Monday, January 14, 2013

you guys are awesome! n__n

Hari ni I got so depressed sbb my PC at work buat hal.
When I turned it on, terpaksa menunggu sgt lama to have da whole thing done loading.
Memang lah tak boleh buat keje coz I have to wait like 10 minutes to open any page dat I doubled click on my desktop.
So I ask one of da technician to look at wut might be da problem.
Ternyata memang tepat sangkaan I and my colleagues.
It's infected with virus.
So my CPU need to be warded da whole half working day.

Terpaksa lah I guna PC member sebelah since he'll be in da scanner room till afternoon.
Bila nak bukak blog, I forgot my password. ~hadeh!
Coz I'm da type yang jarang log out when it comes to personal ict's belonging. ~but I akan log out when it's public properties.
So dgn gigihnya I terpaksa recover everything through my alternate email address.
And I made it! Wohooo! But wait!  O__O
I have a very long list of email in my inbox yg memang I tak pernah amik port sebelum ni.

Most of them are from da silent readers of my blogsite.  
OMG!!! I tak sangka you guys read my blog okeyh! Thank-you soooo much for lovin it. ~Tak terkata.  ^__^
Never wonder dat peeps would bother or even interested to read my story. ~it is more a babble than a story actually.
Some asked about my age, some gave a very nice compliments to my Young-Lady, some praised me for my devotion to Husbeast, some just love to see pics taken by me and some suggest dat I put recipes for dishes dat I cook for da day. ~oh no!

To all yg dah berkurun hantar and waited for my reply yg tak kunjung tiba tu...I'm soooo sorry.
I think I need to link da notification to my mobile.
So takdela I terlepas pandang. ~Hadeh! Mak Jemah dh ferasan fofular.
I sungguh2 tak sangka ada yg nak email I to know things about uninteresting me and my family.
I am nobody, living a very simple life dat's faaaar from RICH and GLAM, plus very 'kekampungan' in everything.
So I sgt2 lah terkejut to see my inbox bersusun with envelopes.
Ok lah, let me answer you guys generally about things yg byk diutarakan in my mail ye. ~terasa femes sudah! Ampun....

I dah tua okeyh! I'm in my 30's right now, not 23 or 25 like some of you guessed. (apa pun I suka dgn tekaan sebegitu ~matikla!!!)
Young-Lady pulak baru shj turned to 3 on Jan 2013, and no! I didn't colour her hair, dat's her genuine colour. 
Mata dia mmg bulat, I supposed she got dat from my youngest sis kot. Coz you guys are rite, mine and Husbeast's are not at all.  -__-
Nak tgk video about Young-Lady? I takde pulak upload apa2 video in youtube, but one day if I did record some interesting thing yg dia buat...I will share it with you guys. (apesal byk pertanyaan psl cik kak ni? Takde pun org tanya psl I byk macam ni) ~pitam!

I tak berani nak letak recipe for all dishes dat I make coz they're all very simple. ~pejam mata pun boleh buat.
Lagipun I takde sukat2 ni, main agak2 aje and sumtimes I pun ikut resepi org. ~I did put their links. Nanti check key?
And I masak takde lah sedap mana.
It looks delicious coz it's just a pic, kalau you all dapat rasa...I memang tak berani nak jamin apa2.  T__T
And yes, I memang masak in a small portion since we all cuma makan malam bertiga sahaja.
All dishes need to be cleared on dat very night, or else...I akan modified it tomorrow to other dish dat suitable.
I'm not a photographer lah! I pun tak pernah belajar the art of photography. T__T
I snap poyo gitu pun cantik ke uooolllsss? Keh keh keh.
I didn't have any DSLR camera, I just use my very tiny and worn-out Panasonic DMC-LS85 dat's already out-dated. ~kalau jual balik dah takde harga langsung!
I pun tak edit anything on my photo.
Sebab I memang tak pandai nak edit2 ni, those are the original. 

Yup, my husband is a Librarian at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.
Untuk yang bertanya, I have a strong feeling dat you're one of da student there since you said he looks very strict everytime you and your frens bumped into him. n__n
Well, muka dia mmg nampak strict (I would say 'sombong') but if you greet him, he'll surprise you. ~try la.
Kenapa I nampak macam terlalu mengikut kata my Husband?  ^__^
Umm, I pun tak tau how to answer dis question but I got my own reason for dat. 
Nantilah, whenever I'm ready I will reveal everything about dat big question mark to some of you.

Wheew! done answering all questions in a very simple answer.
I hope you guys (who asks) will be pleased with my answers here.
Maaf sangat for da late response since I'm not really a 'mail-reader'.  T__T
But I'm so happy to know dat you guys really enjoy reading all my writings.
Tak tau nak gambarkan how happy I am to know I have inspired a few of you with my babbling.
I pun tak tau tang mana yang special nye tu but if it can set some good example...I'd be more than happy to share.
Have a good day to all.  ^__^

 me, my lil sisters and sister in law during Young-Lady's birthday private event. he he he.

 different flowers from da same garden. ^__^
 daddy's lil' girl, now and then. n dat would be all of us.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Red Rose, how you doin'?
Yes, we have to take every precaution using our computers in view of viruses, spybots, Trojans, whatever that can affect or crash our computers.

With regards to taking photographs....Red Rose, remember is not the is the person behind the camera.
There is a world famous photograph taken by a cheap camera wayyyyy back in the early 50s. In B/w, and till today nobody with their expensive cameras can take a similar scene. Thousands have tried too.

My hobby is portrait photography. I take portraits of women, mostly mature women and make them beautiful thru my camera lens, using my 2 film SLR cameras.

One is a 43 Year old Yashica Electro 65 with a 50mm fixed lens, I bought 2nd hand from a friend, other one a 17 year old Nikon F-601 with a 35mm-135mm portrait lens.
I still use both these old cameras, the Yashica as a backup camera, on tripods and using flash accessories to take the portraits.

I only 2 years ago bought my first digital pocket camera, a Nikon....but in terms of great pictures, it loses to my 2 old cameras.
For your info, Hollywood uses state of the art digital cameras, but taking portraits of guess what camera? An SLR film camera.

So keep that old camera of yours...and remember, most people take photographs, but its the few who create pictures. A picture that tells 2 pages.
You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
ps, love your pics here. You sure one very attractive young lady, *wink*.

azieazah said...

Memang lama ler orang yang hantar email tu tunggu response, kan? Silap silap depa dok ingat kita sombong lak kan? Pasni kena la rajin semak email. Seminggu sekali ke...

Qaseh Suhaida said...

singgah sebentar....salam kenal dr Qaseh

Ratu Hatiku said...

Cantik2 adik2 nie :D

IndaMarya said...

I pn jarang check email, entah dh berkurun.about you n yr siblings satu yg sama ..bahagian dagu.betul tak.sama kan?
but of course smua sweet and juicy he he.

Afasz said...

pjg nye cite..singgah tp tk larat bc. bc separuh je..

LiLy @ MaMaQiStInA said...

samalah kita jarang check email..kalau nak tengok komen..tengok kat dashboard jer...

Kesuma Angsana said...

he he.... lupa2 password pun bila dah dapat sikit punya panjang n3 tulis ye

Kakzakie said...

Kakak sekarng kalau ada yg minta email kakak terus bagi yg office punya sebab kalau yg personal pun kakak jarang buka. Office punya tiap waktu boleh nampak kan...

ieda said...

akak lagilahh .. jarang gak buka email .. kalau ada email selalunya kawan2 btahu dlm ym .. ahahah kelakor kan ;)

wanie amerie said...

Salam dear..tima kasih sudi kunjung belog akak n tgl komen yer..hehe..
Ishh,betul ke umo 30 ni,cam x caya tgk..
Nmpk cam 20 an jer..
Kalo betul samalah umo kita yer..
Btw,comei ur ank sedara tu..

CeqGu said...

Salam kenalan red rose. Thanks sudi singgah blog cikgu yg tak glamer mcm red rose punya hik hik hik......xkisah la kan glam ke x yg penting seronok dpt knalan baru. Mmg patut la ramai yg suka blog red rose ni, sgt la santai membacanya......i likeeeeee -_^

ashra said...

Hehe...sungguh awet muda lah kamu..kita sebaya rupanya..
Salam perkenalan....

Ummi Iman said...

Terima kasih singgah. Sweet2 semuanya. Awesome ;)

Nur-nba said...

Wah berderet emel dari peminat ye.. Glamournya dia...
Tq sebab sudi reply emel Kak Nur jugak hehe... Bila kita nak dating ye? Boleh jumpa Young Lady yang cute tu...