Monday, October 15, 2012

~Monday..Monday~ can't trust dat day

It's Monday again? Arrrggghhh!!!
Have I been cursed by dis day? Or It's just me who hate Mondays?
Bila Monday je keje I mesti melambak2.
Asal Monday je my bos mesti bagi I keje berbakul2.
God! I missed my late department so much.
Over there, I used to be free from pile up files and awaiting reports.
Wut? It will make me tougher inside? ~NO WAY! Tsk tsk tsk.

Sebab I terlalu penat, I pun malas nak masak heavy2.
So, I asked Husbeast whether it's ok for us to have sandwiches for dinner.
And he was being so understanding said yes to everything.
Kesian dia, tapi I kesiankan diri I lebih lagi.
Coz I really2 is tak larat nak prepare dinner yang perlukan lebih setengah jam untuk dimasak.
If possible, I want everything to be done in just a blink!
Tapi merepek sangat pulak kan? Hu hu hu.

So tonight we just had egg sandwiches sahaja. I repeat... egg sandwiches ONLY!
Those scramble eggs was sauteed with shallots, leftover ayam masak merah and 2 small pieces of chicken frankfurter.
I diced everything and mix it all up.
Lepas tu I just gaul dengan mayo to give a creamy taste.
And diorang pun makan without any complaint.
Eventho simple, tapi sedap kot. ~Agaknye lah!  T__T

tonite's dinner. macam ni je pun Husbeast and Young-Lady boleh ngadu kenyang. nampak sangat menipu khenn? nak jaga hati I lah tu. ~hadeh!
since my meal doesn't look so healthy, I serve it with raw tomato slices to balance its super rich taste. maklumlah, bukan selalu magic box I simpan salad. he he.
Harap2 tomorrow my bos will be more relax coz I sangat2 mahu RELAX!

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