Saturday, October 13, 2012

my 'busy' saturday

Saturday will always be my day of doing all da house chores.
If we're not going anywhere, Saturday would be da busiest for me.
Sebab bila buat keje2 umah, I just never knew how to stop myself.
There will always be sumthing yg I think I need to do but to Husbeast pulak dah tak perlu nak diusik pun.
Perempuan kan? Selagi boleh everything pun need to be perfect.
Ke I je yg macam tu? Hu hu hu

Husbeast pulak keje until 5pm... so, he was lucky to get out of all da house cleaning process today.
Tapi I tak kisah lah coz before he go to work he did buy us some roti canai for our breakfast.
Sempat jugak both of us had some quite time together while having our morning meals.
Yong-Lady masih tido and will usually wake up from sleep bila dah nak tengah hari.
Tuan puteri pucuk kelompang according to her tokwan which means wut, I pun tak tau. He he he

After Husbeast left for work I pun started to do da laundry.
I let my washing machine running while I then sweep da floor upstairs and downstairs.
After done with sweeping, I gave it a mopped all over.
I haven't mopped da floor for like a month tau! Sebab asyik kesana kemari. 
Langsung tak lekat kat umah pun dis few weeks.
So, today I puas hati sangat2 dapat mandikan dia. Hik hik

Around 11am Young-Lady pun bangun.
Bangun2 tido je tak sempat mandi and all terus je lapar. Boleh gitu?
Her favorite choice of roti canai must be roti boom.
And Husbeast memang siap2 belikan satu untuk his dotter ni.
I tinggal serve dalam pinggan je.
Lepas habis makan roti canai baru la dia nak mandi.
But I was ok with it coz I got to finish all my house chores without any interruption from her.

I tak masak for lunch since Husbeast keje kan.
And when I asked Young-Lady wut does whe want for her noon meals, dia jawab bubur.
I senyum lebar sangat to hear dat answer.
Coz I know dat bubur she meant was da one we just bought yesterday.
Instant okeyh! Mana la I tak senyum meleret.
Tak payah susah2 I nak bersilat dengan periuk belanga kesayangan I kat dapur tu.

But around 4pm I jengah jugak my cooking sanctuary since I need to prepare our dinner.
Kebarangkalian for Husbeast come home from work feeling hungry tu memang ada coz it's been raining heavily for quite a while today kan?
Jangkaan I memang tepat coz Husbeast balik je terus bukak tudung saji.
So, today pukul 6.30pm we all dah makan for dinner.

Bila dah kenyang, semua pun happy.
Keje I pun senang, after maghrib duduk lepak2 tengok tv aje.
There's nothing more to be done since everything pun dah settle dis morning.
But tengah syok2 watching TV I teringat pulak yang our office attire for a week belum ber'iron' lagi.
I totally forgot all about it padahal dat thing is a must on my every saturday.
Nampak sangat dah lama tak hang out kat rumah sendiri khenn? T__T

lunch yang sangat happy for both me and Young-Lady coz dia dapat apa yg dia nak, I pulak boleh bersantai.
 our dinner tonite. ikan kapak masin with sauteed onion+cili padi+tomato. I squeezed some lemon for da gravy to give it a sharp taste to complement with da fish saltiness. ni kes malas nak tumbuk sambal lah ni. but since it's husbeast favorite, I modified sket. other dishes were ayam masak tomato n kailan belacan. 

ni la ikan kapak masin tu. ikan tu kena goreng dulu then baru layered on da gravy. ala2 masak siakap 3 rasa tu lah. ha ha ha
 kailan belacan yang terlebih kuah. dis is also Husbeast favorite dish. sayur ni dia boleh makan sorang2 je. but he will leave the stem. daun semua hilang. hu hu hu.

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