Wednesday, October 3, 2012

makeover me

I did write sumthing about a beauty product dat work wonders with blahdi hell cost per month aite?
Well I'm scared to hell knowing dat it's actually a product dat can cause you lots of health problem. 
Whether it's true or not, I pun tak sure. 
But when Doktor turun padang n give some of her review about dat product, I'm so greatful I don't have enuff money to buy it dat time.

Yup, I do know dat if we wanna stay healthy n gojes we really need to care wut goes in our stomach daily.
Eat fruits n greens, have a balance diet, reduce fatty intakes, etc.
But to be honest, telan sebiji pil to cover everything memang sungguh menyenangkan.
Dat is why some of us really don't mind to pay thousands just to make sure their supplement can do dis job wonderfully.
Nak cakap jauh2 pun tak guna, I'm one of 'em okeyh. 
Only dat my range are way cheaper lah. Ha ha ha

It's funny when I try to make sense about everything of why women are very easily influenced with BEAUTY.
I put myself as an example lah ye, senang.
Whenever I swayed with beauty ads n I wanna own it, I will definitely ask permission from Husbeast.
Sometimes he would just simply say NO to it, n NO means NO! Not even a single chance.
Sometimes he would ask me da benefits of it. Kalau yang ni maknanya ADA CHAN! Hik hik.

So, I'll try my best to elaborate everything I know bout it.
I even do some research to make it sounds damn good
There'll be some add on too, but dat would be solely from me.
I tambah sendiri jek buatkan ia kedengaran lebih WOW! Ha ha.
When he said sumthing like 'Why d'ya need dat thing? You are already a beauty to me'. ~TYPICAL!
My answer would always be 'Coz I wanna look da best for you. So you'll always be in luv with me'. ~again... TYPICAL!
Tapi sebenarnya pun I yang jeles tengok girls lain semua berlumba2 jadi cantik kan. T__T 

I pun tak tau lah I ni tergolong dalam kategori lucky or jakun.
Coz except during da period of confinement time I don't have any experienced of supplement with herbal based.
I got zero knowledge about jamu n wutever traditional prescription yang claimed can make us women glowy.
But I penah consume jus bidadari n I would say it gave me such an energy to be fresh all day.
My skin too looked supple n moist than ever. Suddenly I felt pretty whenever I look at my own reflection in da mirror.
Pehh! Meninggal semua beauty fairies yang baca ni. Hi hi
Tapi sekarang I dah tak makan bidadari lagi coz I tak istiqamah.

Currently, sebab I ni kedekut kan nak invest duit banyak2..I just have kolagen asli as my daily supplement.
Quite ok la in making my skin feel soft n smooth.
Other benefits I tak tau n tak alert sangat. Maybe my bowel system jadi lancar giler kot. He he he.
But da best thing dat I can guarantee you is it super cheap price. 
Not only I dapat bekalan every month tanpa putus, It makes Husbeast smile while buying it for me too.
Win win situation kan? I cantik (cantik ke?) + wallet dia tak nipis (tak ke?). MABELES!!! 

dis is me before I became an employee at UTM. don't remember specifically how old I was in dis pic. maybe around 20-22 years old. I suka time ni sebab I tak kurus n tak gemuk. Just nice.

when I first started work in UTM. chubby okeyh! keje kat sini 2 bulan je dah naik 3kilo tau. tah pape (selagi boleh salahkan keadaan kan) hik hik

I was engaged to Husbeast n dis pic was like 2 weeks away from our wedding. I kena pegi BTN kot. do I... errr... I mean, do we look like a group of boarding school chics? he he 

 during my early pregnancy at my late 20's. time ni Husbeast kurus lagi coz dia tengah sengsara pampered I yang mabuk manjang.

at my late pregnancy. I dah kembang sana sini dis time. to wake up in da morning was not an easy thing for me. betapa membesarnya I masa tu. berat! T__T

5-6 months after I gave birth to Young-Lady. membesar dan terus membesar. I just couldn't shed away those kilos. time ni, laaaaagi berat!!! T__T

masa ni Young-Lady dah setahun lebih. I started to slim down a bit. a bit aje, takdelah slim mana pun. but breastfeed really helps me a lot in reducing my inches.

 dis was last year. at the end of 2010 n early 2011 I been sick badly. really bad dat I lost big amount of weight. dis pic was taken shortly after my full recovery. I ada personal team London Weight Management youuuuu! kah kah kah.

 da latest me. sila abaikan budak kecik yang sebok melaram tu ye. in da sequence of images dat I show you guys, how old have I looked now? am I aging dat bad? wut say you? (scarry!)

However, it's not about how important for you to look pretty.
It's actually how important for you to feel pretty bout yourself.
Not all pimple scared skin chic look hideous. Sumtimes they look even more sweeter than chic with skin yang bagai telur dikupas.
Not all dark skin gal look dull. Maya Karin tu cantik aje I tgk, kulit pun ala2 I jugak (cuma I lagi gelap of coz).
No wonder la 'Arang Aziz' I terpesona. Kih kih kih 
So, I harap sangat I won't be influenced lagi with all those beauty ads.
I will trust all Husbeast super sweet words yang I knew actually to avoid me from spending his money.
Dat's it! No more supplements. Errr...Ayang, gi SPA jom. Ha ha ha

my 'Arang Aziz' yang selalu je dapat goosebumps every month on pay-day coz I'll be likely seduced him of sumthing2. or...let just say A LOT OF THINGS! hu hu hu. but his patience towards me in everything (especially time I sakit teruk last year) makes me put him on top of da list of anything dat can be listed in my life. he is sumone dat I respect da most. 

psst! yang, I memang taat kan? kan yang kan? Hu hu hu (poyo!)


Khalilah MNor said...

Satu tempoh waktu yang panjang sebenarnya dari masa ke masa... Btw, u look so pretty and young until now;) Any secrets?

RedRose said...

thx neway dear. I don't have any special care in my beauty regime pun. if you want a cliche answer from me, dat would be... hati kena bersih. hahaha. but to be honest, u need to be happy to be beautiful. Coz I perasan time I sakit teruk tu, I look really old!! sbb down manjang and very negative about almost everything in my life. so, be happy n don't give a chance for sadness to fill ur life. :) (bebel panjang lak. haha)