Sunday, March 10, 2013

we're on leave... hooray!

Husbeast and me are taking a week leave starting dis monday.
Dis is sumthing yang I tunggu2 since I'mma busy bee sejak2 tukar dept last year khenn?
We're planning dis leave to freshen up our energy and working mood.
Plus, we wanna spend some quality times with Young-Lady too.
So, I was quite busy preparing everything for da long leave. 
I need to make sure my office tak kacau I during my long leave ni.
So, memang tak sempat nak mengupdate anything in here.
Will be missing you guys too.
I probably won't be writing for a week.
We all ingin memanfaatkan our leave dgn sepenuh2nya.
So dat we all (especially me lah khenn) will be fresh again. 
Have a happy week.  ^__^
 harap2 lah mood keje I akan berada pada tahap maximum after a week leave ni. chaiiyo! chaiiyo!


:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

Kene restjuga ya..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, go have fun. Nothing like being on vacation together with family.
Get your batteries recharged.
Best wishes.

wanie amerie said...

sekali sekala kena rehatkan minda..kang takut jem nti..hehe