Thursday, December 20, 2012

wut a great day we had!

Dis morning after we had our breakfast dat Husbeast bought from da nearest stall we took my mum and da youngest sis for a shopping.
Since we're having YES all over da country, mana boleh tak terjah satu khenn?
My mum pun know how to spend her money okeyh. Kih kih kih.
My third sis were not coming coz she have so much to do for her coming exams.
Dat girl is a studyholic and I'm proud to have a beauty with brain like her as my sibling. 
Dis statement also goes to my youngest sis yg sangat DIVA with everything about her. ~from head to toe.  -__-

We went to Aeon Bukit Indah as it's da nearest coz we need to be home as early as we can.
My dad were not coming with us coz he wanna have some good rest so, my mum mmg lah couldn't bare to make him wait long. Ha ha ha.
We arrived there around 11.30am and terus je start shopping. ~erk!
They both were choosing and comparing everything to make sure it will worth their every dollar. 
While me and Husbeast just did some survey on several items dat we have in mind to purchase dis weekend. ~another shopping event. yaay!

After nearly 3 hours my mum pun ajak balik.
And wheewww! Dis lady really know how to make a full use of her money. ~ber'plastic'2 okeyh!
I pun dah tak ingat dah when was da last time I shopped like she just did.
But I sure do know how does it feels. HEAVEN!!! 
We stopped by at Singgah Selalu Tampoi to tapau their Nasi Ayam as our lunch.
Sampai2 je umah, my dad's eyes nearly popped out to see his wife with so many things in hand.
So Sayang, now you know where did my shopping habit came from. T__T

Tak lama lepas lunch they decided to go back to Kluang.
I've tried my best to make 'em stay but looks like their garden are so important to them. ~excuse me, I'm your daughter kot. T__T
What to do kan, orang dah nak balik sgt2.
Like I said, dis is da hardest part of all.
I think da garden need to be really scared of me, coz tau la nanti apa I nak buat when I balik kampung. Hak hak hak.

we're using Tokki's MPV since my mum said she might buy so many things. and yes, she did. T__T
 puas my mum memilih, memang jenuh la menunggu. hu hu hu
 I know rite...these two mmg gedik. but they got sooo many early Christmas presents from my mum. ~jeles!!
 and Husbeast were looking for his new year office attire. OMG! I couldn't wait for dis weekend. ~lambatnye O__O

I pulak got no better things to do other than snapping my 'horrible' self while waiting for Tokwan, Ucu and Young-Lady in da fitting room trying their clothes. ~perasan leh jdi cantik tetiba lah tu.

everytime ke ABI, need to stop by here. kopak tau. T__T

me and my youngest sis. our age differ by 11 years. I do look really old when I'm next to her aite? sobs!

as we're about to out from there Yong-Lady pulled her Tokwan to go here. tak cukup borong baju aje, roti pun kena borong.

it's time to head home. Tokki mesti dah rindu giler dgn Tokwan after she left him for 3hours. hu hu hu.

eating one of da bun dat she got from her Tokwan. ~coffe flavor okeyh! tsk tsk tsk.

pity my mum. need to bear up with a non-stop dramas between these two. pantang jumpa!

What a happy short moments we had today but da fun would be double if Tokki and Utha were coming with us.
Even in just 2 days je pun I could feel da most hearty environment surrounded my home.
Now, they're back to feels empty in a sudden.
I talked about dis to Husbeast and he said he felt it too.
But I never thought he would say this thing afterwards tau.
'Looks like we need to produce more person to make our house full sentiasa kan yang?' ~P.I.T.A.M!!!


IndaMarya said...

Eleh nak bagi meriah tmbah saja sorang lagi kan? kan ? kan? yg lady dpt adik.tpi nak pntang tu yg lece.44 hari adusss.
anyway i love tht sweet smile of yours..go on smiling.

Sweetie said...

Jarang nak jumpa mak-mak yang suka membeli belah macam your mother... kebanyakan mereka selalunya sebagai peneman ketika kita bershopping je... untung awak ada mak lagi... so layan je...

by d way, thanks jengok blog I dan tinggalkan comment...

Haliza Ghazalli said...

Hello Redrose...
Seronok tengok u n family makan angin! I'm just like ur mum...suka shopping. Klau temankn my girl kak liza yg end up beria2 shopping unlike her.

Ratu Hatiku said...

Bestnya dpt jln2 dgn mak ya.. :D

Nur-nba said...

Kita sekampung la. Kg Redrose di Kluang ye.. Kat mana tu? Memang seronok bila kumpul ramai2 dengan family..

Miss Mirror a.k.a Sam said...

Tak pernah pegi lagi rasanya Aeon Bukit Indah ni, selalu pegi Tebrau City je.

Anyway... thanks singgah & tinggalkan komen dlm my blog.

harnidahussin said...

hi! best nyer shopping..
terapi tu dapat shopping...
tambah2 best kalau ada org tolong bayar...muahahahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, I have yet to know a woman who doesn't love shopping.
I really enjoyed looking thru the beautiful pics here.
You're a good photographer....
My wife doesn't drive, so I drive her everywhere, and while she shops, I look for a bench and enjoy my favourite hobby...watching people walking by...especially SYTs, ha ha ha.

I can't cook, she can't drive, so apa la nak buat, kan? Saya duduk nanti, satu, dua jam.
Longer if there are stores with banners, 'designer shoes special offer, buy 1, get 2nd one half price'.
Habis cherita! Ha ha.

Have a fun weekend, keep a song in your heart, and yaaa, and sashay buat you know who lintang pukang.