Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm gonna miss dat red dress

I have dis dress, a very simple stretchy dress.
Da colour is bright red, some might hate it but I really adore it.
When I put on da dress, it'll influences me in a positive way.
But now, da dress is staying quietly in my cupboard.
I wanna wear it again so bad but Husbeast disallow me to do so.
No matter wut or how, he forbid me to even think of it!

I bought dis dress like 5 months ago.
And in five months of time I only wear it ONCE.
Da day I wore it was da day Husbeast made da rules of 'no more stretchy plain lycra cotton kinda dress'.
Wut to do? I sure am a very submissive wife. T__T
So... Ai Yai Captain!

And now, I'm gonna give it away to my youngest sis since Husbeast doesn't want it in our wardrobe anymore.
He said to me, he has nothing 'personal' with da dress.
It's just dat he doesn't really trust me.
I might put it on again behind his back. ~HELLO??? 

I mestilah yang pakai dress merah tu khenn? T__T

poyo betul budak2 ni. T__T

posing tak hengat. kat kerusi urut pun jadi nkooooo. T__T
tak lama lagi budak gedik ni lah owner baru my red dress. ~nanges!
And why am I talking crap tonight?
Coz I don't have any dishes to snap today.
We ate out coz Husbeast couldn't bear to wait for me to cook.
He's on leave today and just stay quietly at home doing nothing and munch on just simple snacks.
Hungry to death, he brought us all to da nearest restaurant at our house right after he picked me up from work.
So, now you know.  ^__^


missSenget said...

ade org pn x bg kite pakai dress ni..

dia kata nampk kurus sgt..tak cantik.. T_T

psst: kite masak sangat terukkk.. hahaha..!

RedRose said...

hahaha... kalau org dah tak bagi pakai tu, memang mcm2 alasan dia bagi biar kita tak pakai langsung!
kita masak pun campak2 aje awak... ^__^

Iffah Afeefah said...

uih gulp bi sume

lame nak hadam entry ni heee

RedRose said...

campo2 dik non. ikut mood. ni tengah mood gedik ngade2 padehal BI hancuss!! T__T

qemaishak said...

cantik..slim melim gitu :)

RedRose said...

OH NO! jangan lah sis... huhuhuhu

محمد رازيق said...

red drees ni mesti valuable. kena simpan leklok

RedRose said...

errrrr.... no comment. but to my hubby, OF COZ!! he he he