Monday, December 17, 2012

happy Sunday and vigorous Monday

Yesterday we all went to Taman Perling JB to attend a wedding ceremony.
We went there on behalf my parent yg tak dpt pergi coz they were all in Melaka menghantar rombongan pertunangan for my cousin.
Tak sedap lah pulak kan kalau tak pegi coz they did come to my wedding and now it's time for us to pay their good deeds.
I don't really know da couple but I do have a good relationship with da parent. 

I and my siblings baik dgn almost all of my parent's frens sebab we all ni jenis kepoh. Keh keh keh.
And my parent pun mmg tak kasi we all buat kerja sendiri when there are guests around, kena layan with full respect! 
Except if they're in a private issues, org2 tua je boleh dgr...we're not needed then. -__-
But if their frens keep on asking which one is your children yg dah kawen lah, who else yg masih belajar lah, mmg we all kena tunjuk muka and duduk bersembang sama2. ~no exception!

After makan nasi kenduri and send my parent's regards to them, we went to Mydin.
Pegi Kipmart utk top up brg basah such as ayam, daging, sayur and so on.
Mydin pulak is a place where we shop for our dry kitchen needs.
So, dah settle kegunaan sebulan. ~except for veges, onions and others yang cepat rosak.
Senang hati I when everything dah penuh balik.
Baru lah semangat I nak masuk dapur and produce some good foods. ^__^

Today, Husbeast sgt sombong by not requesting anything.
When I texted him around 4.30pm asking about wut does he want for dinner, he said 'anything pun boleh'. ~ye lah sgt.
Mentang2 lah balik dpd Mydin semalam we had our dinner kat Johnny's and he did tapau his favorite mango salad, berlagak la tu. T__T
But it's ok coz I've sumthing in mind dat'll make him forget about his 'kerabu mangga' tu.
ye lah...I'm not an expert in thai-dishes khenn? -__-

 Uncle Raden and Aunty Nathrah buat majlis their son dekat Dewan Taman Perling. So, tak la berpanas sbb indoor.

very nice kan? nowadays they like to pair da colour chosen with white aite? tapi mmg cun!

 with Aunty Nathrah yg dah tak larat nk bangun. melayan tetamu dari pagi, tak putus2 dtg.

semalam we all dinner kat Johnny's ~mata keatas (tak habis2 Johnny's) sebab Husbeast nak mkn nasi goreng belacan. T__T

wutever it is, Young-lady mesti nak nasi. and her fave when we dine out have to be nasi ayam. since we all pegi Jusco Taman U, I tapaukan dia nasi ayam KFC. susah nak pcy she likes to eat rice bila tgk her figure kan? tak debab2.

I made oseng tempe and ayam kunyit along with typical Young-Lady's dish. Oseng tempe ni 1st time I try, ok la pada I...sedap. But not Husbeast kind of dish. boleh makan, but won't be his favorite.

today's dinner. boleh tahan meriah dgn lauk pauk jugak coz baru top up brg khenn? hak hak hak. dat mango salad's from Johnny's ye, not mine. I org jawa, tak terer masak thai-dish. T__T


ummiross said...

Salam kenal...

Cantiknya pelamin, besar2 dan cantk kuntuman rose nya...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Rose, I enjoyed reading your this posting, and the food pics. Sedap best tu.
You got a very pretty daughter, she ikut her mak's very attractive looks.
Your hubby very easy where food is concerned, not lecheh type, ha ha.

Reading your posting, can see your parents brought you up very well in manners and respect for elders.
I am impressed.
Hey, I love your pink tote bag, very stylish...CD? YSL?
Or Oscar de la Renta? Chantek tote bag tu.
You have nice taste in bags, matching your baju too.
Have a nice day, Red Rose. Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

IndaMarya said...

Salam, agreed dgn Lee, the young lady ikut muka mak yg cun melecun..
tpi yg I suka ialah sikap penuh tnggunjawab sbagai istri, masak, jaga anak..keep up the gd attitude girl.have a gd day .

Wak Gelas™ said...

wak pon sukak makan tempe ayam kunyit jugakk.. ahHHks

RedRose said...

ummiros: mmg cantik kan ummi? pelamin zaman skg. :)

Uncle Lee: hahaha, I must tell you dat she's not dat pretty when she's in her bad mood. all dat cuteness will be gone mcm tu je. T__T

IndaMarya: thx sis. I'm still TRYING to be a good wife and mum sis. and I'm not there yet. still got a long thorny way to go. pray for me yeah?

Wak Gelas: orang jawa mmg suka semua tu? means dat wak ni org jawa lah kan? hi hi