Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney Dreams! ~da best fireworks ever.

Ok...dis entry would be da sequel of my previous entry about HK Disneyland.
Without wasting any time...I would start without any foreword yeah?
Macam biasalah, I'm a lazy bum dat apparently known as workaholic wannabe khenn?
Harussslah skip kata2 aluan bagai. kih kih kih we go.

 we had our sluncher here. it became sluncher coz it was too late to be a lunch but too soon to be a dinner. so we ate a snack + lunch + dinner = sluncher! hu hu hu

it's the only 'halal' restaurant dat they got here. and their menu were all about or local cuisine. Singapore Laksa lah, Satay lah, Paratha lah. dat one was Husbeast's sluncher. Bryani Kebab & Chicken Tandoori. da taste? boleh la. but not even CLOSE! ~sigh!

 and mine was ummmm... seriously, I don't remember wut dat is. Nasi Ayam...maybe. ~arrgghhh! couldn't recall. but I shared it with Young-Lady. boleh tahan la. hu hu hu.

 lepas makan cik kak ni looks energetic aite? ye lah, perut dah kenyang hati pun senang. but not for long you guys.

 she was gone to sleep afterward, kepenatan. but we were happy as well coz it was so tiring mengejar dia kesana kemari. dah la tu, asyik nak berdukung aje. her reason would always be..."Ayah, dukungla Lisa. Nanti Lisa penat. Kalau Lisa penat kan susah." and Husbeast would always have sumthing to reply her, such as "mana tak penat? asyik melenting je kejenya. cuba duduk diam2, mesti tak penat." father & dotter. haih!

after like an hour of sitting around, and Young-Lady masa tu didn't show any sign to wake up...we decided to continue da tour. 

 sebab ada budak nyenyak tido khenn. we decided to enjoy something while sitting. tak perlu lah guna banyak energy to carry her around. so, a 3D show was da best choice.

 we need to put on dat yellow speck while watching it or could only see double image yang sangat annoying to your view. well, pakwe I yang beriya2 sgt suh I snap his pic okeyh. I tak rela sebenonye. layankan aje lah. hu hu hu.

 sampai habis tgk pun Young-Lady tak bangun2. betul punya letih tu. so da parent pun continue to nibble and quench our thirst with a light snacks. bila bau makanan je, cik kak tu pun bangun. ini kisah benar ye. Young-Lady memang pantang bab2 makan ni. -__-

 bangun2 aje tros makan dengan happy. ha ha ha. ~aptb.

 we then kept on touring the island. memang tak dapat nak round habis. itu pun we all dah puas hati coz our dotter was having a blast through-out da day. nothing could buy dat. aawwww...

 as night approached, they turn on every light along da hallway. and da castle looks really enchanting with a splash of neon in many colours.

 just look at dat. awesome isn't it?

 waiting for their everyday finale - FIRWORKS! well, we all takdelah dapat perfect spot for da perfect view. but it was good enuff to see da whole thing on fire. he he he.

 memang best. we couldn't have enuff of dis. way better than LegoLand. hik hik hik. ~sorry LL fan.

And dat's it, I'm done with da special 2-entry about Disneyland.
One useful tip for Muslim.
They don't have a place for you to pray, but we and the other muslims did perform our solah at da corner of some places there.
So, alas untuk solat memang we all sediakan untuk ke sini.
Compass is a must when you travel to a non muslim countries.
It's easier for you to know da direction of qiblat dis way rather than checking on da position of da sun. hak hak hak.


combi said...


||Sis aLeaSaRa|| said...

wah rs mcm skrg gak nk terbang ke sana he2...

dulu ms gi HK,disneyland br nk buat bff br je balik bercuti best btl.mmg kn kmpl duit ni n_n

Azmatun Ismail said...

seronoknya dapat jalan ke HK

Ratu Hatiku said...

cantik fireworks tu :D

harnidahussin said...

best kan gi HK...
walaupun dah berusia tetap rasa masih kanak2 dihati.. :)
memang fantasy land betul..

ashra said...

sangat cantik!
ni yang buat tak sabar nak pegi ni..

tgk u ols sgt enjoy betul!