Sunday, December 2, 2012

adding Manhattan Fish Market to da list

If before dis I said dat we're all about Johnny's, Pizza Hut and KFC when it comes to our...or specifically THEIR favorite eating places.
Well, I'm ready for an additional place to join da club.
Semata2 kerana suddenly rasa nak makan fish n chips, we went all da way to Aeon Tebrau City kali kedua nya to fill up Husbeast's hunger.
Did I mentioned dat we'll be their regulars when he loved wut they served there? 
Well then, here we go again.  T__T

Lepas ni staff MFM akan kenal sangat dengan muka 3 beranak ni nanti.
At Johnny's, abang2 bangla tu semua kenal dgn Young-Lady.
Not by her name lah kan, cuma diorang selalu usik2 cik kak tu coz they knew her since she was small.
Coz kalau nak makan Johnny's, where else to go?
Cuma ada kat Jusco je aite?
KFC and Pizza Hut ada kat mana2 so boleh la jugak kitorang lompat sana sini instead of just pegi satu tempat aje. 

Wutever lah, asalkan dua beranak tu happy sudah.
And today, I'm too lazy to write my whole Sunday event from 10.30am till 3.45pm.
Wut if I just regale your eyes with all da pics dat I have?
I hope I can share all da fun with you guys.
Wut a bloating Sunday with an overdose of fish and chips in our belly. ~esok pagi KOMPOM berebut toilet.  T__T

we're here....again....and most likely next month too....and many more days to come....and not forgetting years ahead. T__T

pakcik ni la yg paling excited sekali. ngalahkan Young-Lady! boleh nampak tak muka dia tu? nampak khenn?? obvious giler khenn?? ~pitam!

 they're having tomato soup. Husbeast suke giler soup tu. me? I don't's a bit too sour for me. I'd go for clamp chowder.

fish and chips for Husbeast and spaghetti for me. their pasta memang banyak. puas makan! kenyang....

Young-Lady's chicken tenders. dis was supposed to be one of their kid's meal range. but I was quite confused with da portion. ni macam nak bagi mak bapak budak makan banyak macam ni.  -__-

eventhough I ni kuat makan, I tetap tak dapat nak finish it all up. agaknya orang2 Manhattan makan banyak2 macam ni kot. ~jenuh!

after lunch we all layankan Young-Lady at da playland. dis's importang to keep her free from tantrums. kalau I panggil present for being a good girl.

dis time, not dat much. dua jenis je cukup. hu hu hu

how cute is dat? on da way nak keluar Jusco tu we all lalu depan El-Migos and Young-Lady saw dis cute Elmo cupcake. dia nak sangat since her sleeping buddy is Elmo. so macam teruja la to have dis.

 before she gave it a bite, she kinda did da slow talk thingy to Elmo. wanna know exactly wut she said? 'Elmo jgn la takut, Lisa gigit pelan2 eh? Elmo tutup la mata tu, bukak besar2 sape suruh?'. I dgn Husbeast mengekek2 ketawa. we all perati je perangai our dotter ni. then Husbeast tanya how did she know yg Elmo tu takut. she said 'tu...mata dia tu'. we all tak paham actually with her answer but then when I look at dis pic, boleh nampak okeyh mata Elmo terbeliak ketakutan! no wonder la. keh keh keh.

see!!! she's aiming at Elmo's eye from da very beginning. horror betul dia keje kan si Elmo tu. then Husbeast ask her to take down its nose. dia geleng laju2 with her frowny face and said...'NO! ada taik hidung!' kah kah kah. and dat's my dotter. ~pengsan!


Cinta Misteri said...

Lepas makan ikan, trus kunyah mata elmo.
Myb kot org manhattan kuat makan sbb myb cuaca sejuk kt sana menyebabkn perut cpt lapar

RedRose said...

Cinta Misteri: I thought so too. :)

maszmadi said...

salam kenal,

x pernah makan kat MFM lagi...
uhuk so scary elmo...

RedRose said...

salam kenal to you too maszmadi ^__^

munna said...

tak pernah lagi makan kat situ.... nampak sedap menunya

Aisy Nasiha said...

comel je lisa.. Suka makan di MFM ye..