Tuesday, October 16, 2012

they are so passionate about having da best garden

Today is a lot better than yesterday.
I can really breath in deeply and laid back a bit to ease my mind.
I guess I couldn't work dat well under 'office' pressure.
But I could do just fine with any personal matters.
So, once Husbeast got promoted to da next level I will definitely apply for an unpaid leave and dat unpaid leave should be not less than 6 months. (berangan!!! ntah bila la tu)
I want to just sit and do nothing! Well, it's a metaphore of coz. ~duhh!
In times like dis, where nobody is around to bother with my daydreaming I would think of all things dat would bring out the kids in me.
It will definitely put a smile on my face and gives a spark to my heart.
Da feeling is indescribable dat you just couldn't stop yourself from thinking about it.
And sumtimes you just wish for everything to be reality.

I used to love fairytale... A LOT!!!
Well, not really into dat princess thingy but more to a feeling all gardeny.
When I was kid, I did da deco of my room by myself.
I would cut a variety of flower stencils to paste it on my room's wall.
I would choose my kind of curtain, bedsheet, carpets and even floor mat to match all those flowery motifs around my room.
Sumtimes my mom would even bring me back some nice looking stones and crystal like things for me as an additional.

These greenery feeling is in da blood of Haji Wahid's family.
My parents are da true gardeners when it comes to 'Go Green'!
It's just dat ummmm...I don't have those magic hands dat can bloom just about everything.
Neither do my siblings actually. Keh keh keh
Even we couldn't plant thing so well, we do have some hidden talent in landscaping.
So, bring it on!! Ha ha ha

My parent's garden really makes us wanna go to their place frequently.
Same goes to Husbeast. He would always ask about 'balik kampung' when I didn't mention anything about it for at least 3weeks.
And Young-Lady will look happier and very mobile at each and every corner of da house.
Chasing butterflies around the garden, playing 'buai laju' at da balcony, and even give my parents a hand when they're pampering their 'botany' every morning.  
The fresh feeling whenever you're surrounded by flora and flappy lil' guy is out of dis world.
You couldn't really describe it in a word.

 every exit/entrance of my parent's house are filled with their small green parks

they soften their fences with lots and lots of leaves and flowers.

another fence plant deco at da front yard. dat cheap chain-link-wired green fence looks very nice when a line up of half circle flora beds take their place to hide it.

they even put them along da drain side. 

their backyard is surrounded with da bold textures, eye-popping colors and intoxicating scents of da tropics. they just couldn't stop themselves from planting.

 greeny stairways. feel fresh everytime we're out from da house.

her 'buai laju' EXCLUSIVELY made for her by Tokki. eventho dat swing is just made from an old piece of wood tied up with worn-out polyethylene rope, she still appreciate it sooo much. getting on da 'buai laju' with an enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature really invigorate her to play.

da best place to savor tea time while enjoying da scenery of vehicles passing by. ha ha ha ~ridiculous!

Me and my siblings often make full use of dis environment to test our skills in the art of photography.
Since my youngest sis owned a DSLR camera, we really enjoy our shooting activities.
Anyhow, amateurs will always be amateurs.
We don't really have dat PROFESSIONAL skills though. Hi hi hi
Still, I'm proud of my tiny LUMIX dat have done a lot for me.

dis was taken by me through da lense of my LUMIX. do I have da talent? you tell me... hu hu hu

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