Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Disneyland time y'all!

Our second day at Hong Kong was all about treating Young-Lady.
Well, I'm included as well lah kot coz Husbeast always bear in mind dat he got two underage girl in his obligation.  T__T
But I don't mind at all coz It makes me feel free pointing to sumthing dat I might wanna make it mine without spending my money.
Kata pun di bawah tanggungan khenn? hak hak hak
But seriously, I'm a very understanding life partner okeyh.
I do spend with my own wage.....sumtimes. Hu hu hu.
Especially when I want sumthing and he doesn't approve it. -__-
Tak kisah la tu, but now...lemme take you guys to HK Disneyland.
Errr...sort of.  
Have fun guys.

 we took a ride on their train to get there. and da train is awesome!! Mickey sign is everywhere in it.

see! see! see! trust me, da second we entered dia train...happiness is in the air. coz everyone was in their bubbly mood to have fun at da world famous resort. especially kiddos! errr...I'm included. ~sigh!

 just look at da handrail. cute sangat okeyh!!!

 and Young-Lady made a quick new friend while in there. dat lil' girl was all da way from da mainland and it's her first time going to Disneyland. boleh geng dgn Young-Lady lah.

arrived! masa ni we all dah tak sabar to head to da main gate.

look at dat girl. if all dis while punya lah susah for me to make her stand still for just a quick snap, dat day she just 'ai yai captain' to everything I said. she's a very nice girl...for a day only lah.  T__T

 dis is da main gate. in front there is da ticketing counter. 

 ni lah ticket HK Disneyland. If you ask me...I'd say...tak cute langsung! kalau letak gambar Tinkerbell ke, Minnie Mouse ke...kan lagi comel. tak paham btol. ~mula lah I tu.

 Husbeast was busy updating his FB and other social network dat he have. Young-Lady plak couldn't wait any longer to experience da magical world of Disney.

 and dis was da first thing we hop on to. da train will give you a tour around the island of Disneyland. so you can see da whole thing dat they have in there and choose to stop at which station dat you like such as Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and many more.

 to tell you da truth...paling ramai yang turun kat station ni. I pun kalau boleh nak turun sini dah, but Husbeast insist to continue da ride. ~sigh!

 see, train dah kosong dah. 

 bila dah empty baru lah I gasak ber'camwhore'. hak hak hak

 we went here for a fun boat ride.

 tempat ni best. sebab everything nampak very pretty.

 just look at dat. da colours, da shape and almost everything about it is so so dreamy.

lepas tu we all ke Adventureland. Young-Lady just couldn't stop herself from running here and there to show how excited she was.

 I yang gedik ni dipaksa panjat Tarzan's Treehouse. bertuah btol Husbeast and Young-Lady. -__-

 after done with da nature, we went straight to Tomorrowland. here, it was quite a struggle to make Young-Lady off her butt from all da fun-rides there. macam2 yang we all terlepas. Characters meeting and photo session banyak yang terlepas, parade pulak memang satu pun tak dapat tengok. ~hadeh!

 dis is one of many more yang we all queued up to experience. I dah naik flying saucer youuuu. kih kih kih

she wanted to be a driver in every single thing dat we got on to okeyh. bersungguh2 tu dia drive. anak oh anak. ^__^

puas jugak la pujuk cik kak tu, at last...we made it to Fantasyland. I was da most excited of them all. happy okeyh dapat naik ni. hak hak hak ~poyo!

dapat naik ni jugak. muka pasrah Husbeast have to get on dat beautiful looking princessy horse. da Merry-Go-Round is da main attraction of da Fantasyland. sebab terlalu cantik. especially at night.

 and Young-lady finally got to realize her dream of meeting a princess. well..sort of. thanx a lot Cinderella for making my sweetheart happy to da max. and she's the only princess yang cik kak tu dapat jumpa. yang lain2...tak merasa. !__!

dah puas kat Fantasyland, we went to Main Street, USA pulak. to buy some souvenirs and look around their shop lot. sambil ber'camwhore' lah khenn, tu wajib. hu hu hu

showroom pun ada jugak. to display their famous cartoon characters in many form.

they were analyzing sumthing with da clay Woody and friends, but I wasn't interested at all.

while walking around da street we saw Mickey and Minnie. tapi xdapat nak have a snap with them. da queue line was endless! Mickey and Minnie pun tak larat. terpaksa hampakan harapan some of da kids yang dah lama tunggu. Young-Lady dapat snap sipi2 pun jadi la.

I yang paling merana time shopping coz there were a lot of thing yang I kenan, but da price were all so... whheeeewww! hati sakit! memang nipis sungguh purse I dat day. sampaikan Husbeast need to remind me dat it's just our second day and we have 3 more days to go. betapa migrainnya I dengar. kah kah kah.

 and Young-Lady pun suddenly sangat manja with her Ummi. she got her own mission of course. ~trust me!

 kan I dah kata. bila dia dah pegang and takmo lepas, alamat kena bayar la jawabnya. T__T

every shop lot has their own attraction. how could I not interested to spend my money? ~arrgghh!

a memorable magical moment of our family.
I ran out of space! melampau sungguh entry kali ni. hak hak hak.
Where did we have our lunch at da resort? 
Will be continued in da next entry ye guys.
When it comes to tell about Disneyland...memang unstoppable.
Do enjoy our moment together with us, will ya.
Till my next sharing. ~love y'all!


Ratu Hatiku said...

cantik tuan tanah ya.. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, how you doin'? Wow! I have never been to Disneyland, but really enjoyed looking thru your well taken pics.
I can imagine your gang having the time of their lives too.
Great pics....I guess kaki pun lemah jalan 2 all over.
And you and hubby looking good.
Have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

LYAfrina said...

bestnyer..klo asya dpt kesini sure dia sgt2 teruja & happy..

pic bsama princess cinderella tu, patung ke org betul tu?

Nasuha said...

Jemput join segmen saya =) Akan tamat 31.3.13 ni...jomm!

yan's cottage said...

nampak jelas kegembiraan si kecil tu....

CeqGu said...

Amboi mentaang2 nk jumpa minnie, tuan tanah pun pakai tudung ada ribbon hik hik..
Cikgu pernah pi disneyland paris....rasa mcm nak lebih kurang dgn hong kong punya

ashra said...

wah...bestnye...jeles jeles.
siap bergambo dengan cinderella eh..sukalah si tecit tu ye..hehe..

kitaorang pun plan nak gi,tapi lambat lagi.mungkin tahun depan atau 2015,kena tunggu yang tecit ni besar sket.kang mak paknye tak enjoy..bayar memahal kan..hehe