Sunday, November 11, 2012

our kitchen groceries shopping day

Oh Em Gee!!! It's Sunday again.
It's a day to stock-up my kitchen needs. ~hurraaayyy!
And also a day where I have to ready myself for work on monday. ~oh woeeee!
Today also I have a wedding invitation to attend to.
A friend of mine whois now working as a Research Assistant in UTM.
Congratulation from us to Farah Azura. 
May your marriage will last till the end of time.

But we're there a bit late, sampai orang dah nak start kemas khemah. Hi hi hi.
Coz Husbeast had some urgent matters in da morning.
Tak kisah la tu, asalkan kitorang sampai jugak untuk memenuhi undangan pengantin.
I kena datang, coz Farah 3 4 hari sekali mesti ingatkan I to attend her wedding. ~kalau tak datang jugak, habislah I nanti. 
Datang pun sekejap aje coz we don't wanna bother da couple lebih2.
They need to entertain lots of guest yang lain khenn?

After makan, we had a photo session, chit chatting a bit then terus mintak diri.
Perut masing2 dah kenyang barulah syok shopping for stock, aite? Keh keh keh.
But 1st and foremost, we went to buy my new blender.
Coz we didn't buy for it the other day, nothing dat pleased my heart.
Today, I found da one dat I like and I didn't think much to spend my money for it. ~yaaaayyy!

Done with da 'blender searching', we head on straight to Giant Tampoi.
We love to shop here as well other than MYDIN Nusajaya coz they have almost everything under one roof.
Beli yang penting2 aje since next week there are 2 public holidays dat will definitely can't make us sit still. Hu hu hu.
Done shopping for da dry kitchen needs we went to eat at their food stall.
Dah lama giler tak makan situ and like usual, our favorite will always be Hotplate Noodle.
Young-Lady pulak nasi ayam manjang, layankan aje lah.
Like I said before, she's a rice lover.
She'll never go a day without having rice at least once as her meal.
So, I memang tak risau sangat about her food intake.

Done everything at Giant Tampoi, we went to KipMart Tampoi pulak.
Here we shop for our wet kitchen needs such as ayam, daging, veges, etc.
We all ni boleh dikatakan pengunjung tetap KipMart coz every week we all akan cari greens here kalau tak balik kampung.
Lepas settle cari barang we all terus balik rumah.
Arrived home around 7.20pm and did everything dat we should do such as clean ourselves and perform maghrib.
Tapi I memang tak masak lagi dah, we just had nasi pengantin as our dinner tonight. ~penat okeyh! Hi hi hi. 

on our way to Farah's wedding ceremony. sempat aje khenn? he he
Ayah and Ummi tak melepaskan peluang yang ada untuk menggedik. kih kih kih
a memorable snap with da newlyweds. tahniah Farah Azura! ^__^
at Giant Tampoi Food court, savoring their famous hotplate noodle. dah berbulan we all tak makan kat sini tau.
muka orang merajuk coz Ayah and Ummi forbid her from playing at da indoor playground kat depan food court ni. hu hu
and hello to my new blender. I wish it will help me smoothen my everyday cooking walaupun tersangatlah murah harganya. ~wehoooo!

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