Saturday, January 19, 2013

Special Wishes to My Husband

Today is Husbeast's big day, a day dat should be filled with family, frens, birthday cake, ice cream and presents.
However, with da non stop class-attending every weekend of his very last semester dis looks like his celebration is gonna have to be postponed.  T__T
But I still managed to hand him a simple gift from myself before he started his journey Shah Alam.
Boring! Coz I only got a few special moment with him, unlike years before. ~nanges!

Since my previous entry I did mention dat one day I will tell you all who've been emailing ask me why do I really look up to him dat much.
Well, I think today was da most appropriate day for me to tell it all.
Ayang, I know you're gonna read dis sooner or later.
And I want you to know dat I meant every single thing I wrote for you here.
Maybe you'll like it or maybe you won't.
But these are da sound of my deepest heart dat have only been touched by you.

Mr.Khairul Faizal, da person who knows me best in my 'everything'.
Wut I like da most and wut I hate da most, wut would excite me and wut would bring me to tears.
Wut could bring out da fierce me and wut could tame me down.
He will always be there even in our darkest day, would always help me up from my deepest fall, stick around and deal patiently with all my whims.
He don't mind to help in my daily routine of cleaning, tidying, washing, mopping, sweeping and et cetera. ~except cooking. T__T
He also love to lend me a hand in raising Young-Lady.

I know rite, dat are da basic common things dat a normal couple would go through everyday.
Wut you guys don't know, there was a story...
A story dat I couldn't imagine to face in my whole life.
A story dat has opened my eyes about who he truly is as my 'better half'.
A story dat makes me cling to him and never want to let go.
And from dat very day, I swore to him and to myself dat I'll be his everything till the end of time.
Or at least until he needs me in his life.

I was ill so bad for da last two(++) years.
So bad dat I couldn't even manage myself in lots of thing.
I couldn't walk on my own, I couldn't grip my hand, I couldn't eat by myself, I couldn't do anything and wut hurt me da most, I couldn't be a 'mother and wife' like I supposed to be.
My health condition was on and off for like a year .
And other than my family, Husbeast is da person who was willing to sacrifice everything just to look after me.

I was warded for few times out of nothing and discharged like I didn't suffer from anything.
But I was unable to move my whole body for no reasons.
I was down at my lowest point in life for not knowing will I be able to get up and do things by myself again.
And at dis crucial moment of my life, there he was...standing next to me all da time.
He woke me up every morning, cleaned me up before he cleaned himself, dressed me, comb my hair, sweep some baby talc onto my both cheeks and told me dat I'm pretty with a kiss on my forehead. ~and he did dat everyday.  

There were times when he's trying to tie my hair into a bun, I simply told him to leave me.
Coz I was literally paralyzed! Yes, I'm not kidding. PARALYZED!
It's useless to wait over a woman who could do nothing and all gloomy.
But he would just keep silence, pretend he didn't hear me and went on trying to make a perfect bun out of my hair.
He'll then smile to me and told me he's done...'Rambut awak dah cantik dah', again...with a kiss on my forehead. ~typical him.
And those thing will end up floating just like dat.

He worked so hard in finding potions dat might cure 'his wife'.
Would got up quietly every night and pray which I didn't know wut he asked for.
Surprisingly, I didn't even bother to ask until today.
But I knew dat he was praying for all da good things dat we have all this while.
And after my full recovery, everything is getting better and better each days.
He will always remind me to be thankful for all da blessings dat have been bestowed upon our family.

Wut makes me put him on top of da list of precious things in life?
He has showed me dat he has done everything he should as a guardian to us (me and Young-Lady) and worth to be honoured.
He has opened my eyes dat he was able to make things better and for dat I should respect him as a HUSBAND!
He has prooven to me dat he is loyal and ready to sacrifice a lot of thing so he deserves to be obeyed.
Wut did he not do for da sake of his family? ~none!
Therefore... I could not ask for more.
So, I will always praised and look up to him for he deserve to be MY KING.

da most perfect Husband to me...

a very loving father to Young-Lady...

and da kind of man who makes da most of himself to succeed.  

(even if you're just a man 'behind da scene')  ^__^ 

Mr. Khairul Faizal Bin Abd. Kader,
Thank you for standing up for me and supporting me even when da whole world is against me.
Thank you for marrying me and loving me for da person I am.
Thank you for walking into my life and transformed it to sumthing wonderful.
Thank you for being a really great father to our dotter. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much for everything you have done for us.
We promise to be by your side forever and for always.
And I will love and respect you all my life. 
Happy Birthday sayang. You are da best! ^__^

 ~sincerely...your wife.


CeqGu said...

bergonang ayer mata den.... semoga both of u kekal bersama selamanya...dan dan ni jugak rasa nak pi ucap terima kasih byk2 kat hubby sbb sentiasa jadi suami dan ayah yg baik....huhuhu


Allahuakbar. even am not married yet but i know there is up and down in married life, happy sad sour sweet but the most important thing is, we have to respect and understand each other :D

wish u happy forever together till jannah :D

ummiross said...

Subhanallah, tabarakkallah..
sangat bertuah RedRose mempunyai suami yang sangat prihatin, Allah uji dengan kesakitan tapi Allah kurniakan insan yang penuh kasih sayang buat RedRose dan anak. Moga kekal bahagia hingga ke syurga.

Happy belated birthday buat hubby RedRose..

aimi adilah said...

so so so so sweet :)

MaMa Rey said...

salam kenal..datang berkunjung dan follow..

bertuahnya RedRose..
semoga bahagia dan berkekalan selamanya

IndaMarya said...

so sweet, it brings tears to my eyes.I am sure he will cry too reading this.the sweetest humblest confession from his other half..I am proud of you dear, and I know Allah will always be with u to go tru this wonderful life with him , the love of yr life...

LiLy @ MaMaQiStInA said...

So sweet...Happy B'day to ur hubby..
moga kekal bahagia selamanye..~

ieda immi said...

sayu akak baca .. wish u was I ...
apa2 punnn diri kena sentiasa berdoa menerima setiap kelemahan dan kekurangan org tersayang walau ia perit .. :(

Kesuma Angsana said...

moga terus kekal bahagia ye... n happy belated birthday tuk en hubby ye

ashra said...

So sweet.......
Semoga panjang umur dimurah rezki dan bahagia selalu ya...

Mas Zull said...

asslamualaikum sweetnya...:)