Wednesday, November 14, 2012

chicken soup for the frozen night

Dis few days we're experiencing a sunny daylight and later on it'll rain heavily in the evening till dark.
Hari ni, it's a bit cold than the other night before. ~for me lah.
So I already have some thought in mind to make a dish dat can warm us a bit.
I'd like to have some porridge coz it suit very well in dis chilling situation.
Tapi malas I mengatasi segalanya. Hak hak hak.

I admit, I memang malas manjang semenjak dua menjak ni.
Coz the inventory activities tak habis2 lagi at my office.
Rasa nak muntah kira stock yang ada in my unit.
And it's not just dat, I need to track down those ICT items yang ada within da whole Library. ~pengsan!!!
When you bought some goods in da year of 2008, would you know where the item is now exactly?
I'm very lucky kalau takde sesapa yang pandai2 alih those items.
But, d'ya really think so it would be at its original place? ~ouh pliss.  T__T

Keeping close track of inventory is crucial, buatkan I jadi pening.
I'm not very familiar with all these inventory thingy.
In fact, dis is my first experience doing it.
Errr...not really my kind of thing coz I'm not so good in controlling any losses.
But I'm really an expert in placing orders!!!
In dat case, I rasa department I dah rugi staff yang berkemampuan khusus dalam bidang tu. Hu hu hu.
No wonder la ATM card I Husbeast pegang. ~aiiishhh T__T

Today I tak tanya Husbeast langsung about wut he wanted to have for his dinner.
Husbeast pun tak cakap apa2 about our meals tonight.
So I guessed he just leave it all to me in da decision making.
I pun tak kuasa nak memeningkan kepala, I simply ask Young-Lady wut does she want.
And she replied smoothly dat she wanted to have soup + potato with her rice.
I dengan senyum lebarnya terus keluarkan ayam. ~chicken soup it is!

Sumtimes kids are more thoughtful than us khenn?
Why didn't I think of dat dish sedangkan it's sumthing perfect to have in the icy weather like dis.
Memang Young-Lady ni penyelamat keadaan coz Husbeast balik je terus sniffing around.
He said da smell is really good and can be sniffed like from few walks away.
I pun dah start lupa daratan lah kan when he's flowering his words dengan puji-pujian. Kih kih kih.

the antidote for our frosty night. chicken soup, black pepper chicken, stir fried cabbage and 'sambal kicap'. tonight I'm so happy coz we got no leftovers. soup pun langsai. ^__^

it's been a while jugak we all tak savor chicken soup ni since Young-Lady dah jarang mintak. asyik nak thin sliced fried potato je. but tonight, I'd say she made a perfect choice. ~brava dear!

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