman. Sejuk mata memandang. Apatah lagi bila melihat makanan itu...arghhhh...lapar.