Tuesday, March 5, 2013

pray for Lahad Datu, pray for Malaysia.

I sedih lah.
Whenever I log on to my facebook account, I akan nampak macam2 comment regarding with the Lahad Datu incident. 
Those comments really shows how split we've become.
I'm not sumone who have a broad knowledge in how to run a country.
But I do love Malaysia as my homeland.
And I do want to live among da nation dat is unanimous in a lot of thing.
Sumtimes, I sendiri rasa pelik why do we need to be nice and tolerate with da terrorists. 
Or to be nice with my word...lets just say, dat group of unkind peeps. 

But when I think about it deeply, they have their own reason of deciding to be nice.
It could be because they love their country and their people too much.
They knew sumthing we didn't, coz dat's their thingy...not ours.
Coz I've been there but in a different situation of course.
Sumtimes I need to 'down' our server and yep...the others will slam-bang me for dat.
Wut they didn't know is if I didn't shut it down, some important datas will be corrupted. 
And dis could happen in a certain situation. ~sometimes only lah.

I know exactly how it feels when some nasty words drift to my ears.
My intention is solely to save da situation from getting worse.
But because they didn't know how worse it could be, they'll be complaining of how complicated their work procedure has become without da help of dat server. 
I could just let it run whilst corrupting all the important datas dat concerned.
But on da basis of responsibility, I pretend not too hear them and don't give a sh!7. 
So, I strongly believe that our National Heroes could be facing dat kind of probs...but much more complicated.

By putting myself in their shoes, I think I can be sumone dat could compromise and try to understand da complexity of the others. 


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Anonymous said...

mereka pewira negara! harap mereka semua selamat. Amin :)

ashra said...

doa kami sntiasa mgiringi pjuangan mereka.tabik hormat

trima kasih bkorban nyawa demi malaysia.