Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my sunday lunch and our dinner tonight

Last Sunday pagi2 lagi Husbeast dah kena start his journey to Shah Alam.
I gave him a goodbye kiss at 4am, then tinggal lah I dgn Young-Lady.
Her aunts need to get back to JB at noon coz they have assignments to work on.
Uni life macam tu lah kan? Been there, done dat...makes me understand da situation better.
My mom and dad pulak got lots of jemputan kahwin to attend.
So, I told my mom not to cook since they will definitely bring back macam2 from all the jemputan tu nanti.

Tinggal berdua with Young-Lady buatkan I terus flat just to think about it.
She'll be tersangat la aktif nanti. I tau dah!
She's a girl with hundred things to do, thousand things in mind and million things to ask. 
Her energy would be double than usual whenever dia balik rumah Tokki.
I guess maybe she have a bigger space to move around kot.
Tapi memang la memenatkan. I couldn't even catch up with her sumtimes.
But da best part of it was, she didn't even care to bother me coz there were many things dat she's attracted to.

Sempat la I cook for my lunch.
Very simple dish dat I modified from da leftover kembong goreng last saturday.
Dis dish is very tasty tau despite its simpleness.
But not dat well-suited for those who don't like sour taste dishes.
I masak kembong masak cuka or some might call it singgang.
Singgang ke? singgang berkuah kan? but mine is not. Sebab tu I just call it masak cuka. 
And I pair it up with fried baby bak choy. 
So, both of us had our dinner in quiet and peaceful surrounding at Tokki's garden.
Syok habis! 

dis vinaigrette like dish would be tastier if you cook it with herbs. those shallots pulak memang sengaja I potong besar2 coz I wanna taste its sweetness. baby bak choy is da winner of all veges dat I love to eat. so, dis was heaven to me. ^__^

happy face of gorged kid who just had her lunch with her Ummi at Tokki's garden. lepas makan terus nak main buai laju2 and ask me to snap her doing her thing. perasan cinderella la tu. T__T

Tonight, since Husbeast said he don't want anything heavy...I decided to steam some mantou bun and cook sambal tumis ikan bilis as its complement.
Sape2 yang tak pernah savor mantou bun ni, sila lah cuba.
It's soooo good. Husbeast and Young-Lady love da fluffy texture.
Ada yang buat in strawberry flavor, ada jugak yg make it plain.
But because we have kiddo in our house, choc flavor suit us best.
You can even deep fried dis bun and eat it with fruity jams.
Tapi tekak Jawa and Kerinci telah menguasai eating pattern within my family, steam jugak yang kitorang suka.
Kalau goreng tak berapa best nak makan dengan sambal tumis.

 mantou bun ni gebu sangat. makan sorang 2pieces pun dah kenyang. depend on how big da size is. usually, orang buat sebesar size pau aje. give it a try fellas, your family will love it!

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