Monday, October 29, 2012

overloaded day back to back

Penat membasuh pinggan tak hilang lagi, dah bertambah dengan penat mengerjakan debu2/habuk2 kat my office.
I macam dah kena sawan gotong-royong dis week okeyh.
Today I have another gotong-royong held by my department.
Wut makes it even more pathetic, dis gotong-royong event will be last till dis Friday.
I rasa macam nak berenti keje pun ada dah ni. 
Punyelah penat!!! 

Honestly, I'm having enuff on one's plate with all da GOTONG-ROYONG thingy.
Raya Haji kena gotong-royong with my family, semalam my SIL tunang kena gotong-royong with my PIL's family.
Hari ni + esok I kena gotong-royong with my colleague. 
Thursday + Friday I even have gotong-royong perdana held by my sub-organization.
Ini yang membuatkan I bersemangat nak MC next week.  T__T  

Came home in a jaded condition is not something good to me.
Coz there are lots of house work dat need to be done too.
Kalau I tak buat today, it'll double my load tomorrow.
So nak tak nak, I have to force myself to have it all done today.
To be able to complete my mission, I need to reduce my time spending in da kitchen.
Dinner jugak la yang kena mengalah khenn?
But no matter how simple my dish would be dat day, I will always make sure it'll tatse its best!

So, tonight I made some home made spaghetti meatball bolognese.
Simple yet delicious and can satiate da diners with a big hit.
One of Husbeast favorite meals, so I know he will definitely say yes to all.
My magic box memang sentiasa simpan frozen meatballs and minced meat.
So, keje I jadi mudah when all the ingredients are available.
I use half portion of canned tomato puree and and freshly squashed tomato for the other half.
So da gravy will have more body rather than plain thick paste.

western style dinner. usually peeps will just pour da gravy on da plain pasta, it'll look nicer dat way actually. but mine was mixed-well so dat all da pasta will be coated with da tomato gravy. Husbeast like it dat way, I ikut aje. but my pasta will always have veges. dat makes it look a bit odd compared to others. da taste tu yang penting khenn? so, wutever... ~asalkan kenyang sudah.

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