Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Ledang, Nusajaya

After we're done with our foot therapy at day time, it's time to have our dinner.
As Husbeast said, he wanted me to have a wonderful Saturday without thinking of anything.
Just let him decide everything of wut and where thingy. ~selama ni I yang decide ke? Macam tak je. T__T
I ok aje coz it makes me free from pondering and contemplating.
So, wut and where we're eating is not an issue for me as long as we'll enjoy it.

After we performed our Maghrib, Husbeast drove us to Nusajaya area, so I thought we might having our dinner at MYDIN's food court.
I tak kisah coz selalu je kitorang makan situ whenever we need to restock our kitchen needs.
But then he turned to Ledang area, I masih diam coz I didn't know exactly wut he's doing.
Maybe he's going to meet his frens, or maybe he need to get sumthing.
It's a big question mark at my head but I didn't have da gut to ask him further.

It answers everything when he parked da car at The Ledang, Nusajaya. 
So, dis's da place we'll be having our dinner tonite.
I pandang je Husbeast dgn muka yang konon penuh tanda tanya.
And he answered me like he knew wut I'm thinking.
He want me to be in relax mode and forget everything dat stress me out dis few days. ~ni mesti sebab I letih dengan gotong royong ni.
I senyum aje but I really appreciate everything dat he did to tame down my emotion dis week. ~lebiu sayang...  ^__^

I've never been here actually but The Ledang is one of da common place for Husbeast to have his lunch together with his colleague.
Selalu je dia ajak I but I would always say...nantilah.
Dat's da place of an uptown peeps having their treats, so I segan nak blend in. ~pemalu lah katakan. He he he.
And tonight, he didn't take any excuses dat I'm about to make.
So, tak payah la I buang masa nak put on together a sentence dat can make him change his mind. ~weeeee!!!

The Ledang ni sangat cantik and da place is so appease. it suit those who want to enjoy their meal in a luxurious setting.

lavish pathway will guide you straight to da dining place.

we had our dinner here.

Young-Lady ni memang tak boleh dipisahkan from stirring everything khenn? ada je yang dia nak kacau. tsk tsk tsk

while we're waiting for our food to arrive. kacau dan kacau lagi cik kak bertuah tu. T__T

fish n chips for Husbeast. he said dis's wut he always have here. one of his favorite dish at The Ledang.

mine was nasi goreng puncak anjung. nama sikit punya panjang. but worth every dollar. sedap and da portion is just nice.

After we had our dinner, we gave a lil' tour around The Ledang.
You couldn't see much at nightime, but da splash of neon really gives a classy mood to the area.
Keadaan hujan renyai2 pulak tu, sejuk je rasa.
I don't really know how to describe, you all kena datang sendiri to experience it yourself.

nice looking water fountain makes it even more peaceful and a gives a hint of romantic feeling. dis is da perfect place for you to have a candle light dinner with your partner. ~like I did just now. Hi hi

Husbeast kata diorang open dis area only at daytime. menikmati makanan kat sini laaagiiii feeling ala2 'Bali' okeyh! next time when we're here during a daylight, I'll show you guys some more of their gojes site and scenery. wait in patient ye? he he he 

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