Thursday, February 28, 2013

am I breaking down?

I was on da verge of a great sadness.
I know, there must be times when we want to give up on wut we do.
Because it's too hard, too many misunderstandings occur.
And I know dat I need to take a deep breath, and need to go slow.
Office thingy is nothing compared to wut I've been through.
To my workload, my stressed out bosses, my mind-numbingly dull job...I got sumthing to tell.
Some days, I wish I could just quit on you guys and focus on being a mom and a wife.
It's like enuff is enuff! I'm done with everything.

But I can't really articulate it and maybe I don't need to. 
Haaaiiihhh... entah lah.  T__T

our super simple dinner tonight. I guess those dishes really point out my emotion today. dull and boring! ~tapi still sedap kot. -__-

 may tomorrow will bring me some flowery moments to enjoy my life as a PmP(BA). ~ganbatte kudasaiii!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I really need a break!

Tolong!!! I tak tau lah kenapa but I seems to be super busy at work.
And I don't like it!
Apa taknya, nak bukak laci untuk makan biskut pun tak sempat.
I penat, stress, and annoyed with each new task dat we have everyday in my department.
New servers, new software, new systems, and of course...lots and lots of new problems. ~tsk tsk tsk.
Sumtimes, I'm just not in da mood even to chat around with my workmates. T__T

Nak update my writing hut pun malas.
Coz I got nothing to brag about. hak hak hak
Nak brag pasal server baru? Bukan I punya pun.
Nak brag pasal software baru? It gave us quite a headache lagi ada la.
Nak brag about my bustle? Trust me, it's not sumthing dat I'm proud of. ~argghhh!
How would you feel when you're having a moment of getting da situation under control, and da next problems occur.
I don't know about you guys but I feel like punching sumone in da face. Kih kih kih.

No matter wut, we still gotta do wut we gotta do.
Or else PSZ will be jammed on every corner, department we all jugak yang susah.
Phone will never stop ringing, emails will never stop coming, complaints will keep on flooding. ~sigh sigh sigh.
But we're in Bahagian Pembangunan Automasi need to handle all these with our sweetest smile.
Hypocrite? Eh tak lah!!! 
We all cuma amalkan Standard People Practice aje. #!@%$#&! ~aptb!

antara orang2 kuat BPA. my boss celebrated her dedicated staffs yang sentiasa ready with any circumstances dat might arise at any second. memang stress sampai nak makan pun muka serious. orang lain dapat makan free muka happy tapi we all... T__T

 with my other besties yang baru naik keje after gave birth to her third child. and ummm....she's boss. hu hu
dah kenyang baru lah we all boleh senyum. dah kata memang suka makan khenn? ~nanges!
Psst! bila I nak pegi jalan2 rumah you all ni??? keje oh keje. 
Why la sungguh kejam dengan I?  T__T

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday blues? mine is not. ^__^

I'm taking an emergency leave today. 
Both of my sweetheart demam, and who else kaau tak I yang kena jaga they al khenn?
But I'm ok with it coz it wasn't dat hard pun.
Dense their stomach with food, gave 'em their medical prescription and wait for them to feel sleepy.
Lepas tu, I boleh buat apa je and no one will interfere in wutever business dat I'm doing. ~seronok okeyh!
But once they up from their we go again.
It'll be 'UMMIIII!!!' here and there.
Bapak ke anak ke dua2 sama aje. ~tariknapasdalam2! haih...

Tak kisah lah kan, sebab memang itu lah life I sejak kawen until now.
So, I've got no complaints.
Just get up and do wut I had to do, itu lebih mudah kot. ^__^
But I'm happy coz both pun dah getting a lot better while I'm writing dis.
Looks like tomorrow will be back to normal.
Go to work, being busy with everything, and counting seconds for da clock to strike at 5pm.
I think I'm happier to be on da move at home instead of at work.
But I still wanna get paid each month. ~camno? 
Verangan aje lah coz sumone will definitey get angry if there's a thought of, 'kena lah kawen dgn anak raja.' Hak hak hak.

 coz I didn't go to work today rajin lah I nak buat breakfast. itu pun yang tak perlu skill. well, you guys know me very well kan? sumone yg tak berapa nak rajin. so, breakfast lah dengan lempeng tepung cicah sambal tumis bilis. tapi pun I tgk tiba2 orang sakit berdua tu jadi jerung time makan. ~hidung kembang! hu hu hu.

these were dishes of our lunch and dinner tadi. chicken + potato masak kicap with mixed veges in tom yam soup. tom yam tu I guna pes adabi je coz today I tak larat nak menumbuk bagai. ~alasan! hi hi

sebab I sebok nak kuruskan badan, so dis was my dinner just now. ........... ok foooiinnee! I tipu. I makan nasi dulu lepas dah kenyang makan nasi baru I makan yogurt ni. I takde lah rasa bersalah sangat sebab its fat free! sebab tu I tunjuk gambar dia besar2 kat you guys. so, takpe kan? it's not fattening kan? ~pitam!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

we're under attack!

We're all having a flue...starting with Husbeast.
He's having it like 2 days ago, and later dis evening... hidung Young-Lady pulak yang bocor.
Very soon after dat, it's my turn. tsk tsk tsk.
So all three of us are now kinda moody with almost everything.
Sampaikan cik kak tu asek mintak teh o panas manjang since morning.
Yup, teh o panas untuk dia...but it's lukewarm to us lah. he he
Selera makan masing2 memang kelaut.
No wonder last night they were just requesting super simple menu.

Since Husbeast need to go to work coz NuMed held an Open Day today, I made us a simple breakfast aje.
Roti canai, dis one is frozen ye. ~tak kose mak jemah nak make it from scratch.  T__T
But I didn't make any curry or dhal sauce to match it up.
Husbeast wanted to eat it with 'susu manis', like how her dotter selalu makan.
I memang suka aje, dengan I sekali makan mcm tu. ~ala2 roti boom la. he he he.
Lunch I tak masak apa pun sebab Young-Lady tak menunjukkan minat nak bersantap pun.

So I made some old fashion plain rice porridge for her.
Makan pun dah nak petang at almost 2.30 pm, memang kenyang sampai ke malam lah.
5pm Husbeast sampai rumah aje pun terus nak bubur yang I buat tu.
And when I offer him for any side dishes dat he might want to have along with da bubur...he said no.
Those two buatkan I rasa weird coz they said NO to almost every additional things dat they usually had.
Memang menyenangkan keje I tapi tetap rasa janggal.
I just hope we'll be getting better real soon. ~Insya Allah. ^__^

 our breakfast look exactly macam ni. cuma pinggan dengan mug aje lain. dis one Young-Lady punya. I dgn Husbeast breakfast awal2 pagi coz he need to reach his office at 8am. tak sempat I nak snap bagai.

 ini pulak was our lunch + dinner. memang nampak betul2 like a meal for sumone with a cold khenn? agak2 kalau seminggu macam ni, I dengan Husbeast boleh slim down tak ek? ~nanges! keh keh keh. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

mixed-up stories

Wanna know how Young-Lady spent her last weekend at my parent's?

 pagi dengan member2 Ucu

malam pulak dengan member2 Utha

I ni dia langsung tak pandang dah.
Mentang2 those girls tu semua cantik2 belaka khenn?
I dia tolak tepi. ~sabo aje lah.
Sampaikan everything pun nak buat together with all of them.
Nak makan sama2, nak main sama2, nak tengok tv sama2, nak mandi pun sama2. 
Tapi bila time tido, eh pandai pulak dia cari I.  T__T
Well, sebab I aje yang boleh bagi dia susu.
Kalau tak...memang kirim salam aje lah.
Most likely she'll be sleeping with them too. ~bila la nak putus susu cik kak tu kan?

And I pulak, got an issue of my own now.
I feel fat and heavy. T__T
Sebok nak kuruskan badan coz it's getting plumper at each corner.
Each time Husbeast ask me for a hug, I jadi sgt phobia.
I became so insecure that he might be touching at those ugly bulges yang mencanak2 naik kat merata badan I. ~pengsan!
Although he would always say dat I look fine, I'm not gonna buy it.
Duhh! Girls will be girls aite?  -__-

 tapi masak tetaplah masak. cuma today's dishes were all so damn simple. I nak tayang pun segan. but since kalau I tak tayang my mailbox would be filled with envelopes tanya I tak masak ke today, dah tak cook for dinner ke, and so on...I tayang lah ye. and yupsie, semua ini upon of their request. I had to fry those omelette separately sebab Young-Lady tak nak ada topping. her father pulak tak nak takde topping. sesungguhnya Ummi amat memahami.  T__T

 I pulak suddenly teringin nak makan nasi panas with crumble egg. but mine is versi jawa. I goreng dgn bawang, cili padi and pour in lots of dark soy sauce. biasalah, I kan anak jawa. see those lime? tu kununnya could cut all da grease and calories from the egg lah kekdahnya. takut gemuk, tapi makan still makan. camno? ~pitam! 

  and my cheek tells it all. ~sigh sigh sigh (help!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

he's home...and I'm back.

Oh Em Gee!!! I could see spider webs in here. Hu hu hu
Been away from my lappy berhari2 membuatkan I missed it badly.
And not be able to update anything buatkan I rasa jauh with all my fellow blogger. ~yep, it's you guys!
I just couldn't find da time to write eventhough I got sooo much to share.
Rumah I penuh with my parents and sisters dok teman I and Young-Lady for 3days.
Itu yang tak ingat langsung kat mana I letak lappy. Hik hik hik 

Husbeast was out of town from Monday to attend a management course to all Malaysian Librarian.
He came home yesterday. ~Yippieeee!
And I need to fetch him at Senai Airport around 9pm.
I dah la memang rindu giler kat pakcik tu. ~ini semua poyo! T__T
Apa taknya? Usually bila Young-Lady tiba2 aje ter'rajin' bangun pagi buta, Husbeast la yang offer diri nak melayan and let me get back to my sleep.
Ini baru 3hari, I dah macam zombie. ~versi comel. keh keh keh.

But I was lucky to have my parents yang sungguh2 nak dtg and teman we all until Husbeast settled his 3-day-course tu. 
Bila rumah dah penuh, of course lah I won't even noticed yang I dah lama rupanya tak menulis.
I even couldn't find any time to go and visit you guys at home.
Nanti I singgah ye. ~fuhh! banyak tempat ni. hik hik hik.
So today, I present to you my reasons of long silent.

 hall I ada they all ni

hall husbeast ada semua tu

leisure time we all macam ni

 leisure time husbeast macam tu

we all dinner dengan meals macam ni

husbeast dinner dengan meals macam tu

 I fetch him naik ni (abaikan lah I yang super chubby tu T__T )

he came home naik tu

True! Memang jauh lebih exclusive and comfortable from da one we had at home.
But one thing he always complained to me while he was at dat 5 star hotel is 'I missed you and our dotter'.
Awwwwww...dat's so sweet khenn?
Sebab tu semalam I dah tak menahan sabo to fetch him up at the airport.
And only tonight I could cook him our dinner.
Coz semalam balik dah penat kan, so we all drive through aje.  

 I made his favorite daging masak hitam manis with stir fried sawi. Young-Lady nak sangat nugget, so I goreng lah. Asalkan tak selalu aite?  

 suka sangat tengok pakcik tu berselera makan. eventhough he tasted some 5 stars dishes, mine will always be his favorite. ~dia yang kata lah. kalau dia tipu...I tak tau. T__T

at last, Young-Lady can have his dad back every night. huk huk

Friday, February 15, 2013

whooooppss! dat's just not it!

I'm not really in da mood for anything right now.
Why? Well I tell you guys why.
In fact, I'm okay to tell it all about it.
How detailed you want me to explain?
How long the elaboration you'd like it to be?
Coz I can go on and on and on and on and on muttering about dis.

Or maybe you guys wanna hear an odd version of bed time story?
Dis one will definitely put you to sleep da next second I open my mouth to talk about it.
Are you guys ready? 
I'm about to vomit everything.
Here it comes...ready? Ready???

I'M getting FAT!!! Arrggghhhhh! ~and I'm actually not ok with it. 

Well...dis is embarrassing. 
Totally 'yourargumentjustgotdestroyedandyouhavenothingelsetosay'!
Whenever Husbeast step on our bathroom scale, he'll sigh.
Babbling dat it's broken and I'll be like...yeah right. ~wutever.
And dis morning I feel the urge to step on it after a five months of abandonment.
It scared da hell outta me. ~agree! it's broken! (in our head).
From a 51-52kg lady I'm now up to 55.2kg. ~congrats to me! clap..clap..clap..

 wut to do? berat dah naik pun khenn? so, I kena lah sedar diri and start on dieting if I wanna have my normal weight again. T__T

shhhh! dis is our secret yeah? ha ha ha. ~semput!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

super quick 3 days update

Having a great Holiday?
I pun sama, sampai tak menyempat nak update.
So, lets have a look wut I got here.

We have dis on Monday...of course requested by Young-Lady.

and also another one of dis for Monday dinner coz Husbeast pulak yang mengidam (after seeing my maggie tom yam pic in here) T__T

and we have dis on Tuesday for dinner, fried chicken with chilli paste and oven baked potato. lunch was at my in laws but I forgot to snap da dishes.  -__-

and today, we dine on dis. ayam masak cuka berherba with stir fried belacan okra.

Happy with full stomach. Mission Accomplished!  ^__*

p/s: sorry for da low quality pics. I pun tak sure wut's wrong with my tiny Lumix.  T__T

Sunday, February 10, 2013

feeling Thai in Chinese New Year

Happy Cinese New Year to all!!! ^__^
Hari ni we all tak kemana2.
Seharian hujan...sumtimes lebat...sumtimes renyai.
But it never stop.
So, memang lah mood nak berjalan semua ke laut.
According to wut we've planned before, we should be going to a wedding ceremony at Kota Tinggi with my in laws.
Tapi dengan keadaan 'licin & basah' cancel lah jawabnya.

Since dah tak keluar rumah tu, wut else would we do other than cleaning, tidying and cooking khenn?
But dis week is very special coz Husbeast did da cleaning more than I did. ~yaaayyy!
Well, has a price to pay lah...bukannya free. T__T
I need to cook dishes yang dia dok terkenang2 at My Friend Tom Yam hari tu.
Thai Cuisine? OH NO!!! Dat is not my thingy! ~muko berpoluh!
Seriously, I rasa macam nak menyorok dalam almari je sebab nak cakap tak terer masak semua tu SEGAN! Keh keh keh.

 our lunch today. mix veges in oyster sauce, cencaru bakar and cencaru sumbat.

 my first time ever! kalau cencaru ni bakar plain and cicah air asam I penah la buat. tapi yang ala2 kedai looks complicated to me. I takde daun pisang, so I bakar dia saje. tapi bila dah masak, idakle susah mana pun. buang karen je nervous bagai. -__-

 I buat cencaru sumbat ni jugak coz I was scared to death my grilled 'Torpedo Scat' would taste horrible. at least ada lah jugak back up dish. ~boleh gitu? hik hik hik.

 lauk pauk ni tak sampai malam pun. so for dinner I had to cook another dish. cooking aje lah kejenya today. ~sigh.

 did I tell you guys dat I'm a 'lazy bum'? so dinner I buat satu lauk ni je lah. Husbeast asked for tom yam daging, tapi I lebur jugak segala veges yang ada kat dalam tom yam tu. tak payah la I masak another dish to complete our eating pyramid. pandai tak I? ~hidung kembang sangat2! ^__^

To be honest, I never make grilled fish before. 
Walaupun to some people dat dish is so damn easy to be done. ~nanges! 
And I never make Tom Yam from scratch my whole life!
So when I had to do both dishes today, memang lah lintang pukang my kitchen jadinya.
But I'm so happy coz the outcome sangat lah membanggakan I as a newbie in cooking Thai Cuisine.
Sedap untuk we all aje lah, untuk orang lain...I suggest better pi makan kat kedai. Hik hik hik.
Lepas ni kalau Husbeast nak makan lauk pauk thai lagi...bring it on! Hak hak hak
Errrr...but he can only request for it on weekend lah ye. ~pengsan!

Friday, February 8, 2013

my lazy Friday

Wallah!!! Best nya I rasa coz today is Friday.
Nothing great happened today, so...I got nothing to babble about.
It's just dat dis weekend might be my busiest ever.
No plan of going anywhere coz da road must be really dense with vehicles.
It's Chinese New Year you guys, haruslaah khenn.
We are Malaysian, we celebrate every RAYA we have here.
Doesn't matter whose raya it belongs to, we will always celebrate it together. ~duhh!
Kita satu bangsa, satu negara...kita 1 Malaysia. ~Poyo! T__T

 bila Husbeast dah start order, I kenalah bukak kedai to prepare everything. lucky me he requested for some easy-to-cook dishes.

 kebab tu I tak modified langsung (malas! biasalah I), telur dadar plak I ganti dgn fried veges. kalau ikut tekak pakcik tu memanglah everything will minus da sayur. ~not a chance! hu hu

 but I'm so happy coz he was able to swallow dat peas + carrot. Young-Lady will always with her typical dish lah khenn.
overall, nice dinner and licin semuanya. ~I like!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

our different palate

It's been raining heavily in the afternoon for three days back to back dis week.
Jalan penuh je dengan air and traffic jgn cakaplah.  ~racing snails.
Usually it'll take about 15-20 minutes for us to reach home.
But in dis condition...we took almost 30-40 minutes on da road.
I bukan lah apa sangat, cuma MASA ITU AMAT BERHARGA! ~haihhh!
I need to have a shower and perform solat, I need to cook, I need to clean everything after dine, I need to tidy up things dat Young-Lady n her Father have been scattered around, I need to sweep da floor after done tidying up, I need to ready our bags for tomorrow, and many more before I can have a good rest. ~pheww! dat's a very long list of 'got-to-do' khenn?
So, yep! Time is very precious to me.  T__T

Dat's why la sumtimes I macam senyum dalam terpaksa aje when both of them requesting for sumthing yang will take quite a long period to be prepared.
Tadi bila I dengar aje Husbeast start saying dat today he feels like to eat...I dah berdoa dalam hati.
Janganlah meat dishes coz I tak kose nak menunggu for da meat to be boiled sampai empuk. ~Mak Jemah fenat! 
But I'm so happy when he said dat he wanted to eat just ikan kering.
The others will be dishes dat I choose to cook. ~syoknye! 
And because of dat, I choose to eat tom yam maggie mee.
Sebab tetiba je tekak I teringin time hujan2 ni. ~motip? aptb T__T

ikan kapak favorite pakwe I. today he wanted me to fry it plain. so I pair it up with sambal belacan.

lepastu I buatkan dia egg tofu with broccoli in garlic oyster sauce. I buat lauk ni sebab both pun suka. senang keje I. he he

and dis is Husbeast's dinner plate. I memanglah tak makan ikan kapak tu. unless I don't have any other choice, mampu kot nak telan. kalau tak, mahap aje lah. kih kih kih.

and dis is my dinner. since kat office lagi I dah dok terbayang maggie tom yam, tak tau kenapa. dah tak menahan nak makan, but Husbeast didn't even drool on dis. I sorang aje lah yang santap. sedap sunggoh I rasa maggie tu, memang rugi pakwe I tak nak. hak hak hak

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday ke? T__T

Today I letih, mata ni rasa berat sangat...letak mancis pun belum tentu boleh terbukak luas2.
Not because of work, or even house chores.
It's because of penyakit malas I dah datang balik.
Dulu pernah la I hadapi symptom2 pelik ni, biasanya time on da way to have my period.
Now, if it's not 2am yet, jgn harap lah mata ni nak tutup, duk terkebil dalam gelap. 
Padahal tido tu sumthing yg best! kan pelik tu. ~nanges!
Tutup lah semua lampu pun, I won't be able to snooze punyer.  T__T
Bila siang aje, hamek kau! ~punyelah lemau!

Like any other week, Wednesday is Husbeast sports day.
So I supposed not to cook for today. ~my off cooking day, remember?
But I got a pillow of gardenia bun yang dah nak expired.
So I made our dinner jugak lah...macam biasa, it would be so damn simple.
Maklumlah, awal2 lagi I dah dok tulis PENAT khenn? ~pitam!
But before Husbeast went for his outdoor activities.....
'Yang, perut ni dah nampak slim kan? I can definitely perform during da father's day.' with a raise of his eyebrow.
So???? !%$^*&@! = Pfffttt! ~oih!

 home made pizza out of gardenia bun. I campak ajelah apa yang ada kat fridge tu. nak dpt bahan lengkap memang takdelah since I didn't even plan to make dis. 

 since Husbeast will be having another activity later on (choiii!), he only had one piece aje. to maintain his perfomance katanya. ~sendu sunggoh!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

new table cloth in da house

I am da kind of person who rarely buy for new things.
If da thing can really be used and still looks good, I'm ok with it.
But Husbeast is da kind of man who really concerned about everything.
If to him dat thing 'spoiled' his eyes, he'll definitely do something.
Tapi I suka aje as long as it can improve the overall look khenn.

My dining table dah lama tak bersalin baju.
Adalah dalam 3 tahun, sejak we all pindah to our current house ni lah.
Young-Lady was not even born yet pun time tu.
I dah rasa lawa sangat lah da design of my old table cloth masa tu.
But day by day...kaler dia nampak lusuh sebab selalu kena lap kan.
So, now it's not as bright as it used memang lah dah tak cantik aite?  T__T
Bila Husbeast nampak aje ada part yang dah terkoyak, terus dia suggest to buy da new one.

I kalau pilih for table cloth ni, memang lah yang murah2 aje.
It won't be lacey, or even satin kind.
It will always be PVC Vinyl so I can wipe all the oily stains easily.
Sebab kat rumah ni memang ramai yang suka makan.
So da probability of having stains all over da place on da table tu memang lah amat tinggi.
To wear it with a pricey and nice looking kind of table cloth?
No thanks, I know I won't be so sedulous to wash it dat often. T__T

table cloth yang you guys selalu nampak dekat gambar2 dinner dishes I tu. kalau dulu memang lah very bright and eye popping. he he

 dis is da reason dat Husbeast want to change it with a new dress. agak2 kalau baju I koyak dia nak belikan yang baru tak? ~pengsan!

 I choose dis design. cantik tak? ngade2 nak match kan with da dividing curtain between my living room and da kitchen area tu.

Ouh! and our small japanese like dining table pun dapat lah baju baru.
Since we all memang selalunya will dine together at da small table sebab nak memudah kan Young-Lady, it looks worst than our dining table tu.
So, Husbeast pun tukarkan lah baju our small table tu sekali.
Using our old table cloth yang still okey lagi lah kalau nak dibandingkan with its own cloth. hak hak hak.

 see!!! I tak tipu tau, memang nampak teruk sangat. kalau lah dis table can talk, teruklah we all kena bebel. kih kih kih

 pak cik ni memang rajin when it comes to improve everything around da house. senang hati I okeyh.  ^__^

 yaaayy! new clothes. Young-Lady lah yang paling happy coz it gives a new feel while enjoying our dinner together. ~luvliness!

 tonight's dinner. mixed fried veges and daging masak kicap.

 dinner time is very important to us. we will always have it together in one table. no excuse! sebab time ni lah we will get to know each others thingy and share about da day dat we've been through. ~happiness!