Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm being positive ^__*

Hari ni I takdela terlalu stress, tapi pun I tak terlalu laid back jugak. 
Everything was so-so, but first 8 hours starting from 8am was hectic like hell.
I'm dying for a week break to freshen up myself.
Hadeh! Tak tertanggung rasanya when you have to deal with four different bosses.
Yup, I got four bosses...well, five actually but da youngest of them are da nicest. ~coz he don't know how to give orders to me. Boleh?
Eventhough I tak stress I still tak larat nak masak coz I rasa penat sangat.
But I ni memang hari2 pun rasa penat so, it doesn't count kot. ~pitam!
Cuma awal2 hari lagi tadi I dah put in mind dat I wanna go to bed early to re-energize myself for tomorrow
So need to type laju2 lah to complete my mission. Kih kih kih.
I takde apa sgt pun nak story, I just rindukan my blog ni aje.
I just hope in da middle of dis year, my busy-o-meter will drop down to da lowest degree.
Harap2 lah our servers, our systems, our new software application and our audit-to-come will be nice to us all.
But now, it's time for me to sleep. ~sweet dreams to me.  ^__^

 perhaps another vacation will defrag my brain to improve my overall performance in work again. ~Go! Go! Chaiiyyo!

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