Monday, November 5, 2012

why wouldn't it ever finish?

Today I sangat letih dengan kerja2 rumah yang tak terhabis 2 days back.
Tu la! Orang lain weekend uruskan rumah, I weekend pegi berjimba2.
Takde penyakit, cari penyakit khenn? ~Hamik ko!
But still in control, cuma letih bila buat keje rumah on weekdays.
Da condition is different when you're doing it on weekend.
But Husbeast said it was all in my head. ~Mind setting.

Wutever it is, I managed to finish it all before 7pm.
Coz after Maghrib, I need to spend some time in my kitchen to prepare our dinner.
Dat's my routine everyday when we're not eating out or buy for dinner.
Life as a mum kan?
It will never finish coz everyday da cycle will be started all over again. ~Wheeewwww!!!
Tidying, washing, cleaning, cooking, teaching, nurturing, caring, loving, and everything dat a mum should do is in my everyday list.

However, those are da most happy things in my life as a mother and wife.
Memang lah penat tapi berbaloi bila tengok Husbeast and Young-lady happy and feel complete.
Dat's for me lah, but not all women are da same aite?
If u ask me wut would I do to show my great love to them, I would probably let go my career just to concentrate on my family.
TAPI!!! Kalau Husbeast dah kaya raya lah khenn? ~Which is, NEVER!
So, I need to stop dreaming and start working! Keh keh keh.

For our dinner tonite, I didn't ask Husbeast of wut he wanna eat.
But I suggested him to agree with wut I'm about to cook.
I've never done dis recipe before, but to look at all da good comments makes me wanna try it soooo bad.
I cook daging masak hitam manis, and yes! it turned out to be so damn delicious.
Sampai Husbeast tanya how come I've never cook dis before.
Of coz lah kan tak pernah, resepi pun baru dapat. Ha ha ha.

tonight I'm serving my family with daging masak hitam manis (new attempt), plain fried cabbage and biasalah...favorite Young-Lady, kentang goreng. hari2 ada thin sliced fried potato pun takde masalah. Coz ummi and ayah pun terkam juge. hi hi

daging masak hitam manis ni memang lah gelap gulita ghopenya. hik hik hik. tapi sangat2 sedap rasanya. Husbeast asyik dok puji je. I terus rasa macam nak buat kenduri guna lauk ni. ~dah mula dah!


Aety Hassan said...

datang singgah n terus follow ur blog.. sedapnya daging masak hitam manis.. favourite kiter juga..
btw, salam kenal ^_^

RedRose said...

salam kenal to you too Aety. thx for review my blog yg xseberapa. btw, try la masak daging ni. sedap sgt! tak tipu...