Saturday, December 29, 2012

our precious weekend

Rindunya I at my writing place here.
But still I couldn't write dat much coz I've got soooo many things to do.
Biasala kalau dah balik kampung khenn?
Actually I balik Kluang sebab Husbeast need to attend his 1st class of the new semester. ~dis would be hist last semester, insyaallah.
So, takdela I tinggal berdua aje with Young-Lady while he's away to Shah Alam dis week.
Let my pics tell you guys my story here okeyh?
Mmmuuaaacchhsss!! Lebiu all lah. Hiks!


arrived here at night. cuma Uwan(my grandma) aje yg ada kat umah. mom and dad together with pak teh and mak teh went to Batu Pahat for their thingy. I dah kat rumah around 30 minutes baru diorang balik.

I cooked some simple dishes sbb Husbeast, Young-Lady and my youngest sis kelaparan. Uwan pun kebetulan belum makan, so...cepat2 I bersilat kat dapur coz bila my mom and dad called nak tapau they all semua tak mau lauk luar. especially Uwan. masak pun dua jenis aje. dendeng daging tu my mom yg buat for their lunch. I just reheat it back. sonang kojo den. ha ha ha.

 lepas masak yang makan cuma Uwan, Husbeast and my youngest sis aje. Young-Lady dah terlupa habis pasal makan when she got to meet her Tokki. she sure is 'Cucu Tokki'.


 having their breakfast at Tokki's garden. they all memang akan habiskan masa kat sini whenever we back to Kluang. 

our lunch today before Husbeast bertolak ke Shah Alam to attend his class tomorrow. new semester has started and this 'student tua' will be busy again with both his work and his study. semoga Allah merahmati pengorbanan Husbeast in upgrading our life to better.

 after some goodbye hugs and kisses between father and dotter, dis Young-Lady quieten herself by enjoying her swing made especially for her by Tokki. syian dia tak dapat ikut Ayah. hu hu hu.

lepas mandi petang Tokki melayan cucu at his garden while enjoying a very nice sips of his favorite nescafe along with some cucur peneram. wut a lovely day we have here in my parent's place. 

I'll be back here again tomorrow with some other pics.
But now, I need to gather with my family watching our favorite tv shows and chatting bout everything dat we can chat about.
Till then...see ya guys. ^__^ 


IndaMarya said...

hi, salam, Wow ! cantiknya..I love the garden, the green grass, the house , the flowers, awesome..duduk saja one whole day pun tak pa pun tk pa kan kan?

Hnahdy said...

ada taman.. suka suka :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, I used to travel to Kluang bsck in the '70s, early '80s very often.....
Love the pics here, very nice....everything so green.

I take this opportunity to wish you and family a very happy new year, and all best wishes.
May you sashay more, stay young, stay beautiful and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.