Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st entry after da long mute

Yeah! Yeah! I know. 
It's too much silence in here.
Well, like I said...I was away for a-week vacation with Husbeast and Young-Lady.
And dat One-Week was a blast!!!
We enjoyed our days off from all da hassle at work.
And last Monday, we started back fresh and enthusiastic.
Not to mention light-headed too...but in a good way. hak hak hak.

Now, does anybody think dat it's getting dull around here?
Well then I owe you guys an apology.
For not being able to update anything interesting.
And for not catching some time to pay you all a visit.
I'd try to steal some minutes later to knock on your door okay?
Just you wait. hik hik hik.
Here are some eye candy dat I got from my long leave.
Have fun enjoying them. ~mmuuaachhhs! 

Hong Kong -Day One- (After da touched down at 10am)

 we headed straight to their MTR station at the HK Airport.

 I think their public transportation are way friendlier than we have back home. detail and informative. not once dat we got lost there.

 bought their octopus card. they use dis card for almost everything. even when you buy things at 7 Eleven you can just pay buy scanning da card at the special slot. their version of our Touch N Go.

 memang senang when you have dis around. touch! touch! touch! and go! tak payah susah2 dok kira berapa duit baki la and wutsoever.

 waiting for the shuttle bus to bring us to our next stop. it's FOC uollss! nice kan? ^__^

 we stayed here. cheaper than any other hotel around. rm200 per night. da room was so small! we even had to pray on da bed. tak kisah la...asalkan murah plus selamat. we choose to stay here coz it's located just in front of da biggest mosque in Kowloon. Apa2 hal, senang when you have Muslims community nearby khenn.

 after checked in, we went for a walk at their town.

 at the Victoria Harbour. It was very windy and cold. It's spring, but so damn freezing. ugh!

 Young-Lady was 'a daddy's lil girl' for a week. sikit2 ayah. mentangla ayah dia 'tough' especially around his stomach area. sikit2 nak dukung. alasan...nanti Lisa penat. ~pitam!

 wanna know wut were they looking at?

there you go. kapal besar + mewah merata2 kat HK ni. we all memanglah jakun tengok, coz da size was massive!!! but their locals plak jakun tengok we all jakun with all those super big sizes ships. eh, paham tak maksud I tu? ngade2 btol bahse kan? T__T

I dunno la but HK is always crowded with people. it's either their own peeps or even da tourists, all together fill up dat country.

 we went here. macam2 ada...just get ready with da cash. padahal SOGO kat Malaysia pun susah nak sampai. hik hik hik.

we made some investment here. banyak pilihan youuuuu, I tak boleh tahan. tangan ni gatal aje to grab some of their goods. especially for Young-Lady. but it was solely from da notes in my purse. Husbeast kata membaziaq! kat Malaysia pun tak reti stop membeli belah. tapi bila I put 2 pieces of men's clothing yang I kenan, menyengih sakan. mentang I yang bayar khenn. ~hadeh!

boleh tahan pening jugak la nak memilih. coz da menu were all very different. sometimes, we even need to ask da waiter wut was it really. gigih la they all elaborate and describe everything.

muka happy we all got to eat proper meals. it was dat bad okeyh, I'm not kidding. lepas check in je Husbeast took us for a walk from morning till night. so, we really need da break.

 here you have to pay double for your meals. If back home you just need to pay around rm20 per person for a complete set of lunch/dinner, well double the ammount when you're here. yup, pricey indeed. tapi nak wat camno, you still need to fuel up.

I got hundreds more pics yang I tak larat nak upload.
I think those on the above pun dah cukup panjang dah.
Will be continued in my next entry lah ye. ~yawning...
nite all!


ashra said...

wah wah...
mmg lama nyepi.tertunggu2 gaks..

bestnyeeeeee...tak sampai lagi HK.
nampak u ols hepi sgt.
pasti segar lah sket hari2 tuk bekerja kan...after long holiday..

Ratu Hatiku said...

welcome back! :D
Bestnya g jalan2...

IndaMarya said...

bestnya dia pi holiday...