Thursday, February 21, 2013

he's home...and I'm back.

Oh Em Gee!!! I could see spider webs in here. Hu hu hu
Been away from my lappy berhari2 membuatkan I missed it badly.
And not be able to update anything buatkan I rasa jauh with all my fellow blogger. ~yep, it's you guys!
I just couldn't find da time to write eventhough I got sooo much to share.
Rumah I penuh with my parents and sisters dok teman I and Young-Lady for 3days.
Itu yang tak ingat langsung kat mana I letak lappy. Hik hik hik 

Husbeast was out of town from Monday to attend a management course to all Malaysian Librarian.
He came home yesterday. ~Yippieeee!
And I need to fetch him at Senai Airport around 9pm.
I dah la memang rindu giler kat pakcik tu. ~ini semua poyo! T__T
Apa taknya? Usually bila Young-Lady tiba2 aje ter'rajin' bangun pagi buta, Husbeast la yang offer diri nak melayan and let me get back to my sleep.
Ini baru 3hari, I dah macam zombie. ~versi comel. keh keh keh.

But I was lucky to have my parents yang sungguh2 nak dtg and teman we all until Husbeast settled his 3-day-course tu. 
Bila rumah dah penuh, of course lah I won't even noticed yang I dah lama rupanya tak menulis.
I even couldn't find any time to go and visit you guys at home.
Nanti I singgah ye. ~fuhh! banyak tempat ni. hik hik hik.
So today, I present to you my reasons of long silent.

 hall I ada they all ni

hall husbeast ada semua tu

leisure time we all macam ni

 leisure time husbeast macam tu

we all dinner dengan meals macam ni

husbeast dinner dengan meals macam tu

 I fetch him naik ni (abaikan lah I yang super chubby tu T__T )

he came home naik tu

True! Memang jauh lebih exclusive and comfortable from da one we had at home.
But one thing he always complained to me while he was at dat 5 star hotel is 'I missed you and our dotter'.
Awwwwww...dat's so sweet khenn?
Sebab tu semalam I dah tak menahan sabo to fetch him up at the airport.
And only tonight I could cook him our dinner.
Coz semalam balik dah penat kan, so we all drive through aje.  

 I made his favorite daging masak hitam manis with stir fried sawi. Young-Lady nak sangat nugget, so I goreng lah. Asalkan tak selalu aite?  

 suka sangat tengok pakcik tu berselera makan. eventhough he tasted some 5 stars dishes, mine will always be his favorite. ~dia yang kata lah. kalau dia tipu...I tak tau. T__T

at last, Young-Lady can have his dad back every night. huk huk


CeqGu said...

awwwwwwwwwwww sweetnye hehehe...kembang kempheeesss la hidung orang tu kikiki

Ratu Hatiku said...

so sweet.... :D

Kakzakie said...

Ehh... dah dekat dgn rumah kakak nie. Bila dah bersatu kembali mesti tidur pun lena:)

ashra said...

hehe..rindu bangatttt kan bila hubby jejauh...

chumel je gambo last tu. =) daddy's girl..