Friday, December 21, 2012

wordless Friday? ~to me only.

Normally peeps takde idea nak menulis on Wednesday aite?
Tapi I pun tak sure knp I tak tau nak story apa for today.
Malas pun ye, penat pun ye, terlalu excited pun ye, everything mixed up together lah senang cerita. ~so dis entry will be just 'plain' with no exciting things. (tapi I tetap ada gambar) ^__^
Today we had maggie mee for dinner.
Semua tu gara2 Husbeast terpengaruh dgn iklan maggie skg yg menggunakan method yg sungguh menyusahkan untuk dimasak. 
But kalau I yg masak mmg takkan sesusah itu la. Hak hak hak

I memang suka aje bila dia mintak menu2 mcm ni. lagipun dgn cuaca hujan and sejuk2 mmg syok la makan maggie asam laksa khenn?

 Tapi pakcik tu mmg lah tak romantik! when I served dis to him, dia boleh kata kat I, 'Yang, knp tak nampak menyelerakan mcm kat dlm TV tadi ek?' ~oh Husbeast! perlukah kata2 itu disuarakan? T__T



Uncle Lee said...

Hi REd Rose, if this is your simple dinner, Magee mee, then I wonder what you cook bila in the mood?
Ikan chincharu goreng sumbat sambal. Kangkaong belachan?
Asam udang masak nanas? 4 angle been sambal?
Fish head curry lemak? Udang galah steamed> Kerang steamed chelop chillie sauce?
Ha ha ha....

I love the meatballs you have in the noodles. Looks very bouncy, sedap best tu.

But first time saya tengok ada lime? How come?
You squeeze the lime over the mee?
This something new to me.....
Ahhhh, I guess people who sashay sure know their cooking, ha ha.
Have a fun weekend.

RedRose said...

hahaha.. enuff with dat 'sashay thing' already Uncle Lee. u tickled me hard. U really like cencaru goreng sambal ke Uncle? If I make it one day, I'll make sure u will enjoy da pic sampai 'kenyang'. hak hak hak.

But u won't find any seafood-based dishes (other than fish) coz my fridge doesn't store those marine creatures.
my hubby is not a seafood lover.
me? I love seafood but eating those guys will make me end up with lots of skin probs.
I need to swallow an allergic pill 2hrs before having seafood meals. (which annoys me so much!)

Uncle Lee, dat meatballs are ready-made lah. hahaha.
don't puji me lebih2 sampai tak lena tidur malam ye. T__T

dat lime? well Uncle, asam laksa supposed to taste sour aite?
sumtimes when I cook with tones of other ingredients da taste will be out of tune.
So, dat lime will give you a wonderful vibrant zing to your food. if you like sour-taste dishes lah.

whoaaa!!! I've written long enuff.
Nanti you kata I suka membebel pulak. hu hu hu.
Thx dropping by, Uncle Lee.
I will always simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
And of course will keep on sashay until my hips joints wear out naturally. T__T. ha ha ha