Monday, December 31, 2012

farewell 2012, hello 2013!

2012 leave me with so much memories.
Some were very thoughtful and some were too bitter to remember.
Anyhow, those are da things which will be part of my life.
No matter how hard it was, how sad I felt, how happy I've made them, how hate some peeps to me...they were still part of me.
All dat I could say is just, I got no hatred with me to anybody.
If I did sumthing wrong, I'm sorry.
If peeps did sumthing harsh on me, I forgive.
I know I'm not perfect, I know I still got a very long way to go.
I still learning, revising, improving, enhancing and polishing myself to a better me.
I wanna free myself from grudge or any negative energy dat could worsen myself and peeps around me. ~especially my loved ones.
Let's gone be bygone, coz I have da future to concentrate on.
Wutever bad things dat happened to me in 2012 (and then), I took it as tests from God reminding me to improve myself.
I hope dis new year, I'll be able to face any test dat designed specifically for me by Him. ~insya Allah.
May god's mercy is always with me, my family, and those peeps who believes in Him.
I'm writing dis from my purest heart, and really mean it. ^__^ 
So, Hello 2013... bring it on. Hu hu hu.

I truly feel and believe dat no one has ever done anything wrong to me but I wanna beg you guys to forgive me for all my bad. 
Happy New Year to Everybody!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

how pretty they've become

Today Husbeast will be comin' back from Shah Alam, yaayyy!
Can't wait for him to arrive safely. ~usually around 10.30pm.
Usually, we will go with him and stay at my aunt's house.
Sebab Husbeast mmg payah kalau disuruh bergerak solo. T__T
Nak pegi cari roti kat kedai depan umah aje pun he will take along Young-Lady with him.
But dis week, since my youngest sis tumpang we all balik Kluang...I teringin nak stay with my parents.
Terpaksala pakcik tu mengalah. Hak hak hak.

However, me and Young-Lady selalu rindukan Husbeast while he's away.
Walaupun kdg2 some of his messages were not replied. ~erk!!!
Ye lah, bila dah ramai2...mana nak lekat hp kat tgn.
I'll be likely hang around with my parents and siblings, sharing stories and do things together with them lah khenn?
Kadang I pun terlupa dat I supposed to reply a message.  T__T
But I knew dat Husbeast wil totally understand my situation. Hi hi.

Today Young-Lady sgt happy got to play around Tokki's garden with her Ucu.
I pun jadi happy taking their pictures and snapping some flowers in da garden.
Semua dah makin tinggi and cantik.
They're all blooming perfectly and set a very nice view to the eyesight.
To be honest, I couldn't beautify even a piece of land like they did.
I did not inherit their 'magic hand' Keh keh keh.
Takpelah, rumah I pun bukannya ada tanah nak dikerjakan pun.
So, tumpang seronok feel greeny aje lah yang boleh.  ^__^

cik kak berdua ni kalau berjumpa, mmg asek bercekau aje. but then when they haven't seen each other for quite a while, mula lah calling2. dgr suara aje pun jadi.
 bunga merimbun yang my girl sorok belakang dia tu actually dia dapat time tolong Tokki and Tokwan berkebun trim bunga kat laman tadi. ruginye I tak sempat snap coz tengah mandi time tu.
 I'm not really sure wut were they doing masa ni. mencari barang hilang ke?  T__T
 turun naik tangga aje lah keje nya cik kak sorang tu. but she did enjoy everything around da nature. lebih nampak lively.
 sampai ke belakang rumah my parents penuhkan with plants and flowers. kalau I? alamat kosong ajelah. T__T
 after dis will be just pics of flowers and plants dat my parents have around their house ye. dis's one of em. I tak tau apa nama bunga ni. tapi dulu kecik aje, now dah besar!
 ni pun cantik khenn? ~pun I tak sure apa nama dia. T__T
 parents I tanam bunga ni along their main gate. dulu I tak bayang pun it will bi dis beautiful. sekarang dah besar and tinggi. mmg lah cantik sgt nampak beratur kat gate tu.
 maaf lah, I just know how to snap pics. but I don't have any idea wut its name. kecik2 aje bunga dia. along the upper fence.
 dis one is also a beauty. but my mom only have dis in a single pot. katanya payah nak bagi berbunga. hu hu hu.
my dad said he planted dis spider lily to give a glance of great view dekat pokok pisang yang dia tanam sebelah tu. ouh wait, did I just mentioned its name? WOW! I'm so proud of me! Kih kih kih.

Semuanya dah merimbun and memberikan view yg sgt menarik to my parent's house. 
Nanti kalau I ditakdirkan beli rumah yg ada laman besar, I need to learn from them on how to make full use of it.
mesti berseri2 rumah I nanti. ~dah start berangan dah.  T__T

Saturday, December 29, 2012

our precious weekend

Rindunya I at my writing place here.
But still I couldn't write dat much coz I've got soooo many things to do.
Biasala kalau dah balik kampung khenn?
Actually I balik Kluang sebab Husbeast need to attend his 1st class of the new semester. ~dis would be hist last semester, insyaallah.
So, takdela I tinggal berdua aje with Young-Lady while he's away to Shah Alam dis week.
Let my pics tell you guys my story here okeyh?
Mmmuuaaacchhsss!! Lebiu all lah. Hiks!


arrived here at night. cuma Uwan(my grandma) aje yg ada kat umah. mom and dad together with pak teh and mak teh went to Batu Pahat for their thingy. I dah kat rumah around 30 minutes baru diorang balik.

I cooked some simple dishes sbb Husbeast, Young-Lady and my youngest sis kelaparan. Uwan pun kebetulan belum makan, so...cepat2 I bersilat kat dapur coz bila my mom and dad called nak tapau they all semua tak mau lauk luar. especially Uwan. masak pun dua jenis aje. dendeng daging tu my mom yg buat for their lunch. I just reheat it back. sonang kojo den. ha ha ha.

 lepas masak yang makan cuma Uwan, Husbeast and my youngest sis aje. Young-Lady dah terlupa habis pasal makan when she got to meet her Tokki. she sure is 'Cucu Tokki'.


 having their breakfast at Tokki's garden. they all memang akan habiskan masa kat sini whenever we back to Kluang. 

our lunch today before Husbeast bertolak ke Shah Alam to attend his class tomorrow. new semester has started and this 'student tua' will be busy again with both his work and his study. semoga Allah merahmati pengorbanan Husbeast in upgrading our life to better.

 after some goodbye hugs and kisses between father and dotter, dis Young-Lady quieten herself by enjoying her swing made especially for her by Tokki. syian dia tak dapat ikut Ayah. hu hu hu.

lepas mandi petang Tokki melayan cucu at his garden while enjoying a very nice sips of his favorite nescafe along with some cucur peneram. wut a lovely day we have here in my parent's place. 

I'll be back here again tomorrow with some other pics.
But now, I need to gather with my family watching our favorite tv shows and chatting bout everything dat we can chat about.
Till then...see ya guys. ^__^ 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SKT? apo bondo tuh?

I takde mood nak menulis, sbb I tak boleh nak perah idea mcm selalu.
Selalu pun I takdela perlu nak memerah bagai, dgn sendirinya laju je I boleh type.
Tau2 nanti dah penuh je entry, tak sampai 30 minit!
Tapi kali ni, I betul2 tak tau nak cerita apa.
Sebab? Sebab I tengah pening dgn SKT.
SKT? Apa tu? ~I pun kalau boleh taknak tau. Hak hak hak.

Pegawai Kerajaan mesti tau apa yg I maksudkan dgn SKT ni.
Setiap akhir tahun pun kena buat untuk menilai tahap pencapaian kerja masing2. 
Tapi untuk thn ni, I rasa mcm nak menangis!!!
Sebab I ada bos baru, and bos baru pulak seorang yg sgt teliti.
Terlalu teliti sampai I rasa dah lebih 5 kali dia tolak draft awal yg I buat sebelum I submit Sasaran Kerja Tahunan I tu.
Bukan lah bermakna dia tak bagus okeyh, tapi I yang tak mampu nak seteliti itu. ~hadeh!

I dah tak sabar betul nak tunggu tahun baru.
Kalau asyik dok fikir kan SKT I tu, memang I senoneng manjang.
Tersasar jauh aje kejenya. Keh keh keh.
So skg I cuma nak tarik napas dalam2 and buat tak tau aje.
Harap2 adalah pari2 comel tolong siapkan semua lampiran SKT I tu. Hik hik hik
Kalau tak, mmg lama lah nampaknya I biarkan pondok menulis I ni bersawang. ~arrgghhh!

  mood memasak I pun ke laut. ini ajelah yang I dan nak masak untuk Husbeast and Young-Lady. still, upon request. Tapi mcm biasalah, bila I tgh tepu I PAKSA they all request yg sng2 aje. hi hi hi.

 I buat frittata Jawa Style, ikan bilis goreng asam and kentang goreng nipis. frittata tu I buat topping daging cincang + bawang + lada + pepper. cukup la untuk tambah2 naikkan selera dgn lauk cincai I yg lain. nak mkn sedap2 kena tunggu SKT I approved okeyh!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Hobbit ~my new favorite

Yesterday whe went for a lil' shopping.
Not too much, just for a few things coz we forgot yesterday was a day without plastic bags.
It's not dat I don't wanna bring my own shopping bag, it's just dat I selalu sgt terlupa to bring it with me. T__T
Don't say dat I don't care about da Go Green Campaign ye.
Sbb I mmg selalu sgt terlupa, nak kena ikat benang kat jari to make me remember things easily lah. Hik hik hik.

Tapi dah alang2 keluar kan, we decided to watch movie lah.
Coz no point nak pegi tempat lain pun coz we still didn't bring shopping bag khenn?
So, movie watching it was and sejak we first had our movie night after 3years, asek keje nk tgk movie aje lps tu.
Tapi baru ni lah nak merasa tgk movie for da second time.
Neway, it was worth it coz The Hobbit was sooooo damn interesting to be watched! ~my new fave and on top of da list.
Sape2 yg suka dgn film TLOTR, trust're gonna love dis one.

Bought ticket at 4pm but da screening time was at 5.30pm.
So we have like an hour and a half to do something else.
Sebab dah petang kan, we decided to have an extremely early dinner yesterday. Keh keh keh.
5pm dh dinner at VIVO with their pizza and rice combo cuisine okeyh!
Sadly, Young lady felt asleep after dinner dekat sofa VIVO.
Kepenatan sungguh agaknya running here and there while we did the lil' shopping tadi.
So she missed more than half of the story. ~bunyi kuat pun dia tak heran, lagi nyenyak ada la.  T__T

 The Hobbit is much more interesting than TLOTR (to me aje tau) coz it has more humour and the actions are continual. you won't have a time to yawn. hu hu hu

 while waiting for her dad to but the tickets. 

 we then went here to wait for the screening time. 

 she chose her own drink. macam mana la tak ngantuk khenn? minum coklat pekat, ada marshmallows lagi. of coz lah tumbang.

 Young-Lady makan chicken tenders tu byk giler. sedap kot kat tekak dia. Actually there were two more dishes (time ni belum sampai lagi) but I didn't have a chance to snap them sbb Young-Lady dah lelap kekenyangan dgn chicken tenders and oreo cheese cake tu. 

time ni Young-Lady dah start restless dah. mmg dah terserlah her sleepy face tu. syian dia. hu hu hu

 sbb tadi dh makan, we all beli small size pop corn aje (small ke? he he he) itu pun I aje yang kunyah. Husbeast surrender. 

 tgk lah cik kak tu. org lain semua kecut perut, kering darah, sesak napas tgk movie yg full of action ni dia boleh pengsan sampai citer dah nak habis. macam baru lepas membanting tulang aje penatnya tu.

Apa pun, we all enjoy sgt2 lah despite cramp sana sini coz tak boleh nak bergerak sgt since Young-Lady slept on both our laps. 
I memang sarankan sgt2 you guys pi tengok.
I'm thinking of buying the original DVD as my collection.
After dis, we got another movie on da line.
It's Young-Lady's choice. ~but I knew I'll enjoy dat one too.
Can't wait for another family date.  ^__^

Friday, December 21, 2012

wordless Friday? ~to me only.

Normally peeps takde idea nak menulis on Wednesday aite?
Tapi I pun tak sure knp I tak tau nak story apa for today.
Malas pun ye, penat pun ye, terlalu excited pun ye, everything mixed up together lah senang cerita. ~so dis entry will be just 'plain' with no exciting things. (tapi I tetap ada gambar) ^__^
Today we had maggie mee for dinner.
Semua tu gara2 Husbeast terpengaruh dgn iklan maggie skg yg menggunakan method yg sungguh menyusahkan untuk dimasak. 
But kalau I yg masak mmg takkan sesusah itu la. Hak hak hak

I memang suka aje bila dia mintak menu2 mcm ni. lagipun dgn cuaca hujan and sejuk2 mmg syok la makan maggie asam laksa khenn?

 Tapi pakcik tu mmg lah tak romantik! when I served dis to him, dia boleh kata kat I, 'Yang, knp tak nampak menyelerakan mcm kat dlm TV tadi ek?' ~oh Husbeast! perlukah kata2 itu disuarakan? T__T


Thursday, December 20, 2012

wut a great day we had!

Dis morning after we had our breakfast dat Husbeast bought from da nearest stall we took my mum and da youngest sis for a shopping.
Since we're having YES all over da country, mana boleh tak terjah satu khenn?
My mum pun know how to spend her money okeyh. Kih kih kih.
My third sis were not coming coz she have so much to do for her coming exams.
Dat girl is a studyholic and I'm proud to have a beauty with brain like her as my sibling. 
Dis statement also goes to my youngest sis yg sangat DIVA with everything about her. ~from head to toe.  -__-

We went to Aeon Bukit Indah as it's da nearest coz we need to be home as early as we can.
My dad were not coming with us coz he wanna have some good rest so, my mum mmg lah couldn't bare to make him wait long. Ha ha ha.
We arrived there around 11.30am and terus je start shopping. ~erk!
They both were choosing and comparing everything to make sure it will worth their every dollar. 
While me and Husbeast just did some survey on several items dat we have in mind to purchase dis weekend. ~another shopping event. yaay!

After nearly 3 hours my mum pun ajak balik.
And wheewww! Dis lady really know how to make a full use of her money. ~ber'plastic'2 okeyh!
I pun dah tak ingat dah when was da last time I shopped like she just did.
But I sure do know how does it feels. HEAVEN!!! 
We stopped by at Singgah Selalu Tampoi to tapau their Nasi Ayam as our lunch.
Sampai2 je umah, my dad's eyes nearly popped out to see his wife with so many things in hand.
So Sayang, now you know where did my shopping habit came from. T__T

Tak lama lepas lunch they decided to go back to Kluang.
I've tried my best to make 'em stay but looks like their garden are so important to them. ~excuse me, I'm your daughter kot. T__T
What to do kan, orang dah nak balik sgt2.
Like I said, dis is da hardest part of all.
I think da garden need to be really scared of me, coz tau la nanti apa I nak buat when I balik kampung. Hak hak hak.

we're using Tokki's MPV since my mum said she might buy so many things. and yes, she did. T__T
 puas my mum memilih, memang jenuh la menunggu. hu hu hu
 I know rite...these two mmg gedik. but they got sooo many early Christmas presents from my mum. ~jeles!!
 and Husbeast were looking for his new year office attire. OMG! I couldn't wait for dis weekend. ~lambatnye O__O

I pulak got no better things to do other than snapping my 'horrible' self while waiting for Tokwan, Ucu and Young-Lady in da fitting room trying their clothes. ~perasan leh jdi cantik tetiba lah tu.

everytime ke ABI, need to stop by here. kopak tau. T__T

me and my youngest sis. our age differ by 11 years. I do look really old when I'm next to her aite? sobs!

as we're about to out from there Yong-Lady pulled her Tokwan to go here. tak cukup borong baju aje, roti pun kena borong.

it's time to head home. Tokki mesti dah rindu giler dgn Tokwan after she left him for 3hours. hu hu hu.

eating one of da bun dat she got from her Tokwan. ~coffe flavor okeyh! tsk tsk tsk.

pity my mum. need to bear up with a non-stop dramas between these two. pantang jumpa!

What a happy short moments we had today but da fun would be double if Tokki and Utha were coming with us.
Even in just 2 days je pun I could feel da most hearty environment surrounded my home.
Now, they're back to feels empty in a sudden.
I talked about dis to Husbeast and he said he felt it too.
But I never thought he would say this thing afterwards tau.
'Looks like we need to produce more person to make our house full sentiasa kan yang?' ~P.I.T.A.M!!!

my family's coming!!!

Kinda busy coz my parents and two lil' sisters are staying in my house. ~and I forced them to sleepover at my place. Hu hu hu.
They came to JB for their land-business. Hu hu hu.
Need to serve my family well to make 'em feel comfy and avoid them from being homesick. ~dis's da hardest part!
So, will catch up with you guys later.
Dis big momma need to put on a home-entertainer's uniform to begin.

they all ni mmg suka santai2, lepak2 kat lantai aje. even my close frens do sit around on da floor je instead of on dat cheap sofa of mine kalau dtg umah. sumtimes I rasa mcm membazir aje ada sofa. ke sbb sofa I kampung giler? ~itu je yg mampu  T__T 

 these people mmg lah pantang kalau ada wifi. tgn semua tak lekang from their gadget. I even have to force them to stop and have their dinner. kids these days khenn? 

 and dis were our dinner last nite. not from my kitchen tau. from da restaurant nearby coz I tiba2 je ada mood tak sedar diri since dah gaji. hak hak hak. anyhow, they did enjoy their meals sampaikan tido awal sgt lepas bersantap. ~happy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

tak tau jemu ke? T__T

Kenapa agaknya Husbeast suka sangat makan lauk yg sama berulang2 ek?
Kadang2 I nak sgt try on some new recipe dat I saved in my lappy's folder sejak berkurun lamanya.
But when I showed him da pics and da basic ingredients from da recipe, he'll simply ask me to cook a dish dat he has in mind.
Da thing dat makes me go...'whaaattt???' is because it will always be da same dish as we had last week. ~nanges!

Macam semalam, buat oseng tempe bagai coz it looks so delicious and it does taste sedap giler to me.
Tapi Husbeast tak kenan, so...usik gitu2 aje lah.
Pasal tu la I kadang2 tak kuasa nak pandai2 masak lauk yg I rasa nak masak, I need to ask him 1st of his choices.
Kalau tak, memang byk la bersisa lauk tu nanti. 
And I'll be downed thinking dat it might taste really HORRIBLE sampai dia tak lalu nak mkn. Keh keh keh.

Today, we had daging masak hitam manis..........AGAIN!!!!!
Hoih, sejak I did my 1st attempt of cooking dis dish last month we had have dis for dinner like 20 times! ~or maybe more than dat. Ntah la ek, tak sure.
Tapi dah dia suka, I masaklah jugak.
Like I said before, they couldn't take everything to their throats but I can definitely have anything of their choices without too much hassle.
So I memangla selalu mengalah to make sure perut they all kenyang.

entry nak dramatic tapi masak punyelah simple. drama sunggoh! hu hu hu. today I made plain omelette and thin sliced fried potato for Young-Lady, daging masak hitam manis with sambal bilis cili padi goreng for Husbeast. Young-Lady dah sah2 la ikut perangai ayah dia yang will always have her typical dish tanpa jemu.  T__T

 sambal bilis cili padi goreng tu I learned from my mum in law. Husbeast really luv dis sambal coz he had dis since small. so, at times when he missed his mother's cooking, he'll asked me to cook dishes dat he could only have it kalau balik umah mak dia. looks like hari ni dia rindu his mother lah kot. ^__^

but despite all dat bossy and choosy attitude from both, they will always be da love of my life. nothing could ever replace them even if I'm rewarded with trillion dollars. 

 so request lah apa pun and banyak kali mana pun coz Ummi will always be happy to make it for you guys. ~mmuuachhs! (lap air liur) hik hik hik 

Monday, December 17, 2012

happy Sunday and vigorous Monday

Yesterday we all went to Taman Perling JB to attend a wedding ceremony.
We went there on behalf my parent yg tak dpt pergi coz they were all in Melaka menghantar rombongan pertunangan for my cousin.
Tak sedap lah pulak kan kalau tak pegi coz they did come to my wedding and now it's time for us to pay their good deeds.
I don't really know da couple but I do have a good relationship with da parent. 

I and my siblings baik dgn almost all of my parent's frens sebab we all ni jenis kepoh. Keh keh keh.
And my parent pun mmg tak kasi we all buat kerja sendiri when there are guests around, kena layan with full respect! 
Except if they're in a private issues, org2 tua je boleh dgr...we're not needed then. -__-
But if their frens keep on asking which one is your children yg dah kawen lah, who else yg masih belajar lah, mmg we all kena tunjuk muka and duduk bersembang sama2. ~no exception!

After makan nasi kenduri and send my parent's regards to them, we went to Mydin.
Pegi Kipmart utk top up brg basah such as ayam, daging, sayur and so on.
Mydin pulak is a place where we shop for our dry kitchen needs.
So, dah settle kegunaan sebulan. ~except for veges, onions and others yang cepat rosak.
Senang hati I when everything dah penuh balik.
Baru lah semangat I nak masuk dapur and produce some good foods. ^__^

Today, Husbeast sgt sombong by not requesting anything.
When I texted him around 4.30pm asking about wut does he want for dinner, he said 'anything pun boleh'. ~ye lah sgt.
Mentang2 lah balik dpd Mydin semalam we had our dinner kat Johnny's and he did tapau his favorite mango salad, berlagak la tu. T__T
But it's ok coz I've sumthing in mind dat'll make him forget about his 'kerabu mangga' tu.
ye lah...I'm not an expert in thai-dishes khenn? -__-

 Uncle Raden and Aunty Nathrah buat majlis their son dekat Dewan Taman Perling. So, tak la berpanas sbb indoor.

very nice kan? nowadays they like to pair da colour chosen with white aite? tapi mmg cun!

 with Aunty Nathrah yg dah tak larat nk bangun. melayan tetamu dari pagi, tak putus2 dtg.

semalam we all dinner kat Johnny's ~mata keatas (tak habis2 Johnny's) sebab Husbeast nak mkn nasi goreng belacan. T__T

wutever it is, Young-lady mesti nak nasi. and her fave when we dine out have to be nasi ayam. since we all pegi Jusco Taman U, I tapaukan dia nasi ayam KFC. susah nak pcy she likes to eat rice bila tgk her figure kan? tak debab2.

I made oseng tempe and ayam kunyit along with typical Young-Lady's dish. Oseng tempe ni 1st time I try, ok la pada I...sedap. But not Husbeast kind of dish. boleh makan, but won't be his favorite.

today's dinner. boleh tahan meriah dgn lauk pauk jugak coz baru top up brg khenn? hak hak hak. dat mango salad's from Johnny's ye, not mine. I org jawa, tak terer masak thai-dish. T__T