Thursday, October 18, 2012

today is father's day???

Lately ni Young-Lady sangat susah nak tido awal.
She'll only up to her bed around 1am-4am, and I'm not kidding when I said 4am!!!
Dis morning both her parents were like zombie at work.
We just don't get enuff sleep but we desperately need to have some.
Sakit kepala okeyh! Camne nak cemerlang ni nanti? Kah kah kah.

I don't even know how she could bear her eyes from getting sleepy.
Dia boleh move around da room actively without feeling tired.
Ummi dengan Ayah pulak yang tak cukup nafas seeing her here and there.
When we felt asleep, she would wake us up.
Dengki khenn??? Tsk tsk tsk.

Basically I feel sleepy in wutever things I've been doing today.
I even feel sleepy while I'm writing dis.
Ye! Ia memang separah itu, PERCAYALAH!
But then Husbeast boleh pulak said sumthing to me.
He said today or specifically TONIGHT is father's day.
WUT??? #?%@&$!   T__T

daging merah + telur bungkus. inti telur tu, daging+tomato+bawang+cili merah. Everything tumis dgn oyster sauce. after dat, letak ajelah dlm telur dadar yang dah ready kat pinggan. fold ikut suka. selesai... our dinner tonite got no veges coz I terlalu ngantuk utk make more than 2 dishes. ~ke malas? hu hu

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