Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Streamyx oih!! wut happened??

Yesterday I slept early and didn't update anything here.
Today, I'm eager to make an update about how I'm getting 'more friendly' with those ICT equipments under my supervision.
I decided to make an initiative to spruce those 3 big iron cupboards in my office dat filled with computer hardwares.
And really2 excited to tell it all of wut a new world I'm in now after getting to know quite a lot about its name and its use.
But I seemed to have troubles with my streamyx tonite.
Da connection is way too slow than fact, it's ketchup slow!!! ~geramnyeeee!
If TM is having some problems in wutever regarding their connectivity thingy, they better fix it ASAP.
Coz we're getting crazy for not being able to surf our things.
It'll take ages to have one page to be downloaded completely.
Sooooooo S.....L.....O.....W! ~pfft!
No mood at all so I'm going to sleep early...again.  T__T
Nite Nite.. 


Hnahdy said...

sabar je lah

محمد رازيق said...

sabar yer.

RedRose said... giys ni semestinya org2 yg penyabar aite? T__T

Aleeya Atinza Saaid said...

betuka ke unifi..pantas giler =p