Wednesday, March 6, 2013

workaholic in da making ~duhh!

When I claimed I was busy all da time, I really mean it!
I don't know how I could stuck along with the workaholic of PSZ.
Coz I am sumone yang tak berapa nak rajin khenn? ~pengsan!
But being with these peeps buatkan I rasa segan to carry on my 'lazy-bum' personality.
Sumtimes I do feel proud to blend in...but most of da time, I'm out of breath to catch up with them.
Tapi, ada masa I was quite annoyed jugak with some of them.
Why? Let it be my secret aje lah kot. Huk huk huk

Even Husbeast having a hard time believing me. 
Coz I'm a govt servant and he used to be one too before.
Usually it'll be just average...tak terlalu busy and tak terlalu laid back.
It won't be like sibuk sangat sampai nak sangap pun tak sempat.
But now...I memang tak sempat nak sangap okeyh!
1pm staff lain semua out for their lunch break.
But here in's a department dat never sleep. ~even if you off da light. T__T
Don't believe me? Ask me. ~semput!

 mula2 kenalah tunjuk workstation sendiri dulu khenn? 

 our DCCS remote pc. today officemate I kena take over coz I have an LOK to be done asap. ~buhsan!

 ni lah bos yang I told you guys paling baik tu. I pun tak tau lah why he rarely gave task to me. segan kot...or takut ke? -__-

 just look at them. nak blink their eyes pun is such a waste to them tau. yeah, I know...scary! and dis is da view during our everyday break. ~break ke? tsk tsk tsk.

 wut to do. kalau big boss pun memang jenis yang gila kerja...need to catch up jugaklah nak tak nak. ~aarrgghh! stress!!!

 and dis is our dinner today. dah dua hari I tak masak, muka Husbeast and Young-Lady tonyok gila I tengok. so today, I gagahkan diri jugak ah to cook for them. penat I ni memang takkan hilang lah kot no matter wut. ~pitam!


ashra said...

btol2 bz ni.yg pnting,have a gd rest k

btol dear.we as wife,mummy pun da sedia penat yg x abes. :) sbr je la kan..

Ratu Hatiku said...

Ksiannya...kerja tetap kerja kesihatan kena jaga :D