Saturday, November 17, 2012

a very quick and simple update

Quick write from me today.
We're at my hometown now, since last night.
I'm super busy with my family, dat I tend to forget my writing sanctuary.  T__T
It's the only opportunity dat I have to get along with my family members since we're all busy with our everyday activities.
I did snap some of da dishes dat I made today in my mum's kitchen.
Sadly, I couldn't upload any of it. ~nanges!
I didn't bring with me my 'special' card reader. 
A bit disappointed but, wut to do?
I'll get back with some great stories and pics tomorrow, k guys?
PROMISE! He he he
Till then, see y'all.

my heart and soul ~other than Husbeast and Young-Lady lah khenn. 

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