Thursday, November 1, 2012

I hate dis 'CLEANING DAY'!!!

I nak sebut lagi word gotong-royong ni pun dah rasa muak!!!
Penat okeyh!!! Penat sangat sampaikan I rasa mood I pun tak berapa best.
I'm TOO TIRED to even think of wut to write in here!!!
And I got one more day to go with this gotong-royong thingy!
Sangat menyampah sampaikan I don't have even a single pic of me cleaning da library. ~damn!

Lucky today my dinner's sponsored again by Husbeast.
Yup, kedai mari lagi and dis time...I told him to buy for it coz I betul2 lepak.
Kesian Husbeast and Young-Lady, selalu tak puas makan.
They have been dining with outside food 2 days in a row.
I really hope they won't forget da taste of my home-cooked food.
Sedih giler tapi apa boleh buat, I memang tak larat. ~nanges!!!

today KFC plak jadi mangsa dinner we all. tak bestnye!!! I rindu nak masuk dapur. but wut to do, kepenatan mengatasi segalanya. T__T

cheezy wedges ni biasanya I boleh habiskan sorang2. but today, my dinner was just a piece of chicken with one slice of dis wedges. I don't have appetite to savor anything. I just wanna lie down and sleep. ~tolong!!!

I know rite, I used sooooo many exclamation mark in dis entry.
I couldn't help it!
It came out just like dat without my intention.
Well, ok...I actually had the intention to do so lah kan sebenarnya.
Cuma tak sangka lah akan sebanyak itu!!!
Looks like I'm in a really bad mood today, can anyone cheer me up pliss??! ~Arrggghhh!!!!!

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