Monday, November 5, 2012

A simple farewell and a congratulations event

Last few days me and my ex-colleague had a combined event for a group of lucky employees.
One of 'em got to upgrade her career while 3 others got a permanent status in da govt sector.
I'm soooo happy for them coz they're like my own sisters in PSZ.
We do everything together and we are always concerned with each other.
To have frens like dis is a gift.

We all buat majlis ni dekat KFC, Jusco Taman U. (KFC laaagiii!!!)
Coz we got pregnant mum joining dis gatherings, so need to agree to wherever she wants to eat.
Kang tak pasal2 kena tuduh penyebab baby dia meleleh2 ayaq lioq. Ha ha ha.
It was very simple since our time was very tight.
snap!, makan!, nanges2!, happy2!, snap lagi!... balik. ~tu je.  T__T
But because we master da skill of having fun in a hurry, kacang je semua tu. Keh keh keh.

To all my lucky sisters, semoga anda semua sentiasa berjaya in everything dat u guys are working for.
I really hope we will still take a good care of each other.
May da bond will never snap, insyaallah.
Eventhough yang sorang tu dah jauh kat Pendaftar sana, jgn lupa roger2 on Friday noon ye?
Boleh tumpang menjamu masakan Ibu yang very dilishoussss tu. ~I kan memang kuat makan, lupa ke? Hik hik hik.

da girl in a black outfit yang pegi pendaftar. best of luck ye Safura Jemain! ^__^

the other 3 girls yang lain tu dapat jawatan tetap. tahniah to all. lepas ni leh la beli keta la, umah la, wat personal loan la, eh..macam2 lagi lah leh buat. dah ada lesen besar kan? Ha ha.

love u guys ketat2! after dis, whoever got more on her pay day need to give us a treat. sila tengok slip gaji masing2! hak hak hak

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