Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter...

Happy Birthday to my lil' princess.
Today, she turns 3...A number dat seems insignificant for sumone. ~like myself.
Coz being in my 30's is not sumthing special to me at all. T__T
But rather significant for her considering the amount of changes she's going through.
At dis time last year, she was mastering her ability to go up and down stairs, standing up tall, climbing up things and breaking her fears to go down slides.
She was building her vocab, trying to understand words and learning to follow the instructions given.
She didn't fully get it dat a present is sumthing to be pleased with when she got one.
She would just grab it and tore da wrapping to get the inside without so much expression.
Heck, she's still in diapers and more comfortable sleeping in a bed with me than alone.

Apart from being extremely naughty (aiisshhh!) she amazed people of how she can play around with iPad since she was 2.
The ability to navigate the iPad is insane!!!
She knows wut to expect when pressing a button, so when sumthing doesn't happen da way she knows...I always got to hear 'Uh-oh'!
It's amazing coz I don't deal with iPad, and I wouldn't even know where to start or how to stop. T__T
And for dat, Sweety...You need to go and seek help from Ayah coz Ummi will only make it worse. 

Now, she is completely different.

From a walking baby, she becomes a 'young lady' walking around full of personality dat really shines through with her smile.
It is much more fun making a snake out of Play-Doh and having a react dat it looks silly rather than a blank stare.
Looking at her excited reactions over seeing or experiencing new things are priceless!
She has a better understanding of wut is happening, laugh at sumthing, waves bye at strangers, says please and thank you.
She's a perfect citizen. ~sobs! sobs!

It has been an incredible journey for us both.
Full of changes and growth, wrestles and cat fights, sulks and hugs...and so forth.
Watching her becomes her own person and watching us (me and Husbeast) slowly adapt to life with our little partner in crime has been such a wonderful experience to me as her mother.
So Hip Hip Hooray today my 'Young-Lady'.
May da comin' year be full of life and surprises for us all.
I Love You... -Ummi- 

 choc-lava for her, minus candles. since we are not 'cake eaters', we decided to order just dis and especially upon her request. 

celebrated at Pizza Hut, her favorite dining place...among with her favorite people.

may you'll become sumone special not only to me, or your family, but to everybody.

Ummi and Ayah will try our best to set some good example for da sake of your future.

 Tokwan and Tokki will always be happy to teach your parents da secret ingredient of parenting. do behave coz they will keep an eye on you.

 not forgetting Ucu, Utha, Pakngah and Makngah. These peeps promise to always be there in times you needed them.

and they will definitely help you in many ways to make sure you know how to value your life.

we love you so much Young-Lady! and I would sacrifice everything to ensure your happiness and success. may you always be in da hands of Allah.


azieazah said...

Happy Birthday Girl!

Wahh celebrate kat Pizza Hutt. Cedap!

IndaMarya said...

Hi dear, bestnya yg lady celebrate cucu is 4 months younger than her.mesti sronok tiap2 hari mcm2 kerenah baru kan..sbab umur ni msti dah pndai ckap.dh pndai merajuk, pandai demand( sebab dia tahu mama msti ikut punya..)the way u look aftr her I know u are a gd mama, and hopefully she will too be a great mum one day.amin.

harnidahussin said...

Happy birthday to your daughter..
semoga menjadi anak yg solehah :)

~MommyAida~ said...

Happy birthday Dear..Be a gud girl n terus menjadi anak yang solehah..Amin!!

ieda said...

eppy bday dear little one ! ..
may allah always bless uuu till end of time ..


happy birthday little princes :)

Nur-nba said...

Happy Birthday Young Lady... Semoga membesar jadi anak yang solehah dan bijak... Sedap tengok choc-lava tu.. Yummy...

MumMe said...

belated happy bestday little princess...aunty just turn 3TENS++ jugak...a day after urs...hikss

ummiross said...

happy belated birthday little princess..bestnya birthday makan.

Kesuma Angsana said...

epy belated birthday to her too yek

ashra said...

Happy besday pwincess..
Mudahan jadi anak solehah k? Be good girl..... :)

zaty said...

happy birthday little a good girl to ur mommy and daddy okay. :)