Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mongkok - Treasure Trove of Bargains

Our third day at Hong Kong was all about shopping!!!
We didn't really put a time limit of when to start or time to stop. 
So, I decided to be da planner of where to go.
Well...I knew better about shopping khenn? ~hak hak hak.
But da map reader would always be my luvly Husbeast lah.
Dat will never change sampai bila2 kot.  T__T
Coz I'd just bring them to the end of nowhere je nanti. ~pengsan!

We started our third day a bit late...after zohor.
Coz we didn't wanna go through much hassle of searching around for mosque as da Muslim Community in Mongkok is very little.
Sebab tu we choose to stay in Kowloon instead of Mongkok.
Dah penah merasa payahnya mengembara cari makanan halal and masjid time honeymoon dulu. 
Plus everything is a bit pricey here, lagi2 hotel.
But to shop for collectibles and souvenirs...dis is truly heaven!

first thing first, we went to lunch. ini wajib so Young-Lady won't be a cry-baby through out da day. yes! she's a lot like her father. so basically, I didn't want to handle TWO cry-babies while busy shopping. kalau I, puasa pun sanggup...asalkan dpt shopping. ~pang!

when it's time to fuel up, he always got to choose which place to dine. coz he's a picky eater khenn. sungguh bertuah okeyh to have a wife like me yang menurut perintah aje. eventhough I dah rasa tepu sangat with chicken doner lah, kebab lah, turkish tea lah. but since dat's da thing yang dia boleh makan, silakan lah yang.

usually da Turkish Restaurant in Hong Kong is not dat big. cukup2 untuk makan like 4 or 5 group aje. and they don't really stay long once they finish their meal. lepas makan, bayar and back to job. there'd be no chatting. they eat and go. 

 just to show you guys da clearer picture of da dining place.

 it looks similar but they're actually different. kalau tanya tajuk makanan ni memanglah I tak ingat. tapi memang menu ni je lah yang we all rajin order since dah tau how da taste would be.

we then went to Longham Place, their one of gigantic malls. If you want to escape from da noisy Mongkok streets, dis is da perfect place. We all pegi sini not to shop. kat sini cuma ada high class goods and designer brands. tak sesuai with our shopping budget. we went here to wait for Young-Lady having her loo-loo and poo-poo coz she's a very choosy brat who won't enter in just any toilet. kena pilih yang bersih baru ada feel. he he he.

 so, sambil2 tunggu cik kak tu ready, we gave it a tour lah. takkan nak duduk diam aje aite.

 we didn't shop a thing pun here. after settle dengan urusan ke washroom, we all terus keluar.

 and hello to da real life in Mongkok. it's busy, it's populous and it's very noisy.

 it was ohsem you guys! you could find thousands of collectibles and souvenirs with an affordable prices. they got everything here. it's like our version of Chow Kit.

 rambang2 mata Husbeast. we really did shopping here you guys! like...NON STOP! masa ni jgn kata I, Husbeast pun tak boleh stop from choosing. keh keh keh

time tu da weather was very nice. it's not too cold nor too hot. just macam duduk dalam air-conditioning room aje. so, we didn't have to put on a thick clothing. Young-Lady suka la coz it made her free to move around lightly. ~sigh sigh sigh

  done shopping at Mongkok around 6++pm. it's getting dark and we quickly took a train back to our hotel at Kowloon. kalau siang tadi da weather was so friendly, at night it started to chill.

 we did a very quick tour around da town at our accommodation. memang banyak shop lot and shopping center berdekatan yang we all tak explore lagi. sape suh mak jemah jadi shopping planner. kan dah, tak reti nak stop uooolllsss! kih kih kih.

 don't be fooled by the entrance. memang sempoi giler. but you'll be surprised once you walked in.

 tu diaaaaa. berliku2 habaq hang! the interior is very nice. and it's actually so big. 3 storey okeyh! hu hu hu

 later dat night, we had an indian style cuisine as our dinner. 

 their service was soooooo slow!!! I was about to surrender and cancelled everything. but da Nan Bread and curry were marvelous! mind-blowing dat I couldn't stop myself from complimenting da taste. rasa nak tapau aje, tapi mengenangkan betapa lamanya we have to wait for just two serving of Nan Bread...thanx aje lah. T__T

Habis aje makan we all terus balik hotel.
Our third day was da most tiring of all coz we couldn't resist ourselves from menyinggah dari satu tempat ke satu tempat.
Menyinggah aje kejenya.
Bag pack berat gila sampai I rasa macam bawak batu bata.
But we had fun... 
And some swollen feet as a bonus. bwa ha ha ha. ~apa pun tak bleh!


CeqGu said...

Wahh ke hong kong rupanya..
Best tak? Aritu ada gak plan nak gi sana

ashra said...

skang kalu ke mana2 pun,walaupun tak banyak kedai halal,tapi boleh je jumpa kan..


Azmatun Ismail said...

tak penat ke si kecik tu ikut mama dan abahnya shopping ...

LiLy @ MaMaQiStInA said...

wah..bestnye cuti2 HK...bilalah agaknye lily dapat p sana...

hainom OKje said...

Seronokkan RR dapat berjalan.... OKje? Tak de rezeki lagi...hehe tengok je pun dah cukup bersyukur hehe