Friday, March 29, 2013

H**y S**t! It's cold man!

Aduiii...bila la nak abis citer ni? T__T
Tapi kalau I tak citer nanti, ada sorang silent reader tu kang dok pm2 I tanya pasal sambungan. 
Siap nanti ngadu dia hampa bagai lah bila takde entry ~pitam!
Nyesal plak pegi sampai 5 hari. T__T
Kalau pegi 2 hari je mesti citer dah habis dah kan, dah boleh duduk silang pangkah dah.
Ye kak know who you are. kih kih kih.
Ok lah, I will start our fourth day...NOW! 

 macam biasalah, mula2 mesti kena isi perut dulu. kalau tak nanti masing2 lemau aje nak berjalan.

 we all dah mula keletihan on da fourth day but dis 'Young-Lady' didn't show any sign of slowing down. still energetic like on da 1st day we reached Hong Kong. wanna know her secret? he he
 her secret revealed! you just need to eat da same menu over and over again. even when you're at a different restaurant. aiyayaiyayaiiii. ~muak sunggoh!

 Husbeast suka la, coz it's his kind of meal. I'm not saying it's horrible. da taste was good actually. cuma I rasa tak puas! kalau you all nak tau, sampai aje Malaysia hari tu, I makan nasi bertambah sampai 3 kali. tu pun kalau boleh I nak makan lagi. betul2 qadak okeyh! !__!

 habis aje makan we all terus menuju ke destinasi untuk hari tu. It was all according to Husbeast. or should I say...dat day was 'His Day' coz we basically nodded to anything he said. he wanted to go to da peak tram coz da last time we here, we didn't make it to da top. Nak tebus kekecewaan la tu. hik hik hik.
 macam biasalah, we all naik train to get to da 'Victoria Peak', da highest land of Hong Kong. rumours said, their famous peeps duduk sekitar bandar Victoria ni. but we weren't here to knock on their door pun khenn. so if it's not true pun we all tak kisah. ha ha ha.

 we walked uphill for like 10 minutes to dat place. semput okeyh! da weather was windy, super cold and very misty. Da fourth day's weather was da coolest of all those five days we here. even their locals pun pakai baju tebal2. hidung I awal2 dah merah. ni baru sejuk kat Hong Kong...spring time pulak tu. dah beku hidung. poyo sungguh I ni ~mata keatas!

akhirnya we all sampai jugak. kembang hidung masing2 menarik napas. dengan harapan lebih banyak oksigen masuk. hak hak hak.

masuk2 aje we all kena amik gambar secara paksa tak rela. ha ha ha. it's ok if you don't wanna pay for da pic. but you wouldn't have a heart untuk memandang sepi gambar2 uollsss yg dah siap dijadikan keychain and wutsoever khenn. so, we all bayar lah jugak. T__T

we ride on dis to get to da top. seriously, it was really steep.

we did it! we're on da highest place of Hong Kong. they called it 'a sky terrace'.

you could experience a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across da Hong Kong. It's really a scenic spot dat you could not miss! but we missed it last time, sebab tu Husbeast beriya2 nak ke sini.

if those really are houses like I thought, I wonder who would wanna live there. It's really cold up here dude! I could feel my bone being frozen! berkali2 jugak I ajak both my sweetheart to get in da building. sebab I tak tahan! terlalu sejuk!!! but both buat tak dengar aje. ~sadis!

just look at how strong da wind is. I could feel da chill at da tip of her hand. tapi masih jugak tak reti duduk diam. I ni nak walk a step ahead pun rasa keras. dahsyat sungguh cik kak tu. hik hik hik

 we asked one of some peeps yang ada to snap our family photo. lepastu we all pulak tolong snap photo they all. mcm sistem barter gitu. he he he

sejuk2 pun I paksa diri posing youuuuu! kah kah kah. pantang btol mak jemah ni. ~pengsan!

Ok, done with The Peak. 
I'll continue on with our visit to Madame Tussaud pulak in da next entry.
Mak Jemah tak larat nkooooo.
Kalau tak kerana readers kesayangan, I biar aje blog I ni terbengkalai. ~eceh! T__T
Till my next writing. ~mmuuaacchh!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mongkok - Treasure Trove of Bargains

Our third day at Hong Kong was all about shopping!!!
We didn't really put a time limit of when to start or time to stop. 
So, I decided to be da planner of where to go.
Well...I knew better about shopping khenn? ~hak hak hak.
But da map reader would always be my luvly Husbeast lah.
Dat will never change sampai bila2 kot.  T__T
Coz I'd just bring them to the end of nowhere je nanti. ~pengsan!

We started our third day a bit late...after zohor.
Coz we didn't wanna go through much hassle of searching around for mosque as da Muslim Community in Mongkok is very little.
Sebab tu we choose to stay in Kowloon instead of Mongkok.
Dah penah merasa payahnya mengembara cari makanan halal and masjid time honeymoon dulu. 
Plus everything is a bit pricey here, lagi2 hotel.
But to shop for collectibles and souvenirs...dis is truly heaven!

first thing first, we went to lunch. ini wajib so Young-Lady won't be a cry-baby through out da day. yes! she's a lot like her father. so basically, I didn't want to handle TWO cry-babies while busy shopping. kalau I, puasa pun sanggup...asalkan dpt shopping. ~pang!

when it's time to fuel up, he always got to choose which place to dine. coz he's a picky eater khenn. sungguh bertuah okeyh to have a wife like me yang menurut perintah aje. eventhough I dah rasa tepu sangat with chicken doner lah, kebab lah, turkish tea lah. but since dat's da thing yang dia boleh makan, silakan lah yang.

usually da Turkish Restaurant in Hong Kong is not dat big. cukup2 untuk makan like 4 or 5 group aje. and they don't really stay long once they finish their meal. lepas makan, bayar and back to job. there'd be no chatting. they eat and go. 

 just to show you guys da clearer picture of da dining place.

 it looks similar but they're actually different. kalau tanya tajuk makanan ni memanglah I tak ingat. tapi memang menu ni je lah yang we all rajin order since dah tau how da taste would be.

we then went to Longham Place, their one of gigantic malls. If you want to escape from da noisy Mongkok streets, dis is da perfect place. We all pegi sini not to shop. kat sini cuma ada high class goods and designer brands. tak sesuai with our shopping budget. we went here to wait for Young-Lady having her loo-loo and poo-poo coz she's a very choosy brat who won't enter in just any toilet. kena pilih yang bersih baru ada feel. he he he.

 so, sambil2 tunggu cik kak tu ready, we gave it a tour lah. takkan nak duduk diam aje aite.

 we didn't shop a thing pun here. after settle dengan urusan ke washroom, we all terus keluar.

 and hello to da real life in Mongkok. it's busy, it's populous and it's very noisy.

 it was ohsem you guys! you could find thousands of collectibles and souvenirs with an affordable prices. they got everything here. it's like our version of Chow Kit.

 rambang2 mata Husbeast. we really did shopping here you guys! like...NON STOP! masa ni jgn kata I, Husbeast pun tak boleh stop from choosing. keh keh keh

time tu da weather was very nice. it's not too cold nor too hot. just macam duduk dalam air-conditioning room aje. so, we didn't have to put on a thick clothing. Young-Lady suka la coz it made her free to move around lightly. ~sigh sigh sigh

  done shopping at Mongkok around 6++pm. it's getting dark and we quickly took a train back to our hotel at Kowloon. kalau siang tadi da weather was so friendly, at night it started to chill.

 we did a very quick tour around da town at our accommodation. memang banyak shop lot and shopping center berdekatan yang we all tak explore lagi. sape suh mak jemah jadi shopping planner. kan dah, tak reti nak stop uooolllsss! kih kih kih.

 don't be fooled by the entrance. memang sempoi giler. but you'll be surprised once you walked in.

 tu diaaaaa. berliku2 habaq hang! the interior is very nice. and it's actually so big. 3 storey okeyh! hu hu hu

 later dat night, we had an indian style cuisine as our dinner. 

 their service was soooooo slow!!! I was about to surrender and cancelled everything. but da Nan Bread and curry were marvelous! mind-blowing dat I couldn't stop myself from complimenting da taste. rasa nak tapau aje, tapi mengenangkan betapa lamanya we have to wait for just two serving of Nan Bread...thanx aje lah. T__T

Habis aje makan we all terus balik hotel.
Our third day was da most tiring of all coz we couldn't resist ourselves from menyinggah dari satu tempat ke satu tempat.
Menyinggah aje kejenya.
Bag pack berat gila sampai I rasa macam bawak batu bata.
But we had fun... 
And some swollen feet as a bonus. bwa ha ha ha. ~apa pun tak bleh!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney Dreams! ~da best fireworks ever.

Ok...dis entry would be da sequel of my previous entry about HK Disneyland.
Without wasting any time...I would start without any foreword yeah?
Macam biasalah, I'm a lazy bum dat apparently known as workaholic wannabe khenn?
Harussslah skip kata2 aluan bagai. kih kih kih we go.

 we had our sluncher here. it became sluncher coz it was too late to be a lunch but too soon to be a dinner. so we ate a snack + lunch + dinner = sluncher! hu hu hu

it's the only 'halal' restaurant dat they got here. and their menu were all about or local cuisine. Singapore Laksa lah, Satay lah, Paratha lah. dat one was Husbeast's sluncher. Bryani Kebab & Chicken Tandoori. da taste? boleh la. but not even CLOSE! ~sigh!

 and mine was ummmm... seriously, I don't remember wut dat is. Nasi Ayam...maybe. ~arrgghhh! couldn't recall. but I shared it with Young-Lady. boleh tahan la. hu hu hu.

 lepas makan cik kak ni looks energetic aite? ye lah, perut dah kenyang hati pun senang. but not for long you guys.

 she was gone to sleep afterward, kepenatan. but we were happy as well coz it was so tiring mengejar dia kesana kemari. dah la tu, asyik nak berdukung aje. her reason would always be..."Ayah, dukungla Lisa. Nanti Lisa penat. Kalau Lisa penat kan susah." and Husbeast would always have sumthing to reply her, such as "mana tak penat? asyik melenting je kejenya. cuba duduk diam2, mesti tak penat." father & dotter. haih!

after like an hour of sitting around, and Young-Lady masa tu didn't show any sign to wake up...we decided to continue da tour. 

 sebab ada budak nyenyak tido khenn. we decided to enjoy something while sitting. tak perlu lah guna banyak energy to carry her around. so, a 3D show was da best choice.

 we need to put on dat yellow speck while watching it or could only see double image yang sangat annoying to your view. well, pakwe I yang beriya2 sgt suh I snap his pic okeyh. I tak rela sebenonye. layankan aje lah. hu hu hu.

 sampai habis tgk pun Young-Lady tak bangun2. betul punya letih tu. so da parent pun continue to nibble and quench our thirst with a light snacks. bila bau makanan je, cik kak tu pun bangun. ini kisah benar ye. Young-Lady memang pantang bab2 makan ni. -__-

 bangun2 aje tros makan dengan happy. ha ha ha. ~aptb.

 we then kept on touring the island. memang tak dapat nak round habis. itu pun we all dah puas hati coz our dotter was having a blast through-out da day. nothing could buy dat. aawwww...

 as night approached, they turn on every light along da hallway. and da castle looks really enchanting with a splash of neon in many colours.

 just look at dat. awesome isn't it?

 waiting for their everyday finale - FIRWORKS! well, we all takdelah dapat perfect spot for da perfect view. but it was good enuff to see da whole thing on fire. he he he.

 memang best. we couldn't have enuff of dis. way better than LegoLand. hik hik hik. ~sorry LL fan.

And dat's it, I'm done with da special 2-entry about Disneyland.
One useful tip for Muslim.
They don't have a place for you to pray, but we and the other muslims did perform our solah at da corner of some places there.
So, alas untuk solat memang we all sediakan untuk ke sini.
Compass is a must when you travel to a non muslim countries.
It's easier for you to know da direction of qiblat dis way rather than checking on da position of da sun. hak hak hak.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Disneyland time y'all!

Our second day at Hong Kong was all about treating Young-Lady.
Well, I'm included as well lah kot coz Husbeast always bear in mind dat he got two underage girl in his obligation.  T__T
But I don't mind at all coz It makes me feel free pointing to sumthing dat I might wanna make it mine without spending my money.
Kata pun di bawah tanggungan khenn? hak hak hak
But seriously, I'm a very understanding life partner okeyh.
I do spend with my own wage.....sumtimes. Hu hu hu.
Especially when I want sumthing and he doesn't approve it. -__-
Tak kisah la tu, but now...lemme take you guys to HK Disneyland.
Errr...sort of.  
Have fun guys.

 we took a ride on their train to get there. and da train is awesome!! Mickey sign is everywhere in it.

see! see! see! trust me, da second we entered dia train...happiness is in the air. coz everyone was in their bubbly mood to have fun at da world famous resort. especially kiddos! errr...I'm included. ~sigh!

 just look at da handrail. cute sangat okeyh!!!

 and Young-Lady made a quick new friend while in there. dat lil' girl was all da way from da mainland and it's her first time going to Disneyland. boleh geng dgn Young-Lady lah.

arrived! masa ni we all dah tak sabar to head to da main gate.

look at dat girl. if all dis while punya lah susah for me to make her stand still for just a quick snap, dat day she just 'ai yai captain' to everything I said. she's a very nice girl...for a day only lah.  T__T

 dis is da main gate. in front there is da ticketing counter. 

 ni lah ticket HK Disneyland. If you ask me...I'd say...tak cute langsung! kalau letak gambar Tinkerbell ke, Minnie Mouse ke...kan lagi comel. tak paham btol. ~mula lah I tu.

 Husbeast was busy updating his FB and other social network dat he have. Young-Lady plak couldn't wait any longer to experience da magical world of Disney.

 and dis was da first thing we hop on to. da train will give you a tour around the island of Disneyland. so you can see da whole thing dat they have in there and choose to stop at which station dat you like such as Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and many more.

 to tell you da truth...paling ramai yang turun kat station ni. I pun kalau boleh nak turun sini dah, but Husbeast insist to continue da ride. ~sigh!

 see, train dah kosong dah. 

 bila dah empty baru lah I gasak ber'camwhore'. hak hak hak

 we went here for a fun boat ride.

 tempat ni best. sebab everything nampak very pretty.

 just look at dat. da colours, da shape and almost everything about it is so so dreamy.

lepas tu we all ke Adventureland. Young-Lady just couldn't stop herself from running here and there to show how excited she was.

 I yang gedik ni dipaksa panjat Tarzan's Treehouse. bertuah btol Husbeast and Young-Lady. -__-

 after done with da nature, we went straight to Tomorrowland. here, it was quite a struggle to make Young-Lady off her butt from all da fun-rides there. macam2 yang we all terlepas. Characters meeting and photo session banyak yang terlepas, parade pulak memang satu pun tak dapat tengok. ~hadeh!

 dis is one of many more yang we all queued up to experience. I dah naik flying saucer youuuu. kih kih kih

she wanted to be a driver in every single thing dat we got on to okeyh. bersungguh2 tu dia drive. anak oh anak. ^__^

puas jugak la pujuk cik kak tu, at last...we made it to Fantasyland. I was da most excited of them all. happy okeyh dapat naik ni. hak hak hak ~poyo!

dapat naik ni jugak. muka pasrah Husbeast have to get on dat beautiful looking princessy horse. da Merry-Go-Round is da main attraction of da Fantasyland. sebab terlalu cantik. especially at night.

 and Young-lady finally got to realize her dream of meeting a princess. well..sort of. thanx a lot Cinderella for making my sweetheart happy to da max. and she's the only princess yang cik kak tu dapat jumpa. yang lain2...tak merasa. !__!

dah puas kat Fantasyland, we went to Main Street, USA pulak. to buy some souvenirs and look around their shop lot. sambil ber'camwhore' lah khenn, tu wajib. hu hu hu

showroom pun ada jugak. to display their famous cartoon characters in many form.

they were analyzing sumthing with da clay Woody and friends, but I wasn't interested at all.

while walking around da street we saw Mickey and Minnie. tapi xdapat nak have a snap with them. da queue line was endless! Mickey and Minnie pun tak larat. terpaksa hampakan harapan some of da kids yang dah lama tunggu. Young-Lady dapat snap sipi2 pun jadi la.

I yang paling merana time shopping coz there were a lot of thing yang I kenan, but da price were all so... whheeeewww! hati sakit! memang nipis sungguh purse I dat day. sampaikan Husbeast need to remind me dat it's just our second day and we have 3 more days to go. betapa migrainnya I dengar. kah kah kah.

 and Young-Lady pun suddenly sangat manja with her Ummi. she got her own mission of course. ~trust me!

 kan I dah kata. bila dia dah pegang and takmo lepas, alamat kena bayar la jawabnya. T__T

every shop lot has their own attraction. how could I not interested to spend my money? ~arrgghh!

a memorable magical moment of our family.
I ran out of space! melampau sungguh entry kali ni. hak hak hak.
Where did we have our lunch at da resort? 
Will be continued in da next entry ye guys.
When it comes to tell about Disneyland...memang unstoppable.
Do enjoy our moment together with us, will ya.
Till my next sharing. ~love y'all!